What little difference does one life make. Within years your achievements and monuments will fade. Within decades you will be forgotten and within Centuries you will be nothing but dust.

- A Taxton Philosopher

Significance is only a matter of perspective.

- A Taxton Proverb

The Taxton, officially the Helios Confederation, is a nation of sentient reptilian species of that were once of the richest in the galaxy, located in the Milky Way Galaxy, in the Perseus Arm. The capital and home world of the Helios Confederation is Barres located in the Helios System. They had a huge amount of colonies in the Perseus arm at the height of their Empire, controlling almost all star systems between their homeworld and the Grox Empire. The Taxton's main source of income for their Empire is their firm grip on the vital trade routes in and out of the Perseus arm, as they control the only possible route (within the Perseus arm) for trade with the other arms (The Grox Included) of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Taxton are one of the few races to align themselves with the Grox Empire relying on the Grox Fleet for most of their history for military protection, it is unknown how this Alliance benefits the Grox. A side effect of this Alliance and the Taxton's position in the Perseus arm, has made the Taxton a sort of buffer zone left life in the Perseus arm realtivly unscaved by the Grox Empire.

A Ascended Taxton

Early Taxton History[]

Taxton Evolution

The Taxton evolved from a single-celled organism till they grew to a multi-celled organism which would evolved to a small fish-like creature. But that wasn't enough so somebody decided they should hit the beach. This creature known as Colestar