We shall do our duty, and we shall do our best, for it is all we can, and were intended, to do.

- Feldosia

The Technobians were a race from Ottzello, and major member of Unified Nation of Ottzello. An all-female race, which is dissimilar to most races in the Universe, the Technobians were prominent in Ottzelloan society for both the right and the wrong reasons. The Technobians eventually were transformed genetically into the Galotians, which they had been originally.


Early history[]

When the Galotians were on the run, during the purging of the Blyro'Tralzica, mayn wanted to keep to their old ways, but did not want to be killed off. So when undergoing genetic transformation to survive, they removed their "Holy Gene" (or Chronoscopic Gene), and changed their appearance. The Technobians were back to square one, building up a civilization and technology up from scratch in a new world, but eventually forgetting all about their past.

The Technobian Empire[]

The Technobians spread across the galaxy very fast, and met other empires; the Ottzel, Galot and the Kralgon. Relations were fairly high with the Ottzel and galot, but not with the Kralgon. Rather, tensions grew between them. Several smaller empires neighbouring the Technobians fell quickly to the fearful Empire of the Kralgon. The Technobians attacked the Kralgon, which sparked a huge war between them.

Technobian-Kralgon War[]

In a brutal war between two super powers, the Empire of the Kralgon and the Technobians went to war, which improved both. The Kralgons had AI turret defences and space stations all over their space, so Technobian invasions were easily defended. Although the Kralgon soon saw the flaw in their lack of using Kralgon people in their starships and defences as the Technobians launched an EMP attack, which prevented the Kralgons from using their starships, and thus, the fleets were sitting ducks as they fell to Technobian invaders. So the Kralgons invented the idea of having more Kralgons in the bridge of the flagship, who will wireless connect to the immobile Kralgon ships and control them until they come back on-line. Kralgon ships will have back-up generators anyway, ones concealed in and hidden in the ship which take a portion of the solar power for the ship's overall energy. In the end, the war was over when the Kralgon's developped thermo nuclear weaponry. After ussing thes thrice to technobian planets, the technobians paid the Kralgons over 8 trillion sporebucks to call off the war, deciding that would more more expensive than sending in armies of troopers to fight the Kralgons only to later recover from losing colonies.

Later, during the First Ottzello Galactic War, the Kralgon sent 500 large fleets which decimated the Technobians. After this, they went into hidin, rebuilding as the Technobian Republic.

Currently, there are very few male Technobians left. In fact, the race is now seen a purely female, as an evolution meant that reproduction became asexual-females can fertilize their own eggs. Males are simply cloned after this evolution happened.

Perils of Ottzello[]

These were the times of the Perils of Ottzello.

Second Ottzello Galactic War

During the Second Ottzello Galactic War, the Technobians fought alongside the Allies, a they were oppressed by the Kralgon Invasion Force. The war hugely disrupted their rebuilding, and they were forced to join UNO.

Third Ottzello Galactic War

The Technobians became more prominent in UNO during the Third Ottzello Galactic War, in which they had to fight the New Kralgon Empire as well as a new threat, the Hostile Xenoform Threat.


In the Unified Nation of Ottzello, when the Ottzel became extinct, the Technobians took over as the 'main race' of UNO, being multi talented and all-rounder in many areas.

Later, during the Second Borealis Galactic War, the Tecnobians were merged with the Galot into Galotians again.



Technobians have an average physique, slightly greater than humans. However, compared to the rest of the species in Ottzello, that isn't very strong. Technobians are agile, fast, tough and strong, greater than the Galot but not quite as good as Ottzel. Technobians are also excellent swimmers and enjoy sporting activities.


The Technobians are a all-rounder species; they serve many different roles in UNO's society, and have various different personalities, which are more varied than most other UNO species.


Technobians are excellent at using Chronoscopic, much more so than any other Ottzelloan species. This is likely to do with their origins. Technobians make quite good soldiers, but not as good as Loron or Inalton. They are also good in vehicles.


Technobian society within UNO is mostly peaceful, although crimes aren't unheard of. This makes it second greatest to the Galot. Technobians are also excellent musicians; several of the most famous music producers, singers and rappers are Technobian. Technobian are seen to generally be the greatest singers in the universe, whereas their rappers are second greatest to the Loron. They also enjoy gaming and other activities in their spare time.


Technobians live within the Unified Nation of Ottzello.



The Technobian attachment, as all UNO members have an in-body generator, is a hologram projector from their forhead. This means the Technobian can project holograms, useful for presentations, stealth, and for entertainment purposes. They can plug information into the projector's memory and play it to others.


The Technobians contribute hugely to UNO's impressive vehicles, in particular ground vehicles. Their upgrades not only Chronoscopic-wise, but in speed and manoeuvrability, are excellent to UNO.


Prior to joining UNO, Technobian utilised Chronoscopic in their technology better than other races. Since their bodies contain more than other Ottzelloans, they can use them to essentially power the machine. Nowadays, Technobian's don't generaly contribute to the technology of UNO as much as the Kralgon.


The Technobians have contributed a great deal to UNO's weapons, in particular trooper blasters.



  • A creature that is seen as an avatar of Technobliterator, but doesn't represent the user in any way
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