We've seen enough of deceit and lies in our history. We are but a single spark in this dark universe, and stronger forces lie outside. And they certainly won't let us be. From all sides, we are beset by zealots, conquerors and hypocrites, and their tendris of lies are corrupting our society from within. But they won't succeed. As long as the last Tahar breathes, they won't.

- Commander Eko

Our path towards the brighter future is only guided by our own hopes and aspirations. And trust me, there is no stronger force in the universe than them.

- Commander Eko

The Taharian race, part of the Tahar Empire (Taharas Lew: Taharas Esdarium, KUL: Taharak Empir), are Sapient beings in the Kraw Galaxy.

The Tahars are very intelligent, being at maximum, 4 times as intelligent as humans, and have great knowledge of the universe, however, they are a weak species with poor strength and endurance.

Tahars are mostly known for despising deities, like Kamik'Shi, and often make empires stop worshipping deities in hopes of weakening them or getting them to lose interest in the Universe, as they think Deities are illogical. Due to this, many races in the universe accuse them of being Narrow-minded anti-theists.

Their best Commander is Commander Eko.


Tribal and Civilization Ages[]

Tribal Tahars were peaceful in personality, though they were also paranoids. When an empire started doing something that seemed to threaten the Tahars, the Tahars attacked that tribe. This went on for over 4000 years, until a dark moment when an animal ate the Sub-chief of the Tahar Empire, shocking everyone. King Kiorus quoted the following:

See, everyone? This is what we do to every living being, who knows if they will rise up and kill all of us? I want you to learn something from this.

- King Kiorus

This started a process in which the Tahars were pushed to learn more. Natural Selection then made the Tahar race smarter. However, they still killed animals for food, as they were carnivores.

The Tahar Comitatus was formed in -970 KRE. It was a moral nation, respecting rights of living things, though they didn't believe in deities. Initially, war was seen as a foreign concept for this land, but Gatorius declared war on the Tahar Comitatus, thus a war began.

After a long time, Gatorius fell, ending the Tahar Comitatus's mission. Eventually the last 3 nations remaining, the T.C., The United Tahar Empire, and the Lakos Empire joined Forces through diplomacy, and founded the Tahar Empire.

Recent History[]

In 121 KRE, the Tahars began building spaceships, made out of a Tahar-made metal called Taharium. The space program was a sucess, and then, the Tahars checked out planets which they could colonize. Telkom became their first colony.

The Tahars avoided wars by large bribes, and allied who they could trust, as Tahars were survivalist. Most empires praised the Tahars for their non-violent Ways and their superior intelligence, though they criticized the Tahars for hating on religion.

Around 233 KRE, Tahars noticed the Tex Federation. They introduced themselves to the Tex Federation, though the Federation declared war on them... because they were atheist. This fueled Tahar hate over religion, and Tahars rallied to get religion banned in the Tahar Empire to avoid dangerous religious sects. Free thinkers who thought Tahars should be free to worship whatever they wanted opposed this law, but it was passed with an overwhelming majority. The protesters either aceepted this peacefully or went to Horehronie, explaining the large number of Tahars in the Kraw homeworld.

By 399 KRE, they colonized about 30 planets in the northern part of the Arm of Power and Wisdom, just below Iteok territory.

The Encounter[]

The Tahars were the Weaker Beligerents of the Iteok-Tahar war, and lost 8 Colonies in the Process. With the Help of the Kraw Empire, the Tahars Regained 1 Colony and the Iteok-Tahar Border was Blocked with Turrets. The Tahar were now Rebuilding their Empire, and Experimenting with Inter-Galactic Travel.

After the Encounter[]

The Kraw, in 03/02/400 KRE, Reccomended the Tahars as Potential Allies of the DCP, and in 05/02/400 KRE, The Alliance was Successful.

After 400 KRE[]

At one point, as Tahars dicovered gods, they got so angry at their "lack of logic" that 65% of the Population became Intolerant to Religion, thus Eko and some of his army began attacking gods, always losing. The Sylits eventually came to Telkom in 03/09/401 KRE, and showed them the consequences of their ways, and they became tolerant again. The UVF then allied with the Tahar. The Tahars would now be denominated as "Irreligious" rather than "Atheist". However, a few months later, 30% of Tahars went back to their anti-religious ways because they didn't fear the low realm.

KGGC Re-construction Campaign[]

Tahars were cloning back old deceased Tahar Citizens back to Age 20 so their population would increase, but the KGGC Re-construction Campaign was taking 65% of their cloning efforts and rebuilding efforts, though later on, the Junction would do all the work for them.

Irokimum to Tzhrhokia[]

During several days, the UNO fabricated a deity named Irokimum in order for Tahars to stop being so narrow-minded, however, once Commander Eko and then-Ferzin Egnozeus uncovered the UNO's deception, the Tahars protested violently at the UNO, therefore actually increasing their anti-theism.

Since then they could be seen in all corners of the Universe protesting against all kinds of religions - including tribal religions. The Tahars's crusade to rid the universe of essence and "lack of logic" has caused them to be in minor conflicts, however Tahars always lost in the end.

In 408 KRE, the Tahars would be overwhelmed by a strange fabricated virus which managed to infect a significant portion of the population for Horkarew to declare a national emergency. Since then, many Tahars left to other empires in fear of the virus's spreading, which only seems to affect the Tahar race.

Tahar Culture[]


The name of the Tahar Empire varies between location and formality, and this variation has been known to cause confusion amongst the Universal society, however, the nomenclature "Tahar Empire" is mostly used.

Tahar Empire (Taharas Esdarium)
The most common name. Used amongst central colonies and the universal community.
Tahar Imperium (Taharas Igerosium)
A rarer name used. It is used more in outer colonies and as a secondary way to mention the Tahar Empire.
Liberal Tahar Empire - LTE (Hgschod Taharas Esdarium - HTE)
The name used by Emperor Horkarew and the government, however only used internally. It is also used by the Divinarium.

Common Culture[]

Tahars are mostly known for their abysmally negative views on religion, thinking that it should be eliminated from universal society, in order to protect the universe from "lack of logic". This attitude has caused concern in the Universal society.

Tahars live in Divisions, which consist of 7 rooms, each designed for a certain use. 2 Bedrooms, 1 Social Room, 1 Kitchen, 1 Special Needs Room, 1 Storage Room, and 1 Work Room. Most Tahars don't Work outside. Tahars work in their Work Rooms, where there is a Consciousness Transfer Machine that Transfers their Consciousness into a Powerful Robot's, thus Enabling them to do Hard Work, as Tahars are Physically Weak.

Criminal Tahars have their consciousness transfered into their own personal hell. For example, if a Tahar fears death, then he is killed repeatedly. Time in the "Personal Torture Center" usually lasts 3 Months. Because of this, the Tahar's Crime Rate is incredibly low. All Tahars that get out of the Personal torture center are immediatly rehabilitated using mental tools.

As Work lasts only 6 Hours, Tahars have a lot of Free Time. Tahars usually play virtual reality games, which are a huge fad in Tahar culture, and browse the "BytProtkol", a form of internet which the public has full access to. The gathering of information about anything is highly popular in Tahar culture.

Tahars have an almost exact equality between men and women (50.1%-49.9%), and usually the smartest people are emperors. The current Tahar population is 117 Billion. The Tahars now have 109 Colonies in the Kraw Galaxy.

The Tahar's favorite sport is "Virtwaalas Kataliem" (Virtual Battle), where 2-6 players enter a Virtual battle arena, and fight to the death, but obviously nobody gets hurt in real life. The Tahars see this as an excellent way to lose stress.


Tahars are irrelgious by default - They are taught that no gods made the Tahars since Age 1, and had nothing to do with the Kraw Galaxy. Tahars were atheist since the Civilization Ages, though there were many attempts to "tolerize" the Tahars, which failed, as Tahars are more used to anti-theism than being plain Tolerant, thus most of the population tries converting others to "the only good faith - Science". This has even caused a Tahar to become an Isio'Nar in the process. The practice of religion is forbidden in the Tahar Empire, to prevent conversion.


Some of the Tahars's greatest Tahar Technologies are:

  • The Magnetic Gravity Missile, which produces wormholes;
  • The Auto-Colonizer, which colonizes planets in 1 Day, (It's really big) and its reverse-engineered equivalent, the De-colonizer, made specially for the KGGC Reconstruction Campaign;
  • Ressurectors, which bring a person back to life (Requires many resources, and it costs a lot (1 Million Kron per ressurection)
  • Hyper-Drive, which allows one to travel at or over the speed of light without travelling in time
  • Core and Star Energy Recollectors
  • Other KrawFed technology


Main Page: Tahar Military

Relations with other Empires:[]


We respect them for what they have done to us.

... And a few More minor allies.


They are friendly and nice, we will consider allying them.




We must be careful when dealing with them...


They are not only a threat, but they're also disrespectful!!!

Quotes from other Users[]

You may Quote here.

A Truly great Species, we understand their ways. "Survival for the Fittest" Is what i always say.

- The Eye-guy

It is always goot to find a kindred spirit in this world of warriors and religious empiers.

- The Skinta

Their methods of punishment are interesting... A perfect way to innoculate soldiers for war. I wonder if they're open to trade...

- A Fordan musing over the Tahar.

Hmm...They seem to be OK with us, but they don't like our god. I say neutral.

- An LSA citizen

very intelligent hmmmm we like that they are as smart, if not smarter than us, and not to brag, but that is saying something!

- Beltomoore empire

Geez! And I thought our species was smart!

- Juslan empire

Their intelligence, logical mind and the fact they seek knowledge is what we find interesting. We may even contact soon...

- Overmaster Telfar

Oooh! This could be fun!

- ????


- Junction Mind

I admit they are intelligent, but forcing atheism on people seems just as harmful and ignorant as any other kind of evangelism

- Arnas Volkamen

Of all people of Kraw, these are the most interesting. Similar to ourselves in many ways.

- Template:CaptainIovera IX

Nourishment...no matter HOW advanced you are....no matter HOW large you are....no matter HOW "smart" you are.....you will always...be nourishment...

- Deathlight virus


  • Tips are Illegal in the Tahar Empire.
  • The Tahars in the picture were dressed by Xhodocto3546.
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