The Telzoc are a highly religious species, who once claimed to be Spode worshippers of the old Ottzello Galaxy, but were in fact puppets (and worshippers) of the Vyro'Ralza from birth; only Telzoc not born of a puppet Telzoc, or a cloned Telzoc, could be free. The free Telzoc are members of the Union Republic of Ottzello or The Divinarium; the puppet Telzoc have historically been members of the Blyro'Tralzorca. The Telzoc are led by Zelfron, but free Telzoc led by his clone Zelfron II (of the Divinarium), and Zelfron III (of UNO).



The Telzoc were created by the Vyro'Ralza, as their cultists. However, they hid their identity by becoming Spode followers. They were, in fact, brought up as Spode followers from young ages, until later the Vyro'Ralza's puppetry of them kicked in. The result of this was that Telzoc could appear as genuine Spode followers, but were in fact deadly.

The Telzoc Empire became Ottzello's strongest empire. They followed Spode more than any other species, and spread the religion throughout the galaxy. Telzoc prophets, as well as heroes, became well loved in the galaxy. There were rogue Telzoc empires at the time, mainly of telzoc with different religious views, but they were defeated or converted.

Zargoth's insurrection[]

A Telzoc dictator, Emperor Zargoth, who took over the Empire, wished to make all slaves from renegade Telzoc Empires sacrifices as well, in addition to several other harsh laws! As a reulst the OIA (Ottzello Intelligence Agency) hired several assasins and spies to try to kill him. All failed. Then, one wandering space explorer, Zelfron the Great, attacked and defeated Zargoth. But he lived on as a cyborg...

Zelfron has since become the greatest space captain around, saving millions of galaxies and empires. He has become a source of hope for the dystopian galaxy.

Second Ottzello Galactic War[]

The Telzoc began the war losing planets fast and were in a desperate position, many heroic figures were falling, bringing the darkest days for the Telzoc.

Sadly, Telzoc Empire was crushed by the Kralgons, Tokzhalan and Daleks. Only a few survivors roamed the universe

Joining the Radeon[]

The defeated Telzoc wandered the universe in search of help. The Telzoc found another empire with similar views: the Radeon, the most famous Spode followers in the galaxy, and were very happy to join.


Suring the Third Ottzello Galactic War, the United Nations of Ottzello had a new plan; to grow the alliance much larger. A small government alliance was made, known as UNOL- United Nations of Ottzello Leaders. It was composed of Valzo, a renowned Galot captain; Halto, the former Galot Republic president; Thotis, the Ottzel Emperor; Emp-Ottz, the Ottzelloan Grox emperor; and Bigklo, the Inalton leader. Emp-Ottz was the main brains behind the lot, and he was calculating who UNO would need next. After narrowing down and eliminating many options, he came to the conclusion that, in order for UNO to survive strong, they'd need the Telzoc back. Their ability to keep control and gain leadership over others made them able to spread their religion, and would be valuable in keeping UNO together.

The Telzoc were also able to hold their own; had it not been for their early defence against the huge might of the Kralgon Invasion Force and their allies, UNO wouldn't have existed, as Ottzello's inhabitants would have been crushed. UNO sent a small force to look for the Telzoc. They had since joined the Dei'Ar Theocracy, and Zelfron had become a fleet commander. But the Dei'Ar Theocracy had been destroyed, so UNO's fleet managed to recover several Telzoc refugees, who had been looking for a place to settle. After some diplomacy, it was decided that the Telzoc would return to UNO.

UNO became the Unified Nation of Ottzello, as its members became a single nation.

New age[]

The Telzoc, mysteriously, disappeared from Ottzello, and were lost for 2 months. Later, during the Singularity Opposition, the Dark Chronoscopic AI of the Timespace caused disruption for UNO.

When several Heeyorian agents infiltrated the AI's interior, they found 7 Telzoc operating it. The Telzoc shockingly revealed that they were in fact Zargoth's agents, and they simply pretended to worship Spode and his religion just to prevent Ottzello from learning of the Vyro'Narza as their creators. It also explained why Zargoth's first form was a Telzoc, and why his worst enemy- Zelfron- was a Telzoc; that way, no one would suspect the Telzoc of any evil at all. The Heeyorian killed the Telzoc and shut the base down, but it all seemed too easy.

The Telzoc made a return in Da Rampage, and revived Kolossus. Some Telzoc, however, had their DNA collected by the Radeon, meaning that they could be cloned back without the Vyro'Ralza's puppetry of them. The Radeon had Zelfron's DNA, and so, cloned him, as Zelfron II.

Today, the Telzoc reside in the Union Republic of Ottzello, the Divinarium, and the Cult of the Deathmarch.



Telzoc tend to look menacing, with several aggressive body parts, being one of the strongest creatures genetically. Telzoc have their own biology, but in fact are puppets of the Vyro'Ralza. Genes that are not under Vyro'Ralzan control can only be acquired from cloning. However, if non-puppet Telzoc reproduce, they will be without the puppetry. The Telzoc are militaristic, due to their past.


Telzoc don't tend to have any special abilities, but are very efficient in combat. All Telzoc can use Chronoscopic-related powers, but some are better than others. They are incredibly strong fighters, being very tough and strong, although their toughness is greater.


Telzoc society has heavy Galot and now Radeon influences. Telzoc are very musical, and also enjoy sports as a past time. Telzoc society is very religious, and almost every aspect is influenced by Spode.

Old Telzoc used to speak Telzish, but this language has now been seen as a "dead language", as very few Telzoc use it. Radessic is the most common language, as it is spoken by the Dei'Ar Theocracy.

Religion is very important in all Telzoc societies. Telzoc were brought up to worship Spode from an early


The Telzoc used to inhabit a huge territory around their homeworld, Planet Telz, from Ottzello, but several now live in the Andromeda Galaxy in the The Divinarium. Telzoc habitats are dominated mostly by Telzoc. They are very peaceful places, while they aren't devoted to spode in every inch, it is considered very important to follow his traditions in a Telzoc habitat.

Currently they have habitats in the Divinarium, in Andromeda, and their own Vyro'Ralzan empire in the Borealis Galaxy.


Telzoc have advanced vehicles. They use reality-warping technologies for a FTL travel as opposed to Radeons' time-warping ones. Due to this, their ships, while more energy-using, are more manevrous and can be used as scout ships. As such, Telzoc contributed to Dei'Ar fleet.

They also use antigravitation technology a lot, much like Radeons. However, Telzoc antigravitation technology is different. Vehicles they do are slow yet strong, and used in defense and for civil transport.

Telzoc weapons mostly consist of common captain weaponry. But Telzoc weaponsmiths do exist. Telzoc weaponry mostly comes in the form of energy swords and machine guns. Telzoc soldiers are a supplement to the Radeon forces of the Dei'Ar theocracy, with different weaponry. They currently share weapons with UNO, with some influence from Radeon forces.



Telzoc as Vyro'Ralzan cultists with the Blyro'Tralzorca are puppet creatures that the Vyro'Ralza control. They worship the Vyro'Ralza, and can be controlled remotely by them. These Telzoc will grow up, taught as Spode cultists, but then their puppetry comes into effect, and they are no longer Spode cultists, but using this to hide their true allegiances. These Telzoc are the the Cult of the Deathmarch.

Free Telzoc[]

When cloned, a Telzoc can be created without the Vyro'Ralza puppetry. These free Telzoc often live as normal Spodists. Most of these Telzoc reside in The Divinarium, and the Unified Nation of Ottzello.



Your whole race seems very pointless to me. I do not have a need for zealots.

- Kolossus


- Predictor Advisor Zelfron II


  • This fiction is now owned by TheImperios and Technobliterator, both of whom contribute
  • The reason behind killing the Telzoc off was because Technobliterator felt there was no room for the ficton in Ottzello. They later found use: the Dei'Ar Theocracy
  • The name Telzoc was thought of by Technobliterator as the name of a village, which would be similar to Sandover Village from Jak and Daxter, however, Technobliterator had ran out of ideas for names of a creature when playing Spore, so simply used the name Telzoc
  • Originally, the Telzoc were not a religious species. They were the second creature ever created by Technobliterator, and weren't used in a game of spore, but were simply made when Technobliterator tried to create the perfect (stats wise) creature in the editor


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