The T'varuuh are a slippery race. You would be a fool to turn your back on them. And yet, they proved to be our salvation in the Endless Void.

- N'thavo Xellunaion

The T'varuuh are an avian species native to the planet T'varia in the Endless Space of the First Gigaquadrant, specifically the Argoroth Sector half way between Gorgorian space and the dreaded hives of the Mandabit. A crafty and cunning species, the T'varuuh are well known as cut-throat business beings desperate to claim as much of the limited resources of Endless Space as they can. A matriarchal society, the T'varuuh rarely leave their home system's immediate colonial sphere for fear of the great dangers that lurk in the Nothingness. Nevertheless, after the arrival of N'thavo Xellunaion's Cognatus fleet after the Intergalactic War, the system played host to the bulk of his forces, with many T'varuuh joining his fleet while the species as a whole remained independent.


Evolving on the high atmosphere world of T'varia in the Argoroth Sector of the Endless Void, the T'varuuh quickly expanded into space upon the achievement of space travel circa 960 BNE. Once travelling the stars however, the T'varuuh's interstellar empire soon discovered that resources were scarce in the space between the galaxies of the First Gigaquadrant, leading to the derogation of their civilisation through a multitude of internecine conflicts as various T'varuuh factions squabbled for supremacy. Though they would remain largely disunited for centuries, threats such as the feared Mandabit provided a much needed incentive to work together.

By the time Cogsangui Fleetlord N'thavo Xellunaion reached T'varuuh space, he managed to work out a deal with the bird-like creatures to allow his fleet to use the T'varia as a base of operations during its time in Endless Space in exchange for technology, ships and much needed resources. Over the next several months, many T'varuuh became enamoured of the possibilty of visiting the Cyrannus Galaxy and decided to join Xellunaion's forces during its voyages.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

A stocky, dark skinned avian race, the T'varuuh are considered by Cogsangui scientists to be similar to dinosaurian species such as the Libertus, albeit closer to birds on the evolutionary scale. As such, the T'varuuh have far more avian characteristics than reptilian, including more prominent feathers, beak-like mouths with serrated teeth and powerful talons on their legs. Female T'varuuh rule their society and though they are physically larger than males, they are otherwise physically indistinguishable with the exception of cultural developments leading to different genders adorning themselves differently.

Culture and SocietyEdit

A matriarchal society, the T'varuuh value conformity, power and the acquisition of rare artifacts and riches, a fact which appealed the race to the Cognatus fleet led by N'thavo Xellunaion. The point in which powerful females rule over their male counterparts is similar in many respects to a form of tyranny, with males having very little in the way of governmental or societal power. Instead, females control everything from breeding rights to colonisation. Indeed, it is commonly considered by other species that the only two purposes of male T'varuuh is reproduction and the performance of menial tasks such as the conduction of warfare.


I am grateful for their assistence in this accursed place.

- N'thavo Xellunaion

The cut-throat business T'varuuh, always a pleasure to do business with them, after all Kirioohsk had quite the food and water to trade! Though I am always a bit nervous around them.

- Zaa Ashara



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