"Show us honour and we will show you our knowledge."

"Strength and honour is in our blood!


-Admiral Nuxur

In this place, there will always be evil. How you fight this evil, matters.


-Captain Threnorka

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The Therornians are a proud, strong empire in the Orion arm of the Milky Way galaxy.


As the Therornians achieved modern technology approximately 1 million years ago, they are significantly more advanced than humans, though they are not as intelligent as some other races. Their technology Tier is two, and Type 3 on the Kardeshev scale.


The Therornians started off a few billion years ago as microscopic creatures in primordial soup. They developed into strong and cunning predators, and eventually evolved onto land. They then created tribes and villages. One day, the Therornians found a material that could be used as fuel. It did not emit any harmful gasses, which is why there is no pollution on their planet. One million years ago the Therornians built large cities, and the strongest nations continued to wipe out weaker ones. After many years of scientific research, they discovered a way to travel faster than the speed of light. This meant they could travel to another solar system in just a few minutes or hours. This was when their space age begun.


  • Minor
  • Officer
  • Spec Ops
  • Admiral
  • Honour Guardsman
  • Commander
  • Supreme Commander

Relationships with other empiresEdit


If you you want to be an ally of the Therornians say so on my talk page in incoming transmission style.


If you want to be an enemy of the Therornians say so on my talk page in incoming transmission style.

Trading withEdit

If you want to trade with the Therornians, say so on my talk page in incoming transmission style.


The Therornians follow the Warrior archetype. The Therornians believe that you must fight with honour and courage.

Quotes from other empiresEdit

They are a fierce species, capable of much. That is why we are allies

- The Kazalori Empire

What's wrong with fighting for fun? It's one of the best reasons TO fight, especially on vacations!

- Some random Fordan with too much spare time

They are good fighters and may prove valuable in the master plan....

- Captain Votarah
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