Does it matter where we came from? No, it doesn't. Should we forget our past? Absolutely not. What matters is what we do from now on.

- Theian Philosopher

Theians (Thalidi: Thei-ar, meaning childran of Thei) are a race of supersapient aliens originating from the distant future who had evacuated to the present day. They are lithe and bizarre hummanoid creatures posessing a communal mindset, advanced technology and super-sapient intelligence. The phrase "At the fundamental level, organic and mineral become one" lies at the heart of their technological philosophy to create their renowned bio-synthetic technology.

What sets theians apart from most species is the machine-organic synergy they display. While other aliens might replace organic tissue, Theians will use biosynthetics to enhance theri body's capabilities to reach levels on-par with other cybernetic lifeforms.


Theians are slim humanoid creatures, their skin feels like latex and glistens with an violet tint. They posses two hearts in the chest cavity along with having oval-shaped blood cells instead of the circular cells found in other species. As mammals they give birth to live young after a seven-month gestation period. Offspring grow and develop quickly, hit puberty at eight years old and reach adulthood after fourteen years.

A distinguishing feature they have is the elongated head which houses a large and advanced brain. Their eyes are capable of seeing into the ultraviolet spectrum and certain patterns used by Theians are only visible under UV light. Eyelids are a layer of skin 3mm thick and close laterally. At either side of the base of the neck are holes that act as nostrils. The fact these nostrils connect directly to the trachea in the core body means that they highly resistant to choking by constricting the neck. Theians have naturally small frames compared to other gigaquadrant species, rarely reaching any taller than 1.8 metres. Their skeletons are wrapped in sinuous cybernetically-enhanced muscle that at a default state provides three times more power than in an unmodified human.

The brain works in a different way than in other species; They are capable of shutting off certain functions, allowing them to dedicate this spare matter to other cognative functions. All Theians possess a symbiotic microbe Ravoliform - a microbe culture that extends the nervous system by binding within the walls of the bloodstream and greatly increases cognitive ability. The result of advanced technology and this symbiosis is that they bear some degree of postsapient intelligence, which is often enhanced further by nanites. Theian DNA contains eight distinct base nucleotides as opposed to four and their bodies contain a vastly greater variety of proteins as a result. Theian blood contains haemocyanin and is coloured blue in the arteries, the main blood cells are an oval shape allowing them to better-retain water. Combined with their more waxy skin their bodies retain water better and need to consume only 1.2 litres of water per day.

All Theians are doted with some measure of psychic ability and it is common practice for them to use it in their daily lives. Theian voices are gargly and nasally in tone but the tone ranges from a high pitched squeal to a gruff bass tone.


All theians possess biomechanical cybernetic implants and nanomachines within their bodies, a product of centuries of prior development, Theians use their implants to achieve a communal mentality, group mind and various other aumentations.

Augmentation involves using nanorobots enhancing the cell interiors with biomechnical nanoscale technology. Because the nanobots are programmed to be hereditery, all theians possess a wide range of ehanced traits and abilities including:

  • enhanced brain processing power
  • Enhanced and controlled strength (anywhere between 3-50x original Theian strength)
  • Theoretical immortality
  • Immunity to most diseases
  • Telepathy

Another key trait is that Theians can use their augmented nervous systems in conjunction with stored energy in their cells and blood sugar to power small devices through skin contact. Several electronics devices are designed to interface via skin contact, using the user's brain as an interfacing and computing medium but this is only possible if the user has the appropriate implants.


Theians are typically quick thinking, immersive creatures who have a deep passion for scientific progression. They are often known to think before throwing themselves into risky decisions (due to the nature of their brain these periods of thinking may seem quick but any one of them will tell you they have thought about it considerably).

In stark contrast to this they have been known to become obsessive on certain projects and will always demand for meticulous detail, retreating into labs and workshops for hours at a time. While they do speak in an understandable pace they are known for trailing off into something akin to rapid-fire jabbering when deep in thought.

Theians never see relationships as a permenant thing and views on marriage are very relaxed to the point where divorce is considered a positive sign that partners wish to move on. Theians value intelligence, personality and general health as markers for romantic interest rather than physical beauty. Common methods of apprasial involve embracing these aspects of a person. They consider being attracted to someone just for their looks is a form of vanity that is to be frowned on however they have nothing against looking appealing.


Theians on the planet Thei within the Milky Way Galaxy. With the first ancestors energing from the waters of the planet's oceons some 0.8 billion years ago. At some unknown point in their evolutionary history they developed a symbiotic bond with the Ravoliform microbe. Historians believe that it is this symbiosis that kick-started their emergence as sapients. Sapient Theians existed as tribes since 350,000AD but there was archaeological evidence of sapients as far as 280,000AD. By 480,000AD they developed their first cities and spread across their home planet, developing a society until launching their first spaceships in 510,000AD. While there was a 'cold war' of sorts during their early space phase the megastates collapsed and the corporations took over. After a century of governance the corporations dissolved from economic collapse to form the Theian Dominion, ruled as a meritocracy rather than by corporations or the common people. Theian society prospered as a result of this new government and this gave birth to the deep-seated reliance on specialists in all fields and the desire for progress.

For the next 85,000 years the Theians developed an extensive galactic empire and modified themselves with genetics, biotechnology and cybernetics to enhance themselves. This development extended lifespans considerably from 45 in their information era to potentially 300 at their apex. Their brainpower was boosted considerably with the aid of brain-enhancing cybernetics. Eventually they discarded the notion of replacing body parts in favour of enchancing the tissue itself with the now-popular biosynths. Compared to their industrial age ancestors modern theians have enhanced strength, agility, reflexes and proccessing power without externally looking like a mix of organic and machine.

In 601,285AD an unknown event triggered the mass evacuation of their empire to various arks. The occupants of the TEA Alvaleth emerged in the year 2786AD. The ark plotted a course for the Bunsen Galaxy's Beta cluster. Compared to the Dominion's previous numbers the survivors aboard the Alvaleth were but a small fraction and some believe that other arks may have existed.


Theian culture focuses on appreciating progress and development of both mind and body. Food is appreciated for how beneficial it is to the body rather than the care taken into making the food look appealing (probiotic yohgurts and nutritional foods are very popular in theian society).

This is very different when it comes to other design philosophies. Appeal is appreciated in simplicity and a natural feel rather than baroque styles with curves and smooth surfaces being the prime design factor dominating both architecture and commercial products. Angles and corners are considered ugly and basic. Even military technology has aslo adopted this design philosophy.

Visual and performing arts focus on electronic media, e-books are the primary form of literature while film and television dominate the visual. Music videos and electronic audio are the preferred styles throughout theian society although the practice of instruments remains as a minority


Theians are atheistic, believing that any and all 'gods' that ever existed are simply hyperadvanced aliens whose technology is simply beyond the understanding of those they encounter. They frown on cultures that mark respect of such entities with prayer and worship, citing it as a waste of time that could be spent on other pursuits. Theians are fascinated with new technology and understanding the universe - believing that uniting technology and biology is the way forward - and their society as a whole aspires to become one of the godraces; beliving that in reaching this level of power only then can truly understand the nature of reality and one day share such wisdom across the universe. They believe this is something all races should work to become.


Quotes from others[]

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I thought they died...

- Tahar Collective

Lets just hope that whatever they were fleeing from doesn't follow their leave.

- SSA Report

We have high respect for their unshakable pride in their beliefs, but unfortunately some of our more zealous allies do not feel the same. We pray our peoples should not go to war, but for the moment, nothing more than trade relations is feasible.

- The Rizin Kingdoms

They technologicly enhance themselves with little to no visual effect? We'll have to contact them and see if they will share their tech.

- Commander Isando of the Isawyelte Nation, shortly before his death in Operation: Cold

They have successfully combined life with non-life, though not to the effect we would desire. Still what they know should be ours for our next creations! I hope they will not mind a little testing perhaps? Or a sharing of knowledge?

- Druid Luth'kk of the Nakeimato


  • The origin of this creature dates back to late-2008, where it existed in name only.
  • Theians share their name with a protoplanet that impacted the Earth an estimated 4.5bln years ago.
  • The idea of the Ravoliform was imspired by the properties of mitochondria.
  • Theians are currently Monet47's most biologically intricate species in an attempt to make them more 'alien'


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