The Thellirian are a race hailing and native to the Tigris Galaxy before its destruction by the Xhodocto during the War of Ages. Former members of the Cianju Alliance, they joined the migration but were relocated after the Typhon-Class test trials, a time ship of Rambo Nation. Now their planet lies in the Unclaimed Territories of Quadrant 82, sending a ripple of disorder through the once peaceful and kind society.

The Thellirian are known for their culture, their love for art and music and their celebrations that often involve heavy drinking and a lot of eating.


The Thellirian are bipedal green and yellow skinned reptillian creatures. Their anatomy allows them to climb trees in search of food and to swim in search of fish or shells. With a love for tropical and warm places, their home world gives what they desire, massive seas and islands where the various Thellirian societies can live in harmony and peace.

A Thellirian fishing in a canoe near an isle

Most of their kin are friendly, always searching for food, water or enjoying their lives at the islands, some have darker motives and are known criminals or causing civil unrest. They are often shunned. The more richer and traditional Thellirian live in massive cities, full of culture and art while those that shunned the ancient traditions and wish to live in a more modern society were banished from the cities and often live in slum houses at smaller islands, surviving by fishing and searching for food at the various islands.

Due to their biology and anotamy, the Thellirian are most active at day, while they sleep at night to recover and rest. The Thellirian are often described as bards and diplomats, preffering to stay out of galactic conflicts.

The Thellirian love their nature and local wildlife, taking great care of it. They even managed tame the Cammedarius, who they often use as mount or pack animal.


Early History[]

Thelliria, the tropical home world of the Thellirian

The Thellirian race found its foundations millions of years ago at Thelliria, a tropical planet located in the south of the Tigris Galaxy. Over time, one dominant race arised, the Thellirian. The warm and tropical planet gave the Thellirian an often relaxed attitude and had little conflict in their growth to become a civilization. The Thellirian became experts in fishing and climbing trees in search of food, eventually they also build cities near the volcanic islands and learned how to build boats for travel and canoes for fishing.

Somewhere in their history, the first planetary war broke out, something only referred to as the "War of Pain" that almost decimated their civilization. The remaining Thellirian changed their way of living and brought harmony and peace to the planet under the guidance of King Thelliam I, the first of the dynasty that brought forth the Thellirian Kingdom. Even since, the Thellirian remained living in their cities, explored their planets and managed to launch their first space ship around 852 BQF, though took a policy of isolation to prevent the attention of aggressive nations.

Around 50 BQF, King Thelliam the V and his priests found signs that heralded the coming of a cataclysm that would destroy the Thellirian civilization. To prevent such an event, Thelliam V ordered his kin and defense force to go beyong their borders in search of other civilizations. During their explorations, they met with both the Civatron, who resembled ancient statues who the Thellirian believed to be "Guardians" and the crusaders of the stars, Rambo Nation from whom they learned that the Congregation was threatening the Tigris Galaxy. Opening diplomatic talks and meetings, the Thellirian slowly entered the local political climate, though developed hostile relations with the HarbronrSaurien.

Tigris War[]

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King Thelliam V, the ruler over the Thellirian at the time of the Tigris War

Sadly, in 21 BQF the Tigris War broke out and plunged the Tigris Galaxy in a devastating war. While the Congregation mostly targeted the Cianju Alliance and Rambo Nation, the Thellirian remained out of the conflict for years, but suffered problems with trade and commerce that they just had begun with others. One of their heroes at that time was captain Thellmstrong, who fought at the front lines to protect the interesst of the Kingdom. After the fall of the Rambo bastion Ramirith and the subsequent impending defeat of their Tigris Colonial Sector, the Thellirian sought protection by the Civatron and became members of the Cianju Alliance. Sadly the Tigris War was won by the Congregation and the galaxy destroyed by their masters, the Xhodocto. Losing their home world, the surviving Thellirian joined the Civatron and their allies to other planes of excistence and vanished from the galaxy and began living under the watchful eye of the The Krassio.

Relocation to the Quadrant Galaxies[]

Walls of Thelliria City upon the return of the Thellirian in Quadrant 82!

During the 8th month of 07 AQF, a Rambo Nation time ship, the Typhon-Class had her maiden voyage and test trail under command and supervision of captain Shivrt and rear-admiral Ramnenia Ramfrozen caused a massive time anomaly that saw the return of Ramirith and the Tigris Colonial Sector, including some other planets that were once in Tigris before their destruction relocated to the unclaimed territories of the Quadrant Galaxies. The people at Thelliria suddenly were brought back while they all had prepared for their doom and the coming flames of destruction. This new turn in their lives saw a ripple of disorder through the normally peaceful society of Thelliria.

Their new monarch, King Thelliam VI, the son of the former king has difficulties keeping his people together as some see this change as a second change, wanting to modernise and shed off their ancient and traditions. The ones living in the cities refused and banished those who wanted to see change to the isle, where they now live in slum houses and in poverty, surviving only by fishing and searching the other isles for food. One of the main stronghold of these "heretics" is Volcano Isle, led by former bounty hunter Thellma.

At the second of january in 08 AQF, the Thellirian were placed under control of the Hutter Kingdom after they invaded Thelliria. The Kingdom at once began plundering the natural resources of Thelliria for their conquest plans and used many Thelliria as laborers.


Ship Classes[]

Thellirian Cruiser
Thellirian Cruiser

The Thellirian Cruiser is a small cruiser hailing from the Thellirian Kingdom and is the main ship of the Kingdom, used for exploration, defense and as cargo freighter. The ships are part of the Royal Defense Force and are stationed in orbit or in the massive hangar at Thelliria City.

The Cruisers are equipped with heavy weaponery and shields, are able to achieve warp speed of 5 and have an approximate length of 26 meters. They need a crew completement ranging from 2 to 6 personnel.


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