The Sylits, otherwise known as the Veatrex, are a race of reptilian sapients native to the world of Rambanda and reside in the Norma-Outer Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, alongside possessing territory in Andromeda and Borealis. A member of the original co-founding races of the Veatrex Imperial Federation, the society and cultures of the Sylits are built on the foundations of kinship, militarism, and religion, and are renowned throughout the modern Gigaquadrant as both an innately selfless, passive, and tolerant group of peoples and as an expanding military superpower that has firmly and proudly maintained an innate affiliation with fire throughout the course of their history.

Sylits are a deeply spiritual and religious people, with many of their kind maintaining and revering an archaic faith known to them as Kazatelia, also known by the name of Eterfiammatheism; a religion that uses an amalgamation of ancient tribal beliefs to teach its practitioners, through the symbolism and historical importance of fire, the significance of labour, purpose, and benevolence towards oneself and their community, while also promoting the ideology that the sacred flames they revere can, and on occasion should, be used as a means of destruction should they be left untamed or mishandled. Such beliefs are responsible for the otherwise non-aggressive nature of many Sylit individuals as well as the extent of their martial focus and military prowess, although the specific practices and teachings of Kazatelia differ and vary with each branch and order.


Early HistoryEdit

The origins of the ancient ancestors of the Sylits remains enigmatic and steeped in a combination of mythology, folklore and historical revisionism committed by archaic cults and other religious authorities, blurring the details of the truth with elements of the fantastical while replacing lost information with legendary tales and epics involving magic, heroism and sorcery. It is unclear whether the Sylit are a race whose history was absent of alien intervention, or if they are even a species arisen from natural evolution at all, as their affinity for Essence is not a detail lost on certain species such as the Radeon of the Divinarium - a species engineered by the Rades.

According to their history, the earliest Sylit and near-Sylit tribes and their primal ancestors arose within the central lands of a lost continent known to modern historians and scholars as "Kint-Aazar" and sought shelter, food and warmth in the shadows of the continent's volcanoes, as they were born into a world afflicted by fierce blizzards, harsh snowfall and perpetual darkness - a millennia-long ice age that would become known as the Primordial Winter. They depended on these dangerous yet fertile landscapes to survive, developing tools and weapons to hunt not only the prey and predator animals of the land, but also to defend themselves from the invisible monsters and shadow-beasts that roamed the Frozen Wilds that would seek to disturb pilgrimages and migrations between settlements and territories.



The Sylits are carbon-based, endothermic creatures that possess an upright, bipedal stature reminiscent of various humanoid species, with four limbs and a head alongside the addition of a tail while their entire bodies are covered in toughened scales of, usually, green and red colouration although there are several varieties of pigmentation that their scales can undertake depending on their heritage and environment. In spite of their size, notably smaller than many races throughout the First Gigaquadrant as they stand at a range of 1.5 to 1.6 metres in height, the Sylits possess impressive endurance and constitution that allows them to resist, and even absorb, toxins native to their world, alongside being able to gradually regenerate appendages, teeth, and damaged organs - a process that has been accelerated with the development of advanced medical sciences - and continue performing while exposed to volatile conditions or after sustaining injury with the assistance of adrenaline. Their diet consists primarily of meats and insects, although they can also draw beneficial nutrients and elements from consuming ore, soil, and rock.

Their eyes, of which nearly all display red colouration, are adapted to allow their kind to see clearly through dark conditions, although in turn they are sensitive to excessively bright light, and their bodies, while capable of comfortably existing in dangerously hot environments, are weakened by prolonged exposure to the cold - as a result, their ancestors developed fur to cover their upper bodies, although has since become an evolutionary holdover that is gradually being bred out. The cranial crests of the Sylit race are thick and durable and are fitted with an array of spiked protrusions that secrete a heated, volatile, and likely toxic liquid substance in response to touch, with glands positioned in the corners of a Sylit's eye sockets possessing the ability to shoot squirts of the same substance, mixed with their own blood, at a distance of several metres. These protrusions, alongside the 'fins' on their forearms, are known to become pumped with blood and redden as a visual indication that a Sylit feels either aroused, enraged, or stressed.

Baseline Sylit lifespans extend for roughly two centuries, with their kind reaching sexual maturity sometime between their late teens and early twenties, with male Sylits possessing hemipenes that are kept inside until intercourse; Sylit eggs gestate for a period of five to six months and come in broods of three to six eggs, a comparatively low number that is compensated for by the Sylits being capable of reproducing freely whenever they please until the late stages of their lives, although they hold a preference for mating and breeding in hot, tropical or desert conditions. There is a degree of sexual dimorphism between sexes, with male Sylits possessing more prominent spikes and protrusions, darker colours, and larger fins, as well as hemipenes used for breeding, while females are known to excrete exponentially stronger substances than their male counterparts while brooding and possess decorative markings upon their crests.


Sylits are largely amiable and benign creatures that are known throughout the Gigaquadrant for the keen social behaviours, cultural, religious, and xenoracial tolerance, and affinity for kinship that is generally known to be exhibited by many among their kind, although such can vary between individuals, worlds, faiths, and cultures. In spite of their Kazatelic faith and the shared reverence of the patron deity known as the Flame throughout many of its branches, Sylits are not zealots in the typical sense and condemn the hatred or denial of other intergalactic faiths among their number, for such is deemed a demonstration of acting against the passive and open doctrines of many Kazatelic branches that teach acceptance and the significance of enlightenment through open-mindedness; they accept that the Flame is their god and otherwise does not claim to be a creator of or serve as a nemesis to other xeno-faiths, such as those who worship Spode, for the Flame is depicted as a peaceful deity that teaches to temper violence.

Despite their otherwise kindly nature, many Sylits possess a significant deal of martial prowess as both soldiers and warriors, training as conscripts from a young age and taught weapon practices and the ways of various historical Sylit martial arts; this is so that all Sylits, even the citizenry, know how to defend themselves and others and how to defend the faith of the Flame should such be required of them. They pride themselves on discipline in whatever paths their lives take, whether they partake careers as soldiers or clergymen or fulfil occupations as politicians or labour workers, and maintain a significant regard for familial bonds, as exampled by their patronymic naming conventions, although some cultures use matronymics in some circumstances, and their insistence upon naming their offspring after ancestors, historical figures with ties to their heritage, or close friends and siblings. Sylit marriages vary by faith and culture, with some insisting on monogamy whilst others practice polygamy, although children are generally raised by both immediate and extended family and gender roles are largely not commonly seen or defined within their society, however some Kazatelic temples make use of vestal virgins to maintain them.


Although a comparatively short species, the Sylits compensate for their height with a number of abilities that have granted them advantages both over their natural predators in prehistoric eras and their enemies throughout the First Gigaquadrant; they are dexterous and agile, biologically fitted with a capable regenerative factor that has been augmented and enhanced over the course of their scientific history, a natural endurance and tolerance for extreme heat and toxins, the latter of which is utilised by Sylits via the spiked protrusions across their heads, their saliva, and glands near their eyes that are intended to shoot squirts of volatile substances mixed with blood at range. Sylits possess natural climbing ability and also retain moderate biological camouflage capabilities from their early ancestors, although without genetic modification, most of their kind can only sustain camouflage whilst motionless.

A growing number of individuals among the Sylit species also possess an affinity with Essence, specifically elemental energy, which allows those gifted with such connections to generate and control the properties of heat and fire, both ethereal and conventional, alongside a range of other powers and abilities pertaining to the nature of telekinesis and pyrokinesis - such abilities have been present among the Sylits since their ancient history, although the number of those capable of using them has been increasing at a comparatively extreme rate in the space of several centuries. Those gifted with such powers are termed as espers and many, but not all, of their kind hold notable and significant positions in Sylit society and history, such as elite warriors, religious figureheads, and consuls to Sylit lords and politicians.


Cycklos of the Flame

So long as I stand vigilant, embraced by the sacred powers of the Flame, our Age of Fire shall never be brought to end.

Cycklos Solaklahv, otherwise known as Vice Admiral Solaklahv, Chosen Solaklahv, and Cycklos of the Flame, is a Sylit Firebrand and a former Vice Admiral of the Supreme Fleet of the United Veatrex Federation following his ascension to the status of a low-ranking Isio'Nar. A potent esper since birth who stems from a military bloodline, Cycklos was destined to command from the time of his youth and has proven himself on numerous occasions both as a gifted leader and as a capable warrior, fighting and learning under the likes of Grand Admiral Dondrik Ischarahv while serving as a companion and friendly rival to the late Atrox Shymirahv during his service. A witness to bloodshed and combat since his initiation as a soldier, Cycklos has known no other life than war and has dedicated himself entirely to the practice that comes with it, believing it to be his purpose thus an occupation he must excel at in order to protect his people and smite those seen as enemies in the eyes of the Flame.

Known for his seemingly cold, serious demeanour and his quiet nature, Cycklos exercises a great deal of emotional restraint as a result of his commitment to discipline, allowing him to remain calm and collected under the most stressful of situations while costing him many necessary social skills and earning him a reputation for being stern, tough, and intolerant of nonsense among the ranks while his anger, rarely truly seen, is rightly feared throughout the Federation. As a result of his natural psychic potential, the mental and physical enhancements attained through his augmentation into a Firebrand, and his ascended state gained from the Isio'Nar, Cycklos is considered as one of the most powerful espers in the recorded history of the Sylits, having honed the use of his pyrokinetic abilities among others to perfection in order to combat both normal and supernatural threats to himself and the Federation.

Grand Admiral Atrox

I'm no hero; I am merely upholding my duty not just as a servant to the Flame, but to the Federation and its peoples.

Atrox Shymirahv, otherwise known as Grand Admiral Shymirahv and Atrox the Swiftblade, is the late Grand Admiral of the Supreme Fleet of the United Veatrex Federation following his apparent "death" in the early 2790s from unknown causes and a renowned and celebrated Sylit war hero. A natural and charismatic leader and a capable soldier, Atrox demonstrated versatility in his skills and tactics alongside compassion, selflessness, and honour that made him popular among the ranks, having been a student of and a close friend to Grand Admiral Dondrik Ischarahv while maintaining a close relationship with the Firebrand Cycklos Solaklahv, who in many ways served as his opposite and equal. An optimistic figure who is said to represent the best and most iconic traits and ideals of the Federation even in death, Atrox was known for his ability to cleverly improvise and formulate tactics and strategies even in the most dire of situations and was noted to be particularly energetic and enthusiastic.

In combat, Atrox was almost feared for his dexterous agility with a sword as well as his marksmanship, utilising a personalised vibroblade in melee known as Thunder that he inherited from his father, yet in spite of his prowess he nearly always fought with restraint to test his opposition and savour their company, for he understood that his enemies held lives of their own. He also demonstrated some capacity as a minor esper, although he failed the initial tests and examinations to undertake Firebrand augmentation and enhancement, paling in comparison to the likes of Cycklos. Although a compassionate and soft-hearted man, Atrox was never recorded to have settled with a single partner and maintained a series of flings and otherwise short relationships with various women throughout his life, leading to the births of several illegitimate children who were later legitimised and financially supported personally by him, with Atrox himself claiming that women were his sole weakness.

Grand Admiral Dondrik

Real heroes... do not have to fight.

Dondrik Ischarahv, otherwise known as Grand Admiral Ischarahv, Enkindler Dondrik, and Deadeye Dondrik, is a late Grand Admiral of the Supreme Fleet of the United Veatrex Federation and a renowned celebrity and hero of the Federation, considered to be a martyr following his assassination in the late 2760s after the conclusion of the War of Ages. A veteran of various major conflicts throughout the Ramvelkys Galaxy and its intergalactic neighbours, Dondrik is commended as a legendary soldier for his combat prowess and a significant number of feats and achievements thus is deemed an inspiration by many aspiring soldiers, including the likes of Atrox Shymirahv and Cycklos Solaklahv, who would hold the fortune of training beneath him and inheriting his skills, strategies, and techniques.

Vatra Profile

Fights are never won by standing around and doing nothing.

Vatra Morikair Lyria, otherwise affectionately known as Vee, is an esper and a student of Hachiman Shinha, a legendary ascended master of Dream energy and a renowned, if controversial, Gigaquadrantic figure. Born within the border worlds between the Andromedan colonies of the Veatrex Imperial Federation and Frenzy Space, a subsector of Segmentum Umbra dominated by feudal Zazane warbands and kingdoms following the dissolution of the Brood of War, she was accustomed to a martial lifestyle from her family's military background even prior to her adventures and studies beneath her master, as well as having been a survivor of a particularly devastating Zazane assault on her homeworld of Ae-Vrakis.




  • The Sylits and the United Veatrex Federation were originally created and owned by FalcoPunch; following his disappearance in 2012, TheHachi proposed claiming ownership of FalcoPunch's fiction and revising it to fit modern canon as a tribute to him.
  • Vatra Morikair is TheHachi's first Sylit character that did not have an original version written by FalcoPunch.
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