We Togunda have always been a people of trade. Be it materials, minerals or warfare, we trade our expertise to keep our Guilds rich, and our families alive and well. To stop at any time would doom our race.

- Lord Kovrik

Togunda are a short, stocky race, loosely aligned with the Mendel Pact, and members of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. They are noted for their nomadic life style, rarely settling on one world or location, and preferring to move and travel around the galaxy in order to trade and deal with other races. They are a strange and distant people, known for their stubborn nature, and pride in their culture. They are as strong as they are stubborn, in fact, rarely wishing to yield to their foes, and will not give up until they have won the day. Togunda, as par the system of "Utoi" are known to return one insult towards them with another, usually resulting in attacks or some petty form of vengeance. Despite being part of the Pact, they maintain a high level of independence and autonomy, allowed to trade with whoever they wish, though usually out of respect for their allies, avoid trading with enemies.

Despite their short, diminutive nature, Togunda are a common race across the galaxy, commonly abandoning the idea of settling on a planet to travel and trade, or land to mine minerals to build their devices and continue trading. Referred to by many members of the Mendel Pact as the "Wise gifted ones", Togunda are not full members, but are considered an allied race, and a number of Togunda settlements can found on various planets.

History Edit

Creation Edit

Togunda came into being from the same universe that spawned the Darklings. Where's Darklings where built to lead armies, Koatria to defend the universe, and Lightlings to guide the universe, Togunda where built to maintain and monitor the universe. After the Darklings rebelled, and destroyed the native universe, many Togunda where ejected into this universe. With the Koatria dying out, the Lightlings destroyed, and the Darklings left to hibernate, the Togunda used their massive ships they escaped in to take to the stars. In their travels, they encountered such races as the Multus Esse, and briefly traded with them, before going into isolation again.

Orga-Togun Meeting

Togunda Merchants meet with an Orgaat Clan, establishing what would become a long-standing alliance between the two.

The Togunda would, for years after the Fall of the Multus, continue their nomadic travel and trade with younger and evolving races. Despite this trade, the Togunda themselves where largely neutral to most other races, their Brotherhoods and Guilds more concerned with mining and maintaining their populations and trading with others then conquering or expanding their power. Their nomadic culture allowed them, however, to make quick allies with the Orgaat people, and both gained a bitter hatred for the Hermicce and Skordi raiders, with the Togunda going out of isolation to actually help the Orgaat several times in their war against the Hermicce, and later, Orgaat clans helping fight the Skordi who began raiding Togunda mining operations for slaves and resources. Some time after, a group of Togunda with elemental power of Iron, formed a secret arms and armor forging world, and named themselves the Nyrian Ghosts.

T-O Fight

The normally isolationist Togunda broke their unspoken law of neutrality to help save the Orgaat from slavery by the Hermicce.

After the integration of the Orgaat into Walgolorian and other Mendel species' societies, the Orgaat introduced the Walgolorian, Ugandalorian, and Kodalorians, to the Togunda, to foster better relations, and help their allies integrate with galactic society better. It was through Togunda engineering that the Mendel where able to engineer such wonders as the Primarch-class Battlesuit, and the Koridable-class Battleship.

While Togunda Brotherhoods and Trade-Guilds tend to keep to themselves, or send support to the Mendel, two of their brotherhoods, the Saay'Tal and Thrugg Brotherhoods joined the Mendel Pact outright after it's formation.

Conflict with the Kelkate Edit

When the Old Enlightenment Collaborative was formed, the Togunda, due to being allies of the Mendel Pact, soon came to be closely affiliated members of it. However, they found the Vanara Refuge to be strange. While other members distrusted them, the Togunda felt some sense of comradery, haven survived many terrible things themselves. Many Brotherhoods swore that they would make trade happen between the two, and see to it that the Vanara became trusted friends. However, the Togunda, became busy trying to find minerals to help the EC with their expansion and research, and as such, found a asteroid belt rich in minerals. What they did not realize, was that a race called the Kelkate, deeply affiliated with the Vanara, had also come to establish mining there, setting up shop as the Togunda began their prospecting. The two soon found each other, and arguments broke out over who would get the rights to mine it. The Brotherhood Lord, Uawamakii Totori, gathered his Quarrelers and people, and meet with the Kelkate on the ground, where they could discuss who would get the prospecting rights. Arguments soon broke out, and, right after, the two began trading shots, a short skirmish breaking out, that ended with most of the Kelkate dead, but with Uawamakii torn limb from limb, along with his Hearthguard dying to get his remains back to safety for burial.

Seeing a bad situation that could only get worse if left alone the Waptoria called a meeting. It went nowhere with the Vanara supporting the Kelkate claim and the Ugandals supporting the Togunda claim. The Waptoria finally got fed up and proclaimed the habital plant of the system a nature preserve forbidding any invasive mining in the system. But the damage was done and both the Kelkate and the Togunda left with an intense dislike of one another. The Brotherhood elected a new Lord, Uawamakii's son, Rupoi Totori, and the Brotherhoods gathered their lords, their lords declaring that, by Right of Utoi, they would kill the Kelkate leader one day, and avenge Uawamakii's death. Though they have not yet found the one leading the operations, they have not stopped, the Togunda never stopping their search for the Pokohuriia.

Dominatus Wars Edit

Gigaquadrantic Conflicts Edit

Great Mirusian Conflicts Edit

Colonization of Other Galaxies Edit

Da Reckoning Edit

For unknown reasons, possibly related to their clashes with the Hermicce and Skordi, The Togunda displayed a deep hatred for the Loron, and, when Da Rogue Boyz began their massive crusade/assault against the rest of the universe, Togunda Brotherhood-nations rallied to the Mendel, rallying warriors from their strongholds and holds and marching alongside their Orgaat allies. Bringing with them their heaviest weapons and most powerful siege weapons, the Togunda where ready to grind the Loron to a pulp. With their Orgaat allies acting as scouts and mobile light infantry, the Togunda believed their forces would be key in helping the Mendel crush the Loron hordes.

In the Milky Way Galaxy, a number of Togunda warriors fought alongside Commander Saren's forces on Jeroi, especially during the battle for the capital of Arvernai.

Scelus Invasion Edit

Let them come! The only thing getting processed down to slime today are their corpses!

- Uthor Valgorn

Multiple Togunda Brotherhoods deployed to the Dominatus Sector to fight alongside the aliens against the Scelus. After multiple sectors of space where stormed by the approaching horde, Togunda began a running battle, and, tests on the few captured Scelus showed a remarkable thing; Togunda ranged weapons, which fired focused Ionized radiation, had the biggest impact on their foes. Togunda Lords and Clan-Kings sent the message along to their kindred, and, when the Scelus began to head towards the Mendel holdings of the Dominatus, the Togunda stood shoulder to shoulder, ready to fight them off, Koro and throngs coming from across the galaxy to protect the Mendel warriors, their commanders utterly bewildered and surprised the Scelus could make it to their territory, and had to quickly reposition their foes to cover the breach. The Togunda and Orgaat stood the line, managing to buy the Mendel enough to regroup, at the cost of many brave warriors, and nearly a dozen Brotherhoods, every loss merely embittering the Togunda to fight on and grind down their foes.

Neriada War Edit

When the Mendel, eager for battle and to honor their alliance with the New Republic, joined the Neraida War, a number of Togunda Clans and Guilds, not eager to see their potential trade and alliances with the native races of Cyrannus disrupted, joined the Mendel Armada that had joined the Mou'Cyran Accordant Fleet. This included 3 Stronghold-class ships, and 12 Citadel-Class frigates, giving much needed heavy fire support to the fleets. Leading the Togunda division of the fleet would be the venerable Lord Belgar Stone-Brow, eager to test his peoples' advanced technology against the Neraida's own.

The Togunda would lend their forces for the final assault on he Neraida core, their fleets engaged with the Neraida's own, until they helped to successfully destroy the Neraida. As part of clean up operations, the Togunda assisted the Mendel in hunting down any left, before returning to their territory. After celebrations and repairs where completed, the Togunda left for the void once more, seeking out further cultures and empires to trade with.

Hand of Retribution Edit

I'm not certain it is safe to speak with you. This Hand of Retribution has my people in an iron gripe. We could very well lose our lives if we are not absolutely loyal.

- Lord of the Togunda, King Nogiri speaking with Kirta Clett

The Togunda would be drawn into The Mendel Schism much later then the other races, due to their isolated nature and nomadic culture. The Togunda, worried of what would become of them in the future, united under one King to help safeguard their race from future conflicts, named Nogiri. Watchful of the Hand of Retribution, Nogiri parlayed often with the Hand, who wished to acquire the advanced technology of the Togunda for himself, though Nogiri used several tactics to delay the false king. As Kirta was uniting the Mendel Clans loyal to her, and the splinter faction that had broken off ages ago, Nogiri searched desperately for a way to keep the Togunda out of what the Hand had planned. Nogiri knew, despite their advanced technology, they would be overwhelmed by the numerical superiority of the Mendel. Finally, Kirta Clett herself, fresh from unifying the Tul'kaarin and Ruins Hand under her banner, approached Nogiri in secret to gain his support. However, the Togunda Lord was weary of her, not wishing to be drawn into a Mendel civil war with his people at stack. Kirta assured him that she would end this war quickly, and make sure as little blood was split as possible. Nogiri simply remarked that too much blood would already be split if a war needed to be fought. His words proved true. Despite his support for Kirta Clett, a number of Guilds, Brotherhoods and Koro-Clans still supported The Hand, out of fear for what he would do to their race if they disobeyed. Although these loyalists fought hard during the final battle, they where among the first to surrender after Kirta defeated and beheaded the Hand, the rest of his fleet soon following.

After the Battle, the Togunda went into isolation (more so then usual) to repair the damage done to their Brotherhoods and repair any relations that had been broken by the Hand and the Mendel Civil War. Despite the damage, the Togunda emerged a much stronger member of the Mendel Pact, King Nogiri's rule helping them bounce back and expand their influence further, within both the Pact, and across the various galaxies they had settled with the Pact.

Second Cyrannus War Edit

Not as tough as they thought!

- Ragatora Tanga Ara

The Togunda where drawn into the Second Great Cyrannus War by the destruction of the Mou'Cyran, and be utterly shocked by the attack. While they felt the New Republic where a tad on the soft side of things, they where still worthy of respect, and conducted good business. The fact the Empire had so dishonorably attacked them and killed so many was a thing that could not be allowed to pass. Organizing a strike force under Lord Tanga Ara, the highest Lord in Cyrannus, the Togunda gathered to assist the Mendel and bring their own power to bear.

Tanga Ara and his forces arrived in Frenal, eager to do battle against the Empire, and coordinated with Ryaler to deploy his forces in an asteroid. The color of their vessels, combined with their advanced cloaking technology, would make it difficult for them to be spotted. Tanga and his forces waited patiently within the asteroid for many days, even as the Empire arrived to do battle. As the tide seemed to turn against them, Ryaler called upon his Togunda allies to battle, the Togunda activating their weapons and opening fire, their canons tearing through the Empire with shocking ease, the Empire taken by surprise by how advanced the Togunda where. Still, the Imperial leader, Titus Dromaeo was hardly surprised by the ambush, only taken aback by the Togunda's technology, and brought in two Imperator-class Star Destroyers and a Judicator-class Star Battlecruiser. While the Togunda where powerful, the counter ambush, the appearance of the mighty Judicator, almost cut their fleet to ribbons, before Ryaler called in six Orgaat War-Spheres to take the pressure off of the Togunda. The Orgaat sent bordering forces into the 3 ships, and while they could not take the vessel, they did do great damage to one, and allowed the Togunda to escape.

After the battle, Tanga Ara and his forces joined Ryaler's own, eager to repay the Imperials in full for their crimes, and their thirst for battle not yet satiated.

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

Togunda Mining

Asteroid mining is a common, but very dangerous job the Togunda often can be found in.

Togunda are divided among various separate states and governments called "Brotherhoods", alternatively called Leagues, Guilds, or similar terms. All Togunda display a patriotic loyalty to their Brotherhood of origin, and fight stubbornly for it when called upon. Togunda are, naturally, a stubborn people who hold onto grudges for years to come when wronged. When attacked, they will stubbornly refuse to surrender or give ground to people they believe themselves superior to, refusing to back down even if it means death. This attitude has cost the Togunda dearly each time, and, in their battles with the likes of the Skordi and other enemies, the Togunda have suffered heavy losses each time.

Togunda, naturally, distrust outsiders, unless proven helpful, and, once their trust is gained, will loyally fight alongside their friends through thick and thin. One key concept among the Togunda is Utoi, commonly mistranslated as revenge, but more or less meaning Mutual Giving. This can be mean gift giving or returning a grudge. The idea of gift giving among Togunda is to appear totally without having an ulterior motive or alternate design, and simply giving from the heart. Depending on the measure of the gift, reflects how one might return the favor, and how quickly. To act too slowly is considered dishonorable and self-fish. Likewise, insults could well lead to bouts of combat between Koro (clans) and Brotherhoods. This is considered natural, and a way of not only airing out differences and frustrations, but to keep the Koro and Brotherhoods on their toes. One an insult is repaid with violence, both sides consider it settled, with no further grudges.

Togunda share the same language as the Mendel, with some slight variations, though how or why they came to share their language system is unknown. Togunda are known for having a fluid use of names for people and places. As claims and prospects change, Togunda commonly take on the name of certain ancestors in order to better reinforce their claims to the land. This is why it is considered all important for Togunda to know their ancestors. Their names and even Koro affiliation might change, but nothing can alter their ancestry and links to those past.

In Togunda society, raising children is considered most important, and children are allowed mostly carefree lives, giving much free-reign and ability to play as they like. While Togunda will discipline in their children, it is considered rude to discipline one's child for them, and, is one of the many things that leads to violence among Koro-Clans. Once they become old enough, Children are slowly groomed to take on a more serious role in society, slowly letting go of their care-free childhood and taking part in the hard mining, Black smithing and war that the Brotherhoods require.

Togunda, in their ancient history, would perform cannibalism on their defeated foes to gain their strength, but, after many years, stopped this practice, seeing they had gone to far, and would potentially corrupt themselves. When they meet the Orgaat, they at first had a disgusted reaction, but, upon learning of why their allies did what they did, turned aside this disgust, but have never told anyone of this ancient tradition, ashamed of that part of their history, despite their pride in their culture.

Brotherhoods Edit

Brotherhoods are large, mobile organizations, usually organized in small fleets numbering 2-5 ships, and made up of a number of Togunda Clans, called Koro. Each Koro have long, illustrious histories, long recorded by it's members to honor their ancestral kin. Togunda take loyalty to their Koro very seriously, perhaps even more so then their Mendel kindred. In introductions with others, it is common to state what Koro one belongs to, what they are famous for, and a famous ancestor. It is also common for Togunda to wear Ancestral Rings, jewelry forged to represent their link to the Koro, and said to give them guidance and strength in times of woe and hardship.

Brotherhoods conduct mining, trading and commerce on their own terms. No Mendel ruler or other Togunda is allowed or permitted to tell the Togunda who they can and cannot trade with. However, as a matter of loyalty to their allies, it is generally accepted to stop trading with those who are enemies of the Pact. No Togunda worth his drinks would ever dare start trading with a foe of the Mendel, unless he wishes to be exiled from his Brotherhood and Koro, and stricken from all records regarding the history of the Koro.

Togunda, due to their system, place great respect upon their parents and forefathers, honoring their wishes, and learning everything they can from them. To fail as a parent, is usually seen as the deepest shame imaginable for a Togunda, and is said to bring shame to an entire Brotherhood. When one Togunda does wrong, it reflects poorly not just upon him, but upon his father and mother, and those that raised him.

When a Togunda dies, he will, upon his death bed, gather his eldest son or daughter (Both if they are twins), and with his dying breath, list off those that have wronged him and slandered against him. Thus, when he passes on, his children will take up the sacred task of settling his oath and righting all wrongs set against him. It is never a quiet day in a Koro, for there is always a few youngsters running about, attempting to avenge their parents' honor.

  • Lord - Tongurr Vaol'ta
  • Member of - Mendel Pact

Saay'tal is one of 2 Brotherhoods that have officially joined the Mendel Pact as full citizens and members, where's most prefer to keep some distance between themselves and the rest of the Pact. The members of the Brotherhood of Saay'tal and Thrugg negiotiated with the Pact leaders over the world of Dar'nyth to become members, in exchange for military service, protection, and assistance in scientific advancements and operations. The Brotherhood of Saay'tal, with it's legions of warriors and ships, provided the bulk of the military side of the agreement, where's Thrugg settled on using their advanced Engineers and Scientists to help the Walgolorian develop the technology needed to construct their own Radium weaponry.

Due to the agreements made, Warriors from Saay'tal provide much of the support to regiments raised on Dar'nyth, giving the Walgolorian here the assistance of the short, but stubborn warriors of Saay'tal, including their artillery, war machines and foot troops. As such, they can easily pound down their foes from afar with concentrated artillery barrages. No one is quite certain however, why the Togunda agreed to this. While close allies and respectful of the Pact, they have always worried over their culture being lost within the Pact. While the Three High Kings have worked to keep such things from happening, they still allow the Togunda much independence.

The truth of the matter of Saay'tal and Thrugg's agreeing to join, was revealed by the Elected Lord of all Togunda, Nogiri in conversation with Kirta Clett. The wise ruler revealed the Togunda Koro wanted to keep an eye on the Pact, and, in case something like the Hand of Retribution happened, give the Togunda an ear inside the inner workings of the Mendel Pact to make sure the Togunda themselves where not threatened, or the central ideals of the Pact itself. This allowed Saay'tal and Thrugg to transmit data and information to the Reclaimers of Kirta Clett about the movements of the Hand of Retribution and the existence of Kiun and Ryaler's rebellion.

Saay'tal is considered the most aggressive of Brotherhood, each and every member a warrior through and through. This has made things difficult at times for them, as their emphasis on war has left them slightly behind the other Brotherhoods in terms of technology and development, but they care little, being a hardy, hard-working, tough-browed group eager for war. They enjoy the company of the Orgaat especially, and train with them to keep their skills sharp.

  • Lord - Hurgoj Xuan'ia
  • Member of - Mendel Pact

Thrugg is one of 2 Brotherhoods that have officially joined the Mendel Pact as full citizens and members, where's most prefer to keep some distance between themselves and the rest of the Pact. The members of the Brotherhood of Saay'tal and Thrugg negiotiated with the Pact leaders over the world of Dar'nyth to become members, in exchange for military service, protection, and assistance in scientific advancements and operations. The Brotherhood of Saay'tal, with it's legions of warriors and ships, provided the bulk of the military side of the agreement, where's Thrugg settled on using their advanced Engineers and Scientists to help the Walgolorian develop the technology needed to construct their own Radium weaponry.

As par the agreements, Brotherhood of Thrugg provides peerless scientists, advanced and sophisticated by even the high standards of their race. Their scientific acumen astounds Walgolorian and Togunda alike, and few can match wits with them. Fantastic inventors and engineers, weapon designs and advanced armor types of come from Dar'nyth thanks to the fanatic work of these smiths and scientists. Few questions remain unanswered when they begin to tinker about. While Saay'tal are warriors, Thrugg has supplied them with weapons of brutal sophistication, unmatched by most races. This keeps the two together through thick and thin.

The Thrugg are one of the more the scientific minded of the Brotherhoods, home to many Tech-Guilds and Traders Unions, helping them advance faster and farther then many other Brotherhoods among the Togunda. Many of their Rakuo Ira and Ragatora are members of their own Guilds, when usually, these Clan Leaders are independent, to avoid bias towards the Guilds. While some worry the Thrugg suffer from corruption due to a high amount of freedom of these Guilds.

  • Lord - Bopi Piripi
  • Member of - Mendel Pact

Helheer are another Brotherhood, one of the more prosperous Togunda Brotherhood in the Realms. Helheer was founded by Piripi Koro, their leader, Kana Piripi half-brother of the founder of Brotherhood Yuur'inkar. They did not technically join the Mendel Pact, but Helheer is known to often help the Mendel Pact in battle. While they do not have the loyalty of the Thrugg and Saay'tal, they still take their loyalty to the Pact seriously, viewing them as allies. Helheer, however, finds their Taidhleoir and their indoctrination rather unnerving, and avoid too much contact with the Pact. While eager to fight at their side, and trade with them, Helheer do tend to isolate themselves from the rest of the Pact.

Helheer's Koro are larger then other Brotherhood Clans, having much larger populations, and allowing them to maintain work places and warrior squads. Whether it is fighting for the Togunda Realms, or the their allies in the Orgaat and Mendel, the Helheer can bring great man power down upon their foes. Their forces are larger and well-armed, and often use infantry-focused ground assaults in battle. Helheer is also prone to boarding enemy craft, deploying their warriors in the tight corridors of their foes' ships. As such, they can often overwhelm foes with large numbers of warriors, but use focused assaults, wearing down foes, pulling back to recover, and then coming back with a few more warriors, always adding more and more troops with each wave to overwhelm the foe, but never throwing their troops in waves.

Since the exile of Clan Piripi from Yuur'inkar, the two Brotherhoods have shared a rivalry with one another. The two do not get along at all, due to the actions of Koro Calorii against Koro Piripi when they toke control of Yuur'inkar. Koro Piripi have long wished to restore control to their brothers to Brotherhood Yuur'inkar, while Yuur'Inkar's current rulers have worked hard to keep their control of the Brotherhood.

  • Lord - Vauri Calorii
  • Member of -

Basic Personality Edit

While personality and attitudes range differently from Brotherhood to Brotherhood, most are regarded as stubborn, rather isolated, and just slightly Xenophobic. Most Togunda are not very trusting towards strangers, but are very dedicated to their craft and hard work. Togunda are noted for their advanced scientific minds, helping construct some of the best weapons in the entire UAE, and may even hold more advanced works then what they have shown their allies.

Many Togunda are known for their boorish and downright gruff nature towards aliens, not unlike the Karogon. Despite, they are known for their lasting loyalty towards races that gain their trust, such as the various Mendel subspecies, and the Orgaat clans.

Abilities Edit

Togunda are a very strong race, though noted to be slow moving compared to others. While they lack the grace of the Multus Esse species, or the reflexes of the Mendel, the Togunda are a very powerful race. While no where near the level of the Brutish Skordi or the like, Togunda are, despite their size, very capable of holding their own in most battles and brawls. Togunda are expert miners and traders, as well as efficient craftsmen. Their troops march to battle in the finest, most ornate armor, and yield the greatest and purest of weapons they can craft, some dating back millennia, and used by their many ancestors before them.

Government Edit

Due to their nomadic nature, and the different preferences each Brotherhood has, the Togunda commonly appear disunited and, at the most extreme times, at odds with one another. However, this hides the fact that each Brotherhood is connected to the other by various blood-lines, alliances, and clanships that outright confuse and baffle any outsider who tries to understand the tangled lines of connection. As such, due to mutual familial and brotherly bonds, all Togunda stay together through thick and thin.

Most Brotherhoods and Leagues can be found operating in space in nomadic fleets, looking for asteroids to mine and other planets to plant their prospects. Brotherhoods vary in size, though most are made up of 5-12 ships, with the largest, most powerful ones having up to 20 ships at their command. The less adventurous Brotherhoods chose a planet to settle on called a Guild-Fort, a stronghold used for military and trading purposes. To represent them on the Mendel council, the Togunda elect one Elder from among their leagues to represent them.

Outside of this, very little else is known about the Togunda government, as they are a very private and secretive race, and prone to distrusting outsiders they come in contact with.

Religion Edit

Remember brothers and sisters, the ancestors watch from above! Make them proud!

- Togunda Warrior-Elder to his troops

Togunda believe in a system of ancestor worship, not unlike that of their kin the Orgaat. As such, everything they do is to honor and appease their ancestral kin among their Clans and make them proud. Be it in battle or in trade, they reach to excel and do the best they absolutely can to honor their Clan. Similarly, great leaders among their allies who gain their trust, become immortalized in their minds along with their ancestors, such as K'Ora of the Orgaat.

Togunda religious teachings emphasis fighting in battle honorably and fairly, even if they hate an enemy, and doing honest, proud business. To lie or cheat a buyer is seen a dishonor to the Togunda, and something they avoid at all costs.

Biology and Appearance Edit

Though a short race, no taller then the Grox, Togunda are notably resilient to all forms of damage. Due to their preferred environment and harsh living conditions, Togunda are a hardy race, their skin likened to hardened leather, and their bones as thick as granite. Due to this, Togunda, despite their small appearance, are much stronger and more durable then the average human. While a slow race, they are still hard to move once they set themselves in place, and are regarded as tanks in a fist fight, shrugging off most blows to hit an enemy with everything they can muster. A Togunda punch can shatter even a Ugandalorian's bones, and, for their strongest members, has been recorded shattering powered armor.

While biologically immortal, when Togunda reach around 1000 or so years, they take on a new phase, becoming Living Elders. These beings become the advisors to rulers and kings, armed with incredible knowledge and power under their belt and able to use psychic and essence abilities. This is further improved with their connection to the Ancestral spirits, the Ancestors protecting them from corruption and harm, and further improving their abilities. Togunda place great reverence to these Living Elders, though the Elders themselves do not exactly enjoy the position, forced to forsake honest battle and toil for the life of a "Weakling politician".

Military Edit

Fleet Edit

The Togunda are a naturally nomadic race, and, as such, are noted for their dependence on their fleets. Few Togunda ever set foot on a planet, if only to conduct important tasks, such as Mining, and the mysterious "Magma farming". Such Togunda are usually only found on such worlds as Matrukoris and elsewhere, and hold their ships to be their true homes. Because of this, all Togunda vessels are highly important to the Togunda Brotherhood Lords and to lose one is seen as a serious blow to the species, despite having a generally large population.

For this reason, all ships are extremely well armed and protected from harm. Even their trade-based Stronghold vessel, is a very difficult ship to attack, and many pirate factions have learned the hard way about dealing with Togunda vessels in the area. While not as common, some Brotherhoods do send their ships to join Mendel vessels for Trade and war across the galaxy, due to their alliances and trade agreements.

  • Weapons - Projected Radium Canons, Missile launchers.
  • Defenses - Thick Armor, shielding.

The Stronghold-class Frigate is a common vessel in Togunda asteroid mining and trade with outside races. These vessels are known to often travel alone, or, at most, in groups of 3-4, looking for planets and asteroids to mine. When they find likely sources of minerals to probe and gather from, the Stronghold-class ships will "Dock", and lock their systems in place as various probes and smaller vessels fly out like swarms of insects all over the areas in question. If acted, the Stronghold can still deploy it's weapons to defend itself from attack. While slow, the Stronghold is still a difficult target to crack for attackers.

Stronghold-Frigates, when moving, and challenged by another fleet, will usually stand down and try to talk the enemy down or back away from their foes. However, certain races have been observed as able to "Set them off", and cause them to engage, such as the brutish Skordi, or similar races. While the Stronghold is indeed a trade and mining ship, the vessel is still a highly powerful, highly efficient war vessels if cornered or threatened. For this reason, when Togunda Brotherhood Fleets join Mendel Warpath Fleets, the Admirals are commonly thankful to have such allies on their side.

Togunda Stronghold vessels are able to absorb solar and background radiation and direct it into their shielding and weapons, giving them powerful, highly focused radiation weapons, which cause great damage to their foes, but are of little harm to them. Even if there is a radiation leak, Togunda warriors wear elaborate armor that protects them from radiation or toxin, allowing them to safely dispose of their wastes. They come with thick armor and are known to posses Hydrogen-powered shielding, which give them powerful defensive shielding and allows them to throw off missile targeting systems.

Stronghold vessels seem to carry as many as Three Brotherhood-Clans of Togunda across the stars, making them well defended from bordering action. The ship is divided between living quarters for the civilian and family population, and the military defenders aboard, and is designed in such a way as to force attackers into the military zones to be picked apart piecemeal.

  • Weapons - Projected Radium canons, Missiles, Ion Lances
  • Defenses - Thick Armor, shielding.

The Citadel-class is the main means of Warfare for the Togunda race, these vessels built specifically for war and battle, and act to protect and defend Stronghold ships from pirates and marauders. Typically, 3 Citadel class ships will protect 1 Stronghold class with their more powerful and flexible weapons systems.

While the larger Stronghold vessels typically travel about mining and gathering resources, Citadel ships commonly hang around only to protect them and watch out for potential pirates. When a foreign ship is identified and spotted, the Citadel ship will send messages to all other Togunda ships in the area as a warning and approach the ship, as the Captain questions the encroaching ship. If the ship comes in peace, the Togunda will allow it to pass, or even conduct trade with them. If the ship does not have peaceful motives, then it's systems are quickly disabled, and Citadel ships send their compliment of warriors in to quickly capture and interrogate any aboard.

While more common as traders and merchants, Togunda are still known to sometimes conduct their services as mercenaries for other forces in the galaxy. As such, when they go to battle, a Stronghold and many of these vessels will head into territory to possibly negotiate the Togunda Brotherhood's entry as mercenaries in their service. After fighting is finished, the Togunda will collect their payment and head back out into the void, taking their fallen kin with them, and any technology they deem important for study.

Citadel ships, while smaller, are notably more well armed and slightly faster then the Stronghold class. This small size may seem disadvantageous, Togunda Citadel vessels still carry powerful radium and missile weapons to gun down enemy ships, as well as Ion Lances. Ion technology, while usually used to disable ships and their important functions, has been harnessed by the Togunda as an offensive weapon, and quite capable of damaging both shields and hull armor in battle.

Ground Forces Edit

While a race of asteroid miners and merchants, Togunda are still regarded as one of the few races that the Ugandalorians view as a true threat to them in battle. Despite being smaller, and appearing weak and fragile, Togunda are actually a hardy race of stubborn warriors, known for their great skill in war. When their miners go down to mine from asteroids, or their merchants go to meet planetary leaders, their warriors commonly accompany them, either to deal with threats to the miners, or any hostile actions against their merchants.

When their Brotherhoods send help to the Ugandalorians, their forces are usually deployed to fight in subterranean and outer-space conditions, due to their heavy, elaborate armor. Togunda yield impressive fire power, and deadly melee weapons, and, despite their slow movement, have no issue dealing with faster, more nimble races. They place great emphasis on warfare, though usually avoid fighting during times of peace. Brotherhoods, Koro and Leagues would often avoid fighting, unless certain conditions warranted it. Failure to return a favor or gift, insulting another, or taking minerals from another Brotherhood's holdings, where grounds for warfare. Usually, Togunda holymen, known as Turhaga, would try and discuss the issue and find a way to peacefully solve it.

If this could not be achieved, Togunda Warriors would gather in their holds, and prepare the ritual war paint that identified their position, rank and ancestry within the Brotherhood, before gathering under their Lord, called Ragatoa, and his Turhaga, and give a chant to their ancestors to bless the coming fight and keep them safe from harm, the Turhaga leading prayer, as warriors repeat certain paragraphs as required, all the while slamming their weapons into the floor, to awaken the Ancestors.

When they go to battle, Togunda Throngs, their military units, will slam their chests with their fists, stomp their feet, and make great claims of their ancestors and their achievements. The two will continue to do this, their Ragatoa meeting face to face and making great claims of their own, until one backs off. If neither army forfeits to the other, they will fight, a short and bloody affair, but attempts are made to keep it to a minimum to avoid Togunda from losing to many of their kind. In battles with outside races, the Togunda have come to understand that other races will take advantage of their style of war dance to quickly kill them, and as such, only do their chanting as a pre-battlefield ritual, before lumbering to face the foe.

Togunda Brotherhoods commonly join Orgaat Webs in trade and military service, due to their long history as allies. Orgaat will commonly handle light, infantry-based warfare, while Togunda deploy their massive vehicles and drone units.

Togunda Warriors
  • Use - Heavy infantry
  • Weapons - Radium Rifles
  • Defenses - Heavy armor.

Warriors are the basic soldiers of the Togunda Leagues, brought together in service to their Leagues and warlords and to fight for their comrades, such as the Orgaat and Mendel Pact. Warriors are made up of closely related Clans and kinsmen with a large sense of unity and loyalty towards one another. Highly disciplined, Togunda Warriors march into war with mid-ranged Radium Rifles, usually fighting in enclosed environments and raining down fire by foes until they are nothing more then dust. As they fall, remaining members become increasingly driven to avenge their loss and beat the foe back.

Togunda Warriors begin their training and military service once they reach 20 years of age, and stay in the military for 10 years. After these 10, they can stay within the warhost and keep fighting as the more elite forces within the Togunda league forces, or even stay within the Warrior squads. These Togunda, while not fast or agile like many of their comrades, lumber forward with impressive determination, never stopping until they reach their destination and can bring their fire power to bear against a foe. Even when loaded with armor, ammo, and other clan fetishes, they can maintain a descent marching speed. They are a proud people, eager to preserve their identity and ideals, even when surrounded by aliens in the Pact, albeit, those that they respect. While they respect these aliens, they worry of their own culture and way of life dying out, and fight to show their determination, as well as their wrath to the enemy.

Warriors will adorn their bodies with special tattoos to identify their rank, job and position within their Koro, and their ancestry. It is difficult to read for outsiders, but for those that understand Togunda, they tell an intricate tale, of the Koro's glories, their victories, and their tragedies and betrayals. All of this serves as a status symbol to any who view it. Their armor is no less glorious, lovingly forged to protect every warrior from the worst of battles. Armor changes from Koro to koro, Brotherhood to Brotherhood, but all are resplendent in gold and sliver lining, and durable enough to withstand a tank shell.

While Mendel scientists have recently received the miracle of Radium technology, only the Togunda claim mastery of it. Mendel Radium Rifles and carbines are bulky and hard to maneuver, used by scouts only as heavy sniper support. Even then, Radiation shielding was difficult to develop, and only after further development could they make them safe to use. Togunda, however, have long mastered the use of the Radium Rifle, and the shielding on it is quite impressive. Togunda march with these elegantly crafted weapons, firing steams of Radiation bolts at a target and vaporizing them quickly before they even know they are assailed. Since this weapon is their most frequently used, Togunda have developed the use of special medicine to deal with radiation burns and victims, commonly helping prisoners of war. After all, as one wise man once said, "The Enemy deserve death, but not suffering". If confronted in melee combat, Togunda will use the great axes of their families, passed down their lineage, or forged for new family members. Many an axe has split the skull of an attacker who thought these short beings incapable of defending themselves.

Togunda Warriors, due to their slow, plodding nature, are not commonly used for guerilla warfare, being poor when it comes to movement and repositioning. Instead, Warriors are used to hold ground or to break sieges in all-out assaults, focusing their fire power on the weakest links in their enemies to produce results, while backed up by massive artillery. In battle, they are fierce and will fight to the bitter end, especially when fighting alongside their comrades the Orgaat. The slow, heavy fire power of the Togunda, combined with the fast, brutal close combat of the Orgaat, allows them to finish a foe quickly, and reminds many of why the two became allies in the first place.

Tog WarriorFile

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Togunda Miners
  • Use - Anti-Vehicle Warfare, sapping.
  • Weapons - Ion Cutters, Radium Shotguns, explosives, pick-axes
  • Defenses - Armor.

When the Togunda march to war, many Miners answer the call. Just shy of actual age of military service, or too old to keep fighting on the front, will organize themselves into Miner Crews in order to provide much needed support to their kindred in battle. Miners commonly use camou-lined armor to hide at a distance, and avoid snipers and enemy scouts. Then, once battle begins, the enemy is meet, the Miners will go and start attacking enemy vehicles, using their Ion Cutters to slice open tank treads, walker parts and important components, sometimes throwing fusion explosives into a vehicle to melt the armor and machinery.

During sieges, when taking a city is needed, Shock Troopers and Super Commandos have learned to value the hard work and determination of a expert team of miners. Using their technology, they dig deep into the planet to produce a winding series of tunnels, going from their camp, through the earth, and into the enemies' city, breaking through on the out-skirts, and allowing their Ugandal allies to spill forth and attack the enemy where they least expect it. At times, multiple Miner crews will work to make multiple tunnels. Pact armies will, slowly but surely, disappear, taking to the tunnels, before spilling forth from unknown locations to assault their foes.

Miners are merely the everyday people of a Brotherhood, and as such, many expect them to be just a ill-equipped militia of some sort. In reality, Miners are just as spirited as their allies, eager to prove their place in the Brotherhood and do their part, and fight the foes that threaten them and their ways. They, like all warriors, paint their bodies with the ritual tattoos, but, unlike warriors, theirs are either not as complicated (for younglings), or covering so much of their body that they practically become living works of art, in the case of retired veterans who still serve the mining teams. Miners, when confronted, will sometimes use Radium Shotguns to deliver a radioactive punch to the enemy in close quarters, or deploy their pick-axes to meet the foe head on.

Their armor is not as intricate as warriors, and considered more simple and utilitarian, and often outfitted further with gadgets and devices to help make their work quicker, safer and more efficient.

Many Miners have won the day for the Pact with their expertise in sabotage and breaking enemy artillery and tanks. The Togunda who make up miner crews usually move up to be true warriors once they reach their age, or teach other young warriors their art. Some stay in Miner Teams, even when they get old enough to serve as true warriors, enjoying the simple task of breaking vehicles for their brethren.

Tog MinerFile

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Mining Drone
  • Use - Mining operations, battle assistance
  • Weapons - Mining lasers
  • Defenses - Armor.

Mining Drones are the simple, assistance droids constructed by the Togunda to assist them in mining operations, two at a time joining Miner crews to cut through rock and find any valuable jewels or minerals. As par their programming, Drones will activate sensors to detect minerals of importance, small air analysis machines to detect the air in a mine and see if any gases or hazardous leaks have occurred, so they can warn their masters of what has occurred, and, due to their neural links, can warn other droids in other work crews, so that every Miner within a Mine shaft will know what has happened. To assist their masters, these Drones will use small mining lasers to cut through rocks to either get to minerals, or, if a cave collapses, can slice through the rocks to try and free their masters.

In battle, these drones will be re-programmed for battle, using their Drones to assist them in battle against their foes. While their mining lasers are not the most powerful, they are pin-point and highly accurate, and can break through enemy armor with ease, and, if given enough time to do damage, can fry the flesh of their foes beneath the armor. Drones will use their lasers to also help Miner Crews dig beneath a city and lead Units in underground assaults against the enemy. If Miners are attacked while working underground, these Drones will help push back the enemy, and use their technology to alert nearby warriors, jam enemy communications, and assist Miner's HUD in lining up a target and aiming their ranged weapons better.

Mining Drones are easily replaceable, but still have sturdy armor and shields, as, even when building things to be easily replaceable, Togunda cannot stand the idea of their "Toys" breaking too easiely, and build their drones with sturdy armor and good shielding to protect them from anything from a wild cavern beast, a rock fall, or enemy blaster fire. Their programming matrix puts them around the intelligence level of an especially smart canine from Terra, as they can follow directions well, and even display quirks that may point towards some amount of sentience.

While they can deploy Anti-Grav Tech to hover in Air, and use it's field to keep their miners afloat before their transport Dingy reaches the asteroids to mine, Mining Drones also deploy on six spidery legs that allow them to scale any surface quickly and with great balance.

MiningDroid file

Mining Droid File

  • Use - Elite shock troops
  • Weapons - Great Axes.
  • Defenses - Heavy armor and power shielding.

Hoiaa Warriors are the elders of the Togunda Brotherhoods, Leagues and Koro, warriors, who, for years, have crafted and perfected their style of warfare. These indomitable, stubborn folk are the true soldiers of the Koro, for, unlike the younger warriors, they do not return to their workshops and other jobs once fighting is over. For them, peace is merely another time to prepare for the next fight. Hoiaa, roughly translated to "veteran", are elders of warfare, the youngsters taught from an early age to respect their elder comrades and teachers, and to always listen and follow their example.

The years of battle, combat, and determination have changed these hardy warriors, their faces have grown weather beaten, their brows furrowed in determination and annoyance at nearly everything they set their cold gaze upon. Their rough skin becomes likened to leather, and their bodies bigger and brawnier from years of combat. Every Hoiaa carries upon his hands a Great Axe, capable of cleaving a APC to pieces with a mighty swing. These Warriors train constantly with their battle axes, learning to be quick, brutal, and efficient. They have, for years, toiled at their tasks, their skin becoming hardened, and their minds equally hardened, always ready for battle.

For their part, younger and lower ranking warriors learn to respect and follow the example of these noble, and slightly brutal, warriors, for they have survived countless battles without fail, and have made their presence felt always in the Koro and the field. The hardships they endure make them bitter company, for the Hoiaa are always grumbling about how the younger warriors know not the meaning of respect, or how the foes are smaller and runtier then before, or that their allies are too weak and soft. Mendel Warriors commonly are amused by such talk, as the Hoiaa's complaints merely mean they are more ready to fight then before, and will give a good account of themselves.

Their armor has been re-forged, lovingly crafted to respect their elders and protect them and their wisdom. This armor is solid and heavy, allowing them to shrug off any injury and attack from their foes. The armor is further improved with power shielding, bullets and projectiles bouncing off this shielding as they charge into combat, before slamming into their foes' ranks and gutting and slashing them down.

These Hoiaa Warriors are the anchor of the Togunda's attacks, their mighty axes and powerful armor turning the tide of battle, as their warriors press on. No youngster would turn tale and run from the battle if under the stern gaze of the Hoiaa in battle, especially if it means returning to their Koro and being called upon by their elders to account for their actions.

  • Use - Elite ranged infantry and fire support
  • Weapons - Heavy weaponry
  • Defenses - Heavy armor.

Whaitirii Warriors are heavy weapons troops, organized and out-fitted with fire power in mind. Be it heavy anti-infantry guns deployed to wipe out infantry in battle, or high-powered rocket and grenade launchers to destroy armor, Whaitirii are responsible for the deployment and use of these weapons, to bring down the hardest foes the enemy can throw their way. They are of equivalent rank to the Hoiaa, though prefer a more "background" supportive style of combat then their melee-oriented kin. Whaitirii garner their name from the Togunda approximation to "thunder", both for how hard they hit their foes, as well as the loudness of their guns. Whaitirii, like their Mendel allies, do not like "soft Weapons", and prefer they speak loudly, for a Warrior should never be silent unless absolutely necessary, and this extends to his weapon of choice.

Whaitirii are heavy weapons teams, but designed to be somewhat mobile in battle, able to reposition themselves with their weapons in quick time. These weapons include everything from the savage Bolt Canon Anti-Infantry gun, Directed Energy Beam canon, and the SAW Gun, each offering various levels of heavy fire power and destructive force to the Togunda Warhost. Whaitirii are always eager to test their fire power on their foes, and will waste no time to dispense their wrath upon any foe that has earned their ire, especially those that below to their hated foes, the Skordi, or the merciless Loron, among others. This fire power is able to rip open throngs of infantry, no matter their armor, or crack open tanks, from the looted contraptions of the Loron, to the iron wall of Zarbanian Tanks.

Whaitirii could be considered something of an anomaly among the Togunda, as most prefer to atleast get within mid-range of their foe before they gun them down, or even, if they can, charge into melee combat to deliver their foes' end to them. For Togunda, the Whaitirii are strange for their preference for longer distance battle and shower the foe with suppressive fire. Despite, no warrior would admit to disliking them outright, as their fire power as stopped the charge of many a foe, or broken an armored column that threatened a Togunda position.

  • Use - Shock Troopers, berserkers
  • Weapons - Twin Axes
  • Defenses - None.

Clanless are dishonored Togunda who have, either through a real slight, or an imagined one, come to regard themselves as unworthy of possessing a Clan. Where's a Clanless within Mendel society could potentially find a home in a new Clan, Clanless in Togunda feel the only way to regain their honor and place among the ancestors is through death in battle, hopefully after killing the strongest, most brutal foes they can find. As such, they carry only two axes blessed by the Living Ancestors, and rush into battle to hack away at their targets until the Clanless are redeemed in death.

Clanless, being no longer part of any "koro" within the Togunda holds, are free to move as they wish, and can choose to even ignore oaths they once swore when they where part of a Clan, though most choose to honor them regardless. Clanless will often travel to Holds that face the greatest amount of foes, and fight at their side, making short work of any foes that get within their reach. Once fighting is over, they do not stay to drink, merely departing and heading for the next hold aboard the ships that carry them, or even to other Mendel Pact territories, hoping to finally find a battle that will mean their end.

As par their traditions, Clanless will commonly go to a Temple of the Ancestors, and ritually stripe themselves of armor, before painting their bodies red, and having the Living Ancestors mark their foreheads with special oils and blessing them, before giving them twin rune axes to use against their foes. With a prayer to the ancestors, the Clanless will join in large bands, and try and find foes worth the killing.

Clanless do not consider themselves part of any Hold, Brotherhood or Guild, and instead consider themselves a weapon or tool to be used by any Brotherhood or Hold they arrive to help, asking to be sent into the worst part of the fighting, and given an honorable death worthy of their Ancestors. Clanless consider ritual suicide a pointless, even dishonorable endeavor, believing that a true warrior regains honor through battle and death, not just death.

  • Use - Officers, secondary commanders
  • Weapons - Rune Axes, hammers, various weapons
  • Defenses - Heavy armor.

Rakuo Ira is the Togundian designation for a patriarch or matriach of a Togunda Koro or Clan, and responcible for rallying it's troops to war when the Brotherhood lord calls upon his Clans to fight. Rakuo Ira are the eldest rulers of their Koro, and treated with the respect and authority that one earns from such a position. They commonly lead detachments of Togunda units under the authority of their lord, attacking different flanks and areas of the foe, or guarding the Lord himself when worst comes to worst.

Rakuo Ira, due to being honored elders of their Koro, are given the finest armors forged by their Clan and families, often passed from one to another. This tradition is done to respect those that have passed, though the tradition of building new weapons or armor fo a Rakuo Ira is a celebrated event by the Koro and their friends. Rakuo Ira are known to meet with others of their kin and settle disputes between the Koro and Clans, order their Koro to concentrate on a new task, such as mining, military or forging. When the Brotherhood's lord dies, the Rakuo Ira elect their next Lord to lead them.

Rakuo Ira, on the battlefield, march in heavy, durable armor, often centuries old, and marked with the markings of those who wore it in the past. They can march through canon and rifle fire without a scratch, and shrug off blows from any sword short of those used by the Mendel. It's shielding is raided for light starships and corvettes, and it is boasted that they can survive having a building fall on their head.

Their weapons are blessed with the sacred runes of their Koro and carry various weapons. Heavy ranged weapons, runic axes and hammers using them to bash their way through countless foes. These are the finest weapons the Togunda can forge and use in battle, often handed down for centuries by each Rakuo Ira and their bloodline. It with these weapons that the Rakuo Ira effortlessly swat away the strongest foes as their warriors follow behind them.

Brotherhood ships will often have 10-14 Rakuo Ira within their holds.

  • Use - Psychic defense and Elemental abilities.
  • Weapons - Rune Staff, Hammers
  • Defenses - Armor.

Togunda, upon reaching at least 1000 years of age, develop into a new phase, known as Living Ancestors. Here, though their bodies are aged, they gain the power to commune directly with the Ancestors of old. The spirits and souls of their ancestors, in contact with their bodies and minds, has caused them to develop powers beyond that of any other Togunda. These beings now act as wisemen and advisors to their Ragatora and various lords, their abilities a great asset to their people, and giving them an edge over their enemies. Be it using their wisdom to help guide military strategy, their elemental abilities to disrupt their foes, or their knowledge of alien customs to trade with others, Living Ancestors are respected and admired by all Togunda, and, it is considered near-heretical to actually harm one.

The Living Ancestors carry a Rune Staff with them, with a certain symbol upon it to represent their position or stay in office. Under the object, is a Hammer object, that the Living Ancestor can use to bash their foe's heads in. This Runic Staff, however, is more used to channel their abilities, and to engage in direct combat is a last resort, to the advanced age of the Living Ancestors, and the importance they have among their people. As such, a number of Warriors will commonly deploy to protect their honored lords from harm, and fight encroaching foes on their behalf.

When not harassed by enemy foes, they will use their psychic abilities to empower their comrades and give them clarity and focus in battle, as well as allow them to call upon their strength and endurance beyond even a normal Togunda's reach.

  • Use - Togunda leaders
  • Weapons - Heavy axes, gravity hammers, advanced weapons
  • Defenses - Powered Armor.

Ragatora are the Lords of several Koro, Guilds, and a gathered Brotherhood, in full control of the Fleet and the Togunda within it. Ragatora, as the supreme lords of the Brotherhood, are beyond questioning, and are near-universally respected by their peers for their skill in battle, aggression, and stubborn adherence to tradition and the ideals of the Togunda. Ragatora usually leave battlefield command to their officers of the Rakuo Ira, but, when the situation demands it, Ragatora themselves can stomp onto the battlefield, surrounded by elite guard units known as HearthGuard, and ready to deliver death to any who oppose the Brotherhoods in battle. Ragatora tend to be dour and grim warriors and leaders, for they lead a dour people. The Togunda have many grudges, inherited and newly appointed, and the loses of their Clans.

Ragatora all begin as Rakuo Ira, and their path taken to become Ragatora are long and difficult. The Rakuo Ira must absorb countless strategies and the knowledge of their ancient foes and enemies from thousands of years. Their success in battle, and their knowledge within inter-Clan politics, will guarantee their rise to prominence and power within the Brotherhood and fleet. By gaining the confidence and trust of their fellow Rakuo Ira, they may finally take on the position of Ragatora. From here, their position is one of near limitless potential. Be it achieving glory on the field of battle for the Mendel Pact, or for the Togunda people, discovering new advancements in science and technology, and, can possibly achieve the position of Supreme Command of all Brotherhoods and Guilds within the Togunda Nation.

In battle, Ragatora commonly take the field as commanders, overseeing operations and strategies, and guiding the blows of their army like the swing of an axe into the weak flank of their opponents. The Ragatora will join the battle, facing the strongest enemies of their foes and the leaders of their worst foes. With Heavy Battle Axes in hand, or mighty Gravity Hammers, they can smash aside their foes with ease. Their heavily armored frames can withstand many shots and hits from various firearms and other weapons.

Vehicles Edit

  • Use - Heavy Walker
  • Weapons - Hand Axes, Missile silos
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor.

Ancestral Walkers are large, behemoth walkers, around 20 feet tall. These massive walkers are used to guard important tombs, holdings and areas in Brotherhood ships. These great war machines are ancient among the Togunda when they first entered this universe, and began constructing their technology to survive in the galaxy. In the ancient times, these warmachines where not only guardians, but powerful tools of aggressive expansion used to dominate their area of space. After their isolation, and short period of decline, the Ancestral Walkers became repurposed as tools of protection, to guard important sites, and, rarely to wage war. When they are roused to war, it is only when the foe is a truly dire one, such as Drakodominatus, or the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Ancestral Walkers are constructed from the heaviest, most durable metals, and bent and beaten into the shape of armor, and comes to resemble a large, heavily armored Togunda. The massive walkers are then blessed with a Rune of Power to keep them going, and decorated and the various tattoos that commemorate the Koro and Brotherhood. With that completed, Ancestral Walkers are ready to wage war, tirelessly guarding what they must, fighting whoever challenges them, and marching where told. Once they are given a target or foe to fight, they will constantly track them, using advanced technology to hunt them down and eliminate them, blasting through walls, buildings, enemy formations and even mountains to get their target.

Ancestral Walkers have twin Axe blades instead of hands, using them to hack apart foes and enemy vehicles in a whirlwind of violence. Although large and their weapons lack in the grace of other tools of war, they yield them with uncommon efficiency. Although use to attacking foes that are weaker then they, when confronted by large foes able to put up a fight, Ancestral Walkers use maneuvering and skill that lets them keep up with foes who could be considered far more agile.

While technically autonomous, it said that Ancestral walkers channel the might of the Togunda's ancestors. While not technically true, there seems to be evidence to partially support it, as Ancestral Walkers will often take on habits common in older Togunda, or quirks that a Togunda swears only his great great Grandfather would do. Such things are not completely understood by the Tech-Guild Engineers, but are accepted by the wider populace due to the importance of their ancestors.

  • Use - Heavy Vehicle
  • Weapons - Heavy Canon
  • Defenses - Heavy armor.

The Hammerer-class Battle Tank is the mainline Tank of the Togunda, and the most advanced heavy tank of the Mendel Pact. In their conquests, the Togunda commonly bring their massive battle tanks with them, giving the Mendel heavy fire power, and durable, long ranged artillery to bombard the foe with. The Togunda take great pride in these battle tanks, and, do to their venerated status, extreme durability and fire power, and strength, the Hammerer's numbers are limited per Brotherhood, and per ship that holds them, so that, in case one Brotherhood goes rogue, the enemy will not have too many of these to throw around at other parties and forces that would try and stop them.

The Hammerer is designed to "hammer" the enemy with multiple barrages of artillery/shell fire, and keep them pinned, or, preferably, rapidly blast through armor and destroy any infantry foolish enough to stand before them. Due to their advanced technology, the Hammerer is able to easily burn through most races' armor and shielding, and destroy the important vehicle workings within, with the exception of the more advanced powers such as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Draconid Imperium, something that gets the Togunda into a foul mood, due to believing their technology second to none. Many engineers have taken to trying to improve and modify their tech to further improve their fire power and damage, but such is slow goings.

The Hammerer's armor is nearly invincible, and untouchable, the Togunda tank able to shrug off even the most egregious of damage, and keep rolling onward. Even the heaviest rockets and anti-vehicle lasers can hardly nick the thick armor of a Hammerer-class. The Togunda enjoy letting the foe beat endlessly upon their tanks, trying to damage it, before unleash an unholy barrage of artillery fire upon them, laughing as their foes' attacks crumble into dust and ash.

The Hammerer serves two roles in battle, either bombarding the foe from afar and utterly annihilating any fortifications and defenders at range, before the main assault is joined, or, rumbling into battle alongside Mendel Candarro Assault tanks and using their fire power to quickly obliterate the most hardly and defended positions of the Mendel Pact's enemies. In this regard, the Hammerer will commonly barrage the foe with artillery blasts, before rumbling into close quarters after they have done their damage.

Hammerer tanks are prized vehicles, and when they fall, if ever, the Togunda are quick to get the wreckage, and bring it back to be repaired and rebuilt, and to especially keep it out of their enemies' hands. Foes that loot Hammerer tanks are known to earn their ire, and Togunda Brotherhoods will often coordinate an all-out assault to see the foe brought down.

  • Use - Heavy transport, artillery, tank
  • Weapons - Missile launchers, Radium canons
  • Defenses - Heavy armor.

Speeders Edit

  • Use - Scouting, flank attacks
  • Weapons - Twin Radium Carbines
  • Defenses - Light armor

  • Use - Heavy assault
  • Weapons - Heavy Canon
  • Defenses - Medium armor

Individuals Edit

  • Name - Nogiri
  • Position - Leader of all Togunda Brotherhoods, ruler of the Peaks of the Ancestors.
  • Gender - Male

Nogiri Karaka is the currently elected Supreme Ragatora placed in charge of leading all Togunda realms and Brotherhoods, and leading them to greatness. He is an ancient leader, though has yet to ascend to the ranks of the living ancestors. As troubles gathered around the Togunda, Nogiri was elected by the Ragatora to maintain their position and the safety of their Brotherhoods, especially after disasters began to strike, such as the lose of many colonial Holds they established when they first came to Mirus, the attacks by the vicious Skordi and hordes of Skhrud. With all this in mind, Nogiri Karaka began by leading a military campaign into the colony called "Ancestral Peaks", or the Peaks of the Ancestors, and made it his Koro's home, as well as many other Togunda Brotherhoods. With the Skordi cleared from the Ancestral Peaks, Nogiri turned his weary but vengeful eyes towards other targets. While welcoming to the Pact, he did not wish to lash his people totally to it, worried over their culture and protecting it as much as he could.

However, he realized that joining the Pact would bring much benefits to the Togunda, and would allow them to keep a closer watch over their allies, in case anything happened that could affect the Togunda. As such, he ordered the Saay'Tal and Thrugg Brotherhoods to agree to join, and even trade some of their Radium weaponry to the Pact as a sign of trust. He also founded several military campaigns to retake their ancestral lands once more, the closest things they had to homeworlds, from their foes and squatters, such as Ragatora Akamu Hotepa's attempts to reclaim the fabled colony of the Golden Peaks. Nogiri has also made attempts to find the lost colonies of the Holds of DragonsPeak, and re-establish contact with their kin there.

Nogiri has sought to push back against such traditions among his people that have proven harmful, such as their unrelenting need to fight to the last, which has cost them dearly each time, and their constant need to repay grudges and Utoi, even when it would be better to follow a more pragmatic approach. Despite this, he still holds onto his peoples' most valued believes, such as their veneration of the ancestors, and their word in oaths, and, despite the fact it would be more beneficial to mind his own business, as sent to Togunda forces countless times to help his allies, such as against the Neriada and later, the Galactic Empire.

  • Name - Hafu Raharuhoi
  • Position - Lord of Brotherhood K'adrnii
  • Gender - Male

Hafu Raharuhoi is the ruler of the Brotherhood of K'adrnii, home to the Clanless Warriors, a sect of Togunda who have, through continued battle, or through some blunder of their own, have come to be called Clanless. Unlike with the Mendel, Togunda find this fate inescapable when it falls upon them, and, when their hearts are broken by whatever has come to pass, and they cannot bear it, they declare themselves Clanless, and join in bands of berserker-like warriors who throw themselves at the most capable of foes in battle. The Raharuhoi Koro has long had close ties with the Clanless Cults that travel, and Hafu's father established their Brotherhood, K'adrnii, as a place where the Clanless could gathered before going to battle, and, hopefully their deaths.

While not Clanless themselves, it is common, for those of the Raharuhoi line, to dress in their style when leading their throngs into battle, and take on certain habits common among the Clanless. Hafu, as such, has painted his body red, a sign of the Clanless, where's most tattoos used by the Togunda are usually a black or grey color. Likewise, he forgoes any ranged weaponry, choosing his mighty axe to cut his way through foes, and where's the Dragon Crown of past kings of K'adrnii.

  • Name - Akamu Hotepa
  • Position - Chosen Conqueror of The Golden Peaks.
  • Gender - Male

Relations Edit

Togunda have strong relations with the other members of the Mendel Pact, due to their ideals of honor and courage, especially the Orgaat, one of their longest running allies. They also enjoy good trade with many allies of the Pact, such as the Volver, Persan and Waptoria, and enjoy an especially close relationship with the Raptoraneans, due to similar cultural ideals. They despise the Kelkate has cowards, and while they have a stand-offish attitude towards the members of the Xonexi, they are more likely to trade with them if invited.

Togunda diplomacy is handled by the Quarrelers, a group of hard-edged, blunt-speaking Togunda and the closest thing to a diplomat class the Togunda have. Despite their stubborn and willful edge, and propensity to argue with other Quarrelers, they form very close friendships when on diplomatic tours, despite their grumpiness.

Green face Allies Edit

Welcome, welcome! Trade is always welcome with your kin!

  • Mendel Species - Like us in many ways.
  • Raptoraneans - Not so different after all...

Blue face Friends Edit

Ah yes. Business goes well.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

What do you want?

Orange face Disliked Edit

We don't trust you. Watch yourselves.

Red face Enemies Edit

By the laws of Utoi, you have sinned against our Clans, and we give onto you the only gift you deserve:Death.

Quotes from others Edit

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Hardly folks They've been through a lot and are more then worthy of our respect.

- Persan Vanara Citizen

Notes/Trivia Edit

  • Togunda where inspired by the Matoran of Bionicle, Demiurg and Squats from Warhammer 40k, with some influences from the Maori tribes of New Zealand.
    • The inspiration with the Maori was done to distance them from standard Dwarf stereotypes of being Scottish/Nordic/Northern European-inspired.
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