Dez dum. Rel dum. Pepz and thiccos sayz we Loronz iz daft, but dem Thur boyz are just dum as rocks. Dey might eat em if ya aint careful. Da Loronz know atleast ta stahp an' eitha shank some peepz, eat some pizza, or build some right flashy dakka. Thurs R dum enough to try all three at da sam time.

- Loron Mercenary Hhrit'Gutzar

The Thur are a veritable race that, uniquely, aren't really a species but more of a category of beings that bare enough biological similarities to be considered one species. Though differences appear in all of them, most Thurs have a few traits in common. They are amazingly stupid, with even Loron considering them thick headed. For two, they are ravenous beasts, eager to make a meal of anything that gets in their way. Three, they are powerful, enough to snap bone without issue and smash aside tanks with ease.

Unknown to all, the Thurs are strongly connected to the flows of Darkling energy. The shadowy pseudo-gods are deeply connected to the creation of the many Thur breeds, and continue to produce more, through some unknown means. While most Thurs are seen as simple pests until they join a Skordi or Loron band, many of the most dangerous fight among the Brotherhood's armies, legions and warhosts to further the death and destruction so common in the galaxy.

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Early Evolution Edit

Thurs are not a natural breed of creature, it's believed the Darklings behind their rise and creation, though this is difficult to pinpoint. While they are closely linked to the flows of essence and Autogenetic energy, it is unknown to what degree, as it is dangerous and highly difficult to study their flesh. What is known is Thurs appear wherever Essence flows strongly on a world, appearing from the earth itself to hunt beasts and make meals of anything that gets in their way.

Skordi Patrol

A group of Thurs assisting a platoon of Skordi Lead-Spitters.

Thurs are, despite their great strength, considered nothing more then a pest to be dealt with by local planetary forces and militia that encounter them, and many will cause some damage, though can be brought to heel with sufficient force. However, the most dangerous ones are those that join Skordi and Loron Warbands and privateer groups. Both are impressed by their amazing strength, and often hire them with promises of loot, food and the flesh of their many enemies.

Others, far more fearsome, join the Darkling Brotherhood's armies to fight and kill on their behalf, becoming super-powered, brutish mutants of prodigious strength and ravenous hunger. It is when they join these groups, is when the strength of the Thurs become highly dangerous war beasts, their strength leveraged against the forces of the many races of Mirus for their selfish gain.

Many Thurs of different breeds would come to join the Ironjawz Horde, a Loron-led Coalition of many power-hungry and brutish races united by their desires for slaughter and mayhem.

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Thurs are violent and bloodthirsty at even the best of times. Prone to hunting smaller creatures with make-shift clubs and hammers, or fighting any other aliens that get in their way. Thurs are prone to fighting amongst each other, reducing their threat to others, but, when packs of them gather under Loron, Skordi and Darkling banners, it is a fearsome sight to see, as they crush infantry and devour any in their way.

Despite all their strength, Thurs are incredibly stupid. Even a Loron looks down these subintelligent brutes, and it is not hard for them to get distracted, stop fighting in the middle of a battle to eat their foes, or simply wander off. This randomness makes them difficult to control or counter, for neither side will know what they plan next.

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Thurs are incredibly tall but rather lanky creatures, who display incredible strength and brutal power in their limbs and bodies, easily crushing and smashing through anything that gets in their way, and one of the few races to be able to over-power Skordi, and come close to Loron in terms of power. Another feature they boast, is incredible regeneration, allowing them to heal from almost anything. One can decapitate a Thur, and it will regrow it's head in a matter of days, with the more mutated Darklign Thurs able to do so in minutes.

Their prodigious appetites are possibly a result of this, and because of their propensity for eating anything, their stomach acids are notably very powerful, able to digest and break down anything, even metal. They do suffer one great weakness, in that, for whatever reason, they require specialized gastrolipids o help break down certain things, often swallowing large stones to help them break down food. It's believed this eating habit lead to the creation of the Stone Thur subspecies.

Thurs can vomit up their stomach acids at a moment's notice, using it as a weapon to melt through vehicles, and reduce enemy infantry into deformed, smoking blobs of putrid flesh and bone.

Because of their body, Thurs are especially sensitive to changes in Essence around their environments, leading to many mutations and changes in biology all around them.

One of the most notable elements of the Thurs, is for some to devour other Thurs, and gain their traits the more they eat them over time. As such, an Ice Thur that makes a habit of eating Forest, Lava or other Thurs may take on their traits as well, and combine their intelligence as well. These Jarl Thurs are thankfully rare, but happen just enough to lead throngs of their kin in rampages across the galaxy, working for the malefic powers of the Darklings, the Rock-obsessed Loron bands, and the pillaging Skordi, making use of their strange and varied powers, and horrific intelligence, to conquer all swaths of worlds and create whole empires for their kin.

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That which can be gifted by the Gods to one, can be gifted to another. I refused to believe I will be a single mind among a horde of blunt instruments.

  • Name - Krogg
  • Position - King of Thurs, Lord of the Ice Age
  • Species - Dark Thur
  • Affiliation - Brotherhood of Darklings.

Krogg, The Thur King, is the Strongest of the Thurs encountered by the forces opposed to the Thurs. Krogg was once a normal Dark Thur, a creature hungry and mindless for flesh and battle. He was once battling a group of Mendel, when one took his head off with a well-placed claymore to the neck. Krogg's body lumbered and spasmed about, lurching into a cave, as his head regrew itself, before Krogg rose up once more, his head returned, but his intelligence tripled. He returned to the Thurs there, and rallied them to his cause, Krogg leading them to overwhelm the Mendel, and take the world for themselves. Krogg, as he gained infamy, had more and more heroes march to try and destroy him, from Mendel Warchiefs, Zarbanian warriors, Gardeili Crusaders and others tried to slay the beast, only for him to slaughter them and devour their corpses.

Krogg sits upon a throne of primitive rock and chewed bone, commanding a tribe of madmen, mutants, and various massive beasts, declaring himself King of the Thurs, and the Lord of the Ice Age. Desperate for not only the favor of the Gods, Krogg also seeks others of his kind that equal or come close to his intelligence. Krogg, in his quest, gathers a tribe of various beasts and hellspawn to bring about the eternal Ice Age to rule the other races in misery and midnight.

Krogg is a patient, brutal leader, his warriors following him for his strength, and his grim determination is equaled by few. His intelligence enables him to plan and coordinate on a level beyond the other Thurs. He is partially protective of hte Thurs, wishing for them to become a great empire of their own, but partially irritated with them for being so unintelligent and dimwitted.

Krogg is the smartest Thur to not be a Jarl Thur.

Perish such thoughts from your head fool. I have had my feel of meat tonight from your companions. You may enjoy life a little longer, if you tell me things I want to hear. Tell me of the goings-on in the galaxy. Tell me where I may find the Loron.

  • Name - Ugjjog
  • Position - Thur leader, King the Dank Rivers
  • Species - River Thur
  • Affiliation - His own.

The others bring lights. Bright lights, terrible lights. I don't much care for them. If I crush enough not only do the lights go away, but the spike-covered beasts give me more meat, mead and treasure then I know what to do with. Though I hate it, the surface and the others still have a use. For now.

  • Name - Morrgoth
  • Position - Thur Leader, Cave Haunter
  • Species - Cave Thur
  • Affiliation - Skordi

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Notes Edit

  • Thurs are based on Trolls, specifically from Warhammer Fantasy Lore, but also take inspiration from Nordic believes, while their name comes from an alternative name for Troll or Jotun in Norse believes.
    • The Forest Thurs were based on a fan creation for a Warhammer Troll mod for Throgg.
    • Recess, Waste and Coral Thurs were based on suggestions and ideals put forward by Gorzill (TalkContributionsE-mail).
    • The Jarl Thur is based on suggestions and ideas from Hachi.

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