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The Theleam are a bird-mammalian race, and members of the Union Republic of Ottzello and New Cyrannian Republic. In URO, they are associated mostly with the Ioketa, being among the few races to live in tribal villages outside of the cities. They serve roles primarily as diplomats.



The Theleam were a race that came from planet Thel. A bird race, they eventually adapted to a land environment, and evolved to sapience. They also grew a fairly strong republic, and were very peaceful.

Trucinex and Intergalactic wars[]

Around 1 BTC, the Theleam had partial involvement in the Trucinex War. As they had been long allies of the Capricorn Sector Alliance, they fought against the Trucinex. While in general not an aggressive species, that had traded some weaponry with others, and were good soldiers. They mostly helped CSA and Rambo Nation forces.

Later, in the Intergalactic War, the Theleam Republic was about to change a lot. With the threat of the Cognatus Alliance, the Theleam Republic were one of the nations to join the Capricorn Sector Alliance in the United Republic of Cyrannus. However, several of the Theleam had been cut of from the main Republic before joining in the early months. These Theleam retreated to their furthest colonies. These colonies, however, were ones that the Theleam had taken during the Trucinex War...

The Trucinex had abandonned their zealous ways, but due to the past conflict, tensions were fairly high, although they did decrease. The Theleam outside the URC did not do much, until the Great Cyrannus War...

Great Cyrannus War[]

During the Great Cyrannus War, the Theleam were attacked by the Trucinex for being on the side of the United Republic, while the Trucinex were in the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Later, when the Unified Nation of Ottzello attacked the Trucinex Clonial Sector, during Distant Relatives, they absorbed the Theleam, and mutated them with nanomachines, giving them The System. In the aftermath of the Great Cyrannus War, when the United Republic was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the URC Theleam, when they predicted this event, all escaped to the Unified Nation, except some, who were attached to their planets. These were left to their non-sapient tribal ways, outside of the Galactic Empire's cities, due to an agreement between UNO and the Empire.

Later years[]

Many Theleam later joined the Union Republic of Ottzello when it formed.



Theleam are a mammalian-bird race, with arms like a mammals, but aside from that, are birdlike in appearance.


Theleam operate as a group mind. In UNO, their consciousness was added together as a group mind with the rest of UNO under The System. However, under URO, and Cyrannian governments, their consciousness simply functions on its own.

The Theleam have a prehistoric-like religion, in that they believe in spirits. They see the Vyro'Narza and Oikoumene - who have been theorized to be involved in their evolution - as spirits who command their lives. They will, as a result, often perform rituals. For example, if an enemy is approaching, they will often fly circles in the sky and sing in manners of fear, asking the spirits for protection, before diving down to their positions. If there is cause for celebration, they do the same, but thanking the spirits for protecting them.

The Theleam do not communicate with mouths as humans do, instead, they talk with their minds. They do this by transmitting thoughts by sending pheromones containing coded information, both inside and outside the mind. They are a very advanced mind, and surprisingly good at debates and diplomacy for what was thought to be a primitve species.


Theleam within URO are normally using general URO equipment, weaponry and armour.


The Theleam have achieved abilities that were previously thought only capable with essence. The mian one is that they can spit fire. They do this by mixing methane they produce (and otherwise excrete) with oxygen they breathe. They produce methane by eating grass and plant materials; the rest is a similar way to how cows produce methane.



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