The Tentekh (Tentaculus sp.) were two species of omnivorous cephalopoids native to the Girdo Galaxy, both sharing a common ancestor in the archecoid (T. primigenius), a telepathic Taukappan predator.

History Edit

Out of the two species, only the Taukappans (T. taukappaensis) evolved from the archecoids on their eponymous homeworld, where they later founded the Girdo Empire. The other species, the Armoured Tentekh'l (T. scutus), descends from archecoids placed on the planet Novemeshk in a neighbouring star system as part of a terraforming effort by an unknown civilisation around 5 million BC.

The Taukappans' history was dominated by a multi-millennium period of conflict between two civilisations, the Apalosian Empire and the Kingdom of Emeshk, beginning circa 3300 BC and ending in AD 1660 with an Imperial victory. Meanwhile, the people of Novemeshk (named by the Apalosians after the defeated kingdom) maintained a peaceful singular group mind throughout its entire pre-contact history, although never developed much advanced technology on their own. When the Apalosian Empire developed interstellar travel in 2654, the tribes of the Armoured Tentekh'l were rapidly assimilated into the Taukappan group mind, and from then on, the history of the two Tentekh species was forever intertwined.

Biology and Appearance Edit

Although the Taukappans maintained a policy of mystery around their appearance, it can be surmised that they resembled the Armoured Tentekh'l, with the main difference presumably being that the Taukappans lacked the thick shell-like mantle armour possessed by their relatives. This, at least, applies to the Taukappans' natural appearance: after a thousand years as digital beings, they may have chosen completely different physical avatars in which to manifest.

If these similarities did hold true, the general appearance of the Tentekh was that of a cephalopoid with six prehensile limbs. The main body consisted of an upright mantle with a forward-facing head attached to the lower end. The four legs emerged from a single pair of thighs which attached to the sides of the mantle, while the pair of arms and eyestalks surrounded the radially-symmetric mouth at the very front of the head.

The Tentekh both had telepathic abilities, but these were much stronger in the Taukappans, who had a weak collective consciousness; similarly, neither had many natural weapons despite being the descendants of apex predators, having lost them during their evolutionary transition to an agricultural society.

Society and Culture Edit

The Taukappans' spacefaring society was originally that of their Knightly Apalosian Empire, but after the Scientist Armoured Tentekh'l were incorporated into their group mind, this identity started to weaken, a process that continued with its conquests of other species until it had the whole of Girdo under its control.

Before becoming an interstellar empire, Tentekh societies were egalitarian group minds, although often with a figurehead as a central source of authority. The assimilation of many other species into the Girdo Empire's group mind did not necessarily weaken this, but it did result in additional layers of administration being brought in to manage imperial affairs.

Notable Indivduals Edit

Notable Taukappans in the Girdo Empire include Emperor Ghelax Dreyk and Commander Iilfertu, the latter of whom led one of the four fleets under the command of Commodore Bracheps during the First One Campaign. Meanwhile, notable Armoured Tentekh'l include Commodore Theta of the starship Explorer and Ambassador Ten'Trantia, both of whom served as diplomatic staff in the Quadrant Galaxies.

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