Tralor are a race of large insectoid warriors native to Lanat Prime. The Tralor are feared and respected across the universe as skillful and fearsome warriors that will fight to the death and beyond.


Tralor are a race of intelligent bipedal insectoids native to Lanat Prime. The Tralor are red and yellow in color which is believed to mimic the now extinct Covatar beetle. Tralor evolved three extremely sharp claws on both hands to help them capture and subdue their pray. The Tralor also became very aggressive in order to survive in a world where literally danger lurked around every bush. It is a common misconception that Tralor are primitive warring barbarians which is not true as most Tralor enjoy beautiful architecture and philosophy.



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Religion has always played played an important role in Tralor culture. Even if in modern times religion is somewhat looked down upon by society many research and learn from the philosophies and teachings of the prophets and wisemen of old in an attempt to better themselves.


Music is an important part of Tralor culture. Tralor have a wide array percussion and string instruments used to make music. Traditional Traish music is known as Jeriula and has many similarities to the traditional Indonesian music of Gamelan.

Even though traditional music is still widely popular there are many contemporary genre of music exist.


Tralor cuisine mainly consist of boiled, baked, or roasted meats. However foods such as breads do exist but are eaten at a much lesser scale due to Tralor primarily being carnivores.

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History of the Tralor from the early stone age to the end of the interplanetary age.

Stone ageEdit

Early stone age Tralor where mostly consecrated around the tropical equator of the main continent of Lanat Prime. Tralor at first stayed in small family groups centered around a home area but over time different family groups began to merge together forming small tribes. These tribes where often nomadic and would travel along the river ways following the heads of creatures such as Apiah. It was not uncommon for these nomadic tribes to raid each other for food, females, or tools. Some common tools and weapons for stone age Tralor where stone hammers, atlatls, and stone axes. Weapons such as obsidian swords where prized possessions and a status symbol. Often they where only wielded by the tribe leader or champion. After a while these tribes where dispersed all over the continent and many tribes began learning how to domesticate and breed wild animals to use as livestock. This allowed the Tralor tribes to stay in a permeate area and not be forced to follow the herds for food. Before long tribes would come together and form villages. This was the start of civilization among the Tralor race.

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