The Glorx are a little similar as The Grox, they have the same resources as The Grox have but those resources are coloured different.

The Glorx StoryEdit

The Glorx have destoryed a few Sentinent Species in the Galaxy that has been trying to orbit into their Colonies They've also don't even tell any Empire in the Galaxy what ticks them off like The Grox.

The Bard Personality Empire's think that The Glorx are also no fun at all like The Grox. The Warrior and Knight Emipre's think that The Glorx are more Challenged as The Grox. The glorx are no good to become an Alliance to you, because soon they'll betrayed you like they getting you into a trap.


3 Billion years ago-An Asteroid hits on Planet Vapore in the Caltan System, from the meteor's of the Asteroid flow in Vapore's Water and the Meteor's emerged the new Cell's called The Glorx Cell.

2.32 Billion years ago-The Glorx Cell has has grown out a tiny Brain, then formed Legs, then start living on dry land and they're known as The Glorx for now on.

2 Billion years ago-The Glorx has formed Armsand start living on New nest's on the Planet.

1.109 Billion years ago-The Glorx have first time seen a UFO flying around in Vapore.

1 Billion years ago-The Glorx have gotten One Hundred percent Smarter.

500 Million years ago-The Glorx has became a Tribe.

231 Million years ago-The Glorx Tribe Conquered 5 other Tribes.

100 Million years ago-The Glorx Tribe killed an Epic Creature.

50 Million years ago-The Glorx Tribe conquered 15 other more Tribes.

15 Million years ago-An Ice age has freezed out in Planet Vapore and The Glorx Tribes get safe inside of Caves and wait for the Ica age to Melt.

300,000 years ago-The Ice age cause a Melt down and The Glorx Tribes are now free out of Vapore.

100,000 years ago-The Glorx Tribes has now build their first Civilization Military City in Vapore they've named it Drakon. And build the first Land Vehicle for Military needs.

95,000 years ago-Another City has been formed in Vapore.

92,500 years ago-The Glorx Nation builds an army of Military land Vehicles to Capture the Second City in Vapore.

90,000 years ago-The Glorx Nation Captured the Second City in Vapore and now their Nation will start to grow bigger. And Eight more Cities are being formed in Vapore most of the other Cities were Religiou.

75,000 years ago-The Glorx Nation build Sea Military Vehicles.

72,000 years ago-The Glorx Nation have build the Military Air Vehicles for Combat to Capture Other cities on other Lands on Vapore.

65,000 years ago-The Glorx Nation have now own Five Cities in Vapore.

50,000 years ago-One of the Cities from the Glorx Nation was under attack by an Epic Creature.

45,000 years ago-In The Glorx Nations a Glorx Scientist named Hiqrossro Xangloews discovers the Other planets in their Solar System. And The Glorx nation has now own Six Cities.

30,000 years ago-The Glorx Nation has Captured their Ninth City of the year.

24,000 years ago-All of the cities have been captured by The Glorx Nation.

15,000 years ago-The Glorx have now reached into Space, and found some Grox resources in the Planet to build The Grox Vehicles like Grox Grumbler, Oceanic Grox, and Groxoplane. And The Grox UFO Grox. But The Glorx paint them different and named them different.

10,000 years ago-The Glorx have Colonized 15 Planets and Destroyed an Alien Empire.

8,500 years ago-The Glorx Empire killed 5 more Empire's and Colonixed 45 more Planets.

7,500 years ago-The Glorx Empire destroyed 8 more Empire's, Colonized 150 more Planets, and invented new Weapons for their Spaceships.

5,000 years ago-The Glorx Empire have first Contacted The Grox Empire, Killed 4 more Empire's, and Colonized 500 more Planets.

2,500 years ago-The Glorx Empire Terraformed all of their 500 Colony Planets.

Now the Present year The Glorx now have 1,000 Planets, Killed 2 more Empire's, and made protection for their Colonies.

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