The Tajakeon are a Pterosaur race native to the Quadrant Galaxies, inhabiting an area south of the Rambo Capital, isolated by an asteroid belt the Tajakeon believe crossing it as an act of herasy. Their name is loosely translated in their own langauge as "the old ancients" and the "first of all". The Tajakeon are easily recognised by their large head-crests on their heads, their large wings they use for flight and their xenophobic nature against all who come from beyond the asteroid belt.


The Tajakeon are a sentient Pterosaur race, who inhabit an area south of the asteroid belt in the southern edges of Quadrant 82. Living in isolation and being the dominant species within the Belt, the Tajakeon formed the Quadrantia Stellar Concordium, their kingdom that enforces order and peace upon others if the parliament desires it.

The Tajakeon are dark brown colored, with large yellow crests on their heads. The crest is the same color as their wings. The Tajakeon when on their worlds use their wings for flight, as their cities are known as sky-cities. The Tajakeon life-span is believed to be over 600 years, the older they get the larger they get as well. They believe strongly in their own religion and view all from beyond the asteroid belt as heretics.


The Tajakeon formed the Quadrantia Stellar Concordium around 35.000 BQF, they adopted their species on their circulair flag. Their flag signals their pride, a black colored Tajakeon flying over a forest in a bright yellow sky! Upon the Amber reaching space within the asteroid belt as well, the Amber and Concordium engaged each other in border conflicts as the Parliament of the Stellar Concordium forbid any within the asteroid belt to attempt to cross the asteroid belt to the area beyond.


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Image Description Png
TajakeonCruiserQSC.png Tajakeon Cruiser

Quadrantia Stellar Cruiser

Length: 152 meters Speed: Warp 7.38 Weaponry: Phasers, plasma torpedoes and a unique plasmatic pulsar weapon

The Tajakeon Cruiser, also known as the Quadrantia Stellar Cruiser is the main vessel and backbone of the Stellar Concordium's fleet. These vessel make up the bulk of their forces and are used in fleets, as transports and as border patrols. Designed to have an appearance of a Pterosaur, it strikes doubt and fear in those who encountered it before. Though small, with just a size of 152 meters it is equipped with strong weaponry and shields, agile and its stealth mode makes it difficult to spot on sensors. It is painted in bright blue and white coloration, reflecting the pride of the Tajakeon.

Tajakeon Cruiser.png
TajakeonHeavyBattleCruiserLarge.png Tajakeon Heavy Battle Cruiser

Quadrantia Stellar Heavy Battle Cruiser

Length: 642 meters Speed: Warp 7.38 Weaponry: Phasers, plasma torpedoes and massive ionic pulsar cannons

The Tajakeon Heavy Battle Cruiser is a massive vessel in service of the Quadrantia Stellar Concrdium. These vessels rarely leave their territory and are soley used for war and overpowering enemies. They can carry over 25 Tajakeon cruisers as well. It is equipped with strong weaponries and shields, though has low manouverability. It is painted in bright blue and white coloration, reflecting the pride of the Tajakeon. It frontal section give the vessel the appearance of a dangerous predator.

Tajakeon Heavy Battle Cruiser.png


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