Phfrachverannes (Edaficotherium ferus), also known as farkas or Stroths, are a small and aggressive therapsid species native to Xuz Fareh.


Stroths originated in the planet Xuz Fareh. Their role on the ecosystem aside, Stroths haven't participated in any major historical events up to date.



Stroths are fairly small animals, measuring between 1 and 2 meters long (~3.28 feet-~6.56 feet), no more than 1 meter in height (~3.28 feet), and around 20 to 30 kilograms (~22.05-~66.14 pounds) in weight.

Stroths have a scaly, ogre-like head with big eyes and sharp teeth. They have four legs with four-digited mammalian feet, each digit ending in long, sharp claws. Their tail is very short and they have a file of thorns on their back. They are covered in orange and purple scales

There is few sexual dimorphism in the Stroth species. Both males and females posess mammary glands, although those in the male are usually located slightly closer to the belly than those of females, for unknown reasons. Stroth cubs highly resemble their parents, with the exception of their spikes being tiny in comparison to the rest of the body.

Traits and abilities[]

Despite their small size and nimble legs, Stroth posess an incredibly high muscular strenght, capable of bringing down much larger prey. This strenght, combined with their speed and agility, makes for a great predator. They, however, are fragile and rather easy to kill, due to their only protection being their scales.

Stroths mainly attack with their sharp claws, which can penetrate the skin of most prey, excluding tough-skinned species such as Wistompt. Their mouth, while filled with sharp teeth and capable of crushing bones, isn't always useful, as their short skull would force them to get dangerously close to the target in order to use it.


Stroths inhabit a large amount of ecosystems; however, they prefer the plains where its favorite preys reside.


Stroths are fearless and terrifying carnivores. They hunt in packs of 3 or 4 individuals, but they might make larger groups of up to 8 individuals rarely. Stroths are relentless hunters, with their ferocity comparable to that of the Wildcarnagers. Most times, Stroth packs will attack herbivores without premeditation, and once in battle they will do everything possible to take their prey down, often risking their own life in order to make large herbivores fall to the ground dead. Once they have a prey, Stroths will defend it mercilessly, without leaving it alone and vulnerable to scavengers until they are done with it. In this "state of defense", Stroths will be extremely hostile towards any being that gets close to the corpses, including vehicles, herbivores and other Stroths. Sometimes, Stroths in a same pack will fight for the prey if there isn't enough for everybody, sometimes even ending the life of hungry cubs.

There is no set mating season for Stroths, and they will mate at any time of the year. It is believed that the males with the larger back spikes are those who females are more interested in, and if a female seems equally interested in two males, these will fight to death or until one leaves the pack, letting the other one mate with her. Stroth females give live birth, and both male and female take care of the infants, nursing it and protecting it from other predators. Cubs stay with the herd until the third year of life, when most of them leave the pack and either look for another one or form one on their own.


Stroths are predators that sit in the middle of the food chain, located next to Raptorels and Aerocauls, right under large predators like Fontis and Jawwhorls. They prefer to hunt medium to large-sized herbivores, including Sabales and Wistompt. However, if these prey are scarce, Stroths will attack smaller prey, like the early Llurebleg.

After the Llurebleg became a civilization, the Stroths stopped hunting them, but due to their preference for larger prey the developing of their civilization didn't affect the hunters really much. However, the presence of trading routes between cities through their territory, Stroths will frequently attack the vehicles that follow the routes, most times getting stunned by their JJ-99 cannons or being drove over and killed as a result. Stroths are present in Llurebleg speaking, with the word farka being commonly used to refer to a violent and aggresive individual.


Stroths have been taxonomically classified as therapsids of the Nitmaridae family. Judging by their appearance, their closest relatives seem to be the Nightmare.

In Dinoman972's personal system, Stroths are classified in their own family: Edaficotheriidae. They currently are the only members of their family, but share the order Therimorpha with the family Llureblegidae, which the Llurebleg belong to, and as such are their closest relatives.

Their binominal name is Edaficotherium ferus, where the genus name means territorial beast in greek, while the epithet means wild in latin.

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Behind the Scenes[]

  • Their name actually comes from the English word sloth, the real life animal the Stroths were initially based on.
  • The Stroth creature uses the "hopper trick", which changes it's walking animation to a "galloping/hopping" one.

Other Trivia[]

  • The Stroth was the first creature in the main universe to receive a classification in Dinoman972's personal system.