You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

- Terminalus Radeon

The Ottzelloan Radeon, best known as the Temporalus Radeon, are Radeon who have lived in Ottzello, and are members of the Union Republic of Ottzello. Associated largely with the Ioketa as a 'wise Essence race', the Radeon are mostly responsible for research into Essence, though they play other parts in URO's culture, bringing old Radeon culture with them.



Radeons who would later join UNO were former Dei'Ar Theocracy Radeons, who have left on Verezaphian Worldships when they were overwhelmed by undead Zazane instead of fleeing. They engaged in guerilla warfare, using remaining uncorrupted resources to survive and liberating the small parts of worldships. However, most of these braves were murdered and converted into undead by Zazane - the only remaining resistance was left on the capital of the Dei'Ar - Aranexi.

After realising that they were alone, these Radeons, led by the only remaining Radeon fleet commander, Lupercal, became darkly determined, knowing that they have nothing to lose anyway. One by one, Moxix lost parts of the artificial planet to the guerillas. Simultaneously, allies were fighting Moxix outside the world, and with them Moxix's grip on his undead was loosening. Eventually, Aranexi was liberated, but the corruption of undead was deep, worldship's main functions ruined with it beyond repair and soil rendered sterile and lifeless. In horror, the Radeons have realised that they have won only to be left on the dead world with no way to survive or escape... until an orange spaceship arrived on the planet, from Unified Nation of Ottzello.

These were Telzoc refugees who told UNO about the Radeons left on Aranexi, and now these Radeons have decided to move to Ottzello now. These Radeons shared their philosophy, and continued their ideas that anything imperfect needed to be destroyed. During the Third Ottzello Galactic War, they served as soldiers fighting mostly the Hostile Xenoform Threat, seeing its mindless, all-devouring nature as the grave threat to the Radeons' path of enlightenment and order.


Living on Chronoscopic planets, their bodies quickly adapted to the environments, and they became Chronoscopic-able beings. This also altered their religion; they became Blyronist, rather than Spodeist, meaning they had new beliefs. Blyronism, however, is similar to the current Viatorism, the Radeons' current religion.

When the Unified Nation was destroyed, the Radeon joined the Ottzelloans in the Union Republic of Ottzello.



The Radeon biology and physiology is similar to the original Radeon; they are fairly strong humanoid creatures. They are improved, however, by the Essence sciences of Ottzello's world.


Ottzelloan Radeon are the most religious race in UNO, and became more so after the Telzoc left, and their roles in UNO's society are normally related to Blyronism religious practices, which they are among the main practicioners of. The Radeon live in ordinary UNO cities.


Radeon are capable of performing Chronoscopic and Dark Chronoscopic thanks to their adaptation to Ottzello worlds, which are made of the Chronoscopic Essence. Like other species, they need training in order to achieve their full (or any) potential.


In URO, all species have cybernetic implants and compatibility from birth, thanks to nanotechnology. The Radeon's attachment is a holographic display, which is used often for presentation. It is often featured within their religious ceremony.

Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
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