War eternal? Not for us. Our path is the path of peace and stability. Where rat-things would fight for their faith, where frog-things would fight to avenge their honor or because she was angered, where squid-things would fight for the logical supremacy of ther people... our kind would just leave and find a better life elsewhere.

- Stalkie philisopher, Arktkarsksarsh better known as Tempest.

Stalkies are the species of intimidating, half-epic creatures from the Universe 66501 loyal to the Divinarium.


First sentient species appeared on Quiteus, the homeworld of Stalkies in Anacrite galaxy, were not Stalkies but another species, usually referred simply as the Species by them. The Species have evolved from giant spider-like arthropods of Quiteus, oxygen-rich atmosphere of the planet allowing them to grow quite large, up to 3 m. Most of the Species history is left clouded or unknown due to loss of data. What is known, however, is that for dozens of millenia, the Species became advanced enough to perform FTL travel and have developed mercantile world goverment ruled secretly by a council of the most powerful businessmen and bankers of Quiteus. Their corrupt rule has ravaged the planet itself, destroying the ozone layer of Qutieus and superheating it, slowly turning it uninhabitable. After the goverment has realised that their homeworld is dying, they have secretly started to evacuate from the planet to the other worlds, bringing the richest elite of the society and their servants as well. Poor workers and farmers, however, were left on the dying world, forgotten and lost.

Later, this elite would become Spydahma, another species, similar but smaller. Now, they are the citizen of the Indoctrinate Collective, and two species still have much bad blood between each other.

However, the remnants of the Species left on the planet refused to die out. Horribly mutating from the UV radiation breaking through the shattered atmosphere of the planet, starving and changing, for several centuries the survivors have become a new species. Now large and able to survive in the harshest conditions, the Stalkies were born.

For the next centuries, Stalkies have been rebuilding Quiteus, slowly turning it into a lush world it was before yet again. However, their goverment was struggling to maintain order in the world. Stalkies would have collapsed into the civil war if not for the intervention of a golden fleet of aliens - aliens who have called themselves Radeons. Two species quickly became allies and Quiteus, together with its inhabitants, was absorbed into the Masaari Crusade. Stalkies were absorbed into the military due to their strength and became close friends with another species of the Crusade, Imperions. Following the collapse of Masaari Crusade, Stalkies have decided to form their own empire in the Universe 66501. Following the Annihilation, Stalkies have fled from their home now destroyed by demons, and have agreed to join Radeons yet again, now as the members of the Divinarium

Characteristics Edit

Physiology Edit

Stalkies are large, humungous beings, similar to the spiders and insects of Earth but very large, up to 10 meters. They require extreme amounts of oxygen to survive due to their size, and outside of their worlds they tend to wear special oxygen masks to survive normally. Usually, Stalkies are calm and slow creatures, but can quickly become angered when threatened. They have extreme strength due to their size, and can easily kill and stomp even strong beings, like Zazane.

Abilities Edit

Stalkies do not have any unique abilities other than their size and strength. Radeons have discovered some elemental potential in them, but not much.

Behaviour Edit

Stalkies are pretty much ambivalent towards anything, having little to no emotions. Their lifestyle is slow and calm. Stalkies see their close friends and acquaintiances as highly important however, being loyal to those who helped them greatly - the reason Stalkies joined Masaari and the Divinarium with little hesitation.

Society Edit

Stalkies are fairly similar to Imperions in culture - both obsessed with art and beauty. Stalkies, however, are more materialist, with great love for money and riches. Due to socialist nature of the Divinarium, sometimes they feel themselves uncomfortable in the society of their empire.

Stalkies are usually neutral towards religion, most of them belonging to more tolerant of the Spodist sects. There are exceptions, however.

Stalkies like to have relatively small creatures as pets, their favourite creatures being toxic humanoids known as Levenis.

Habitat Edit

Much like Imperions, Stalkies have their own districts on the Divinarian planets, with large buildings and high concentration of oxygen. Naturally, Stalkies prefer desolate deserted planets - akin to their homeworld Quiteus after it was plundered by capitalists of the Species. They also require high radiation levels to live comfortably.



Stalkies share the vehicles with the whole Divinarium.


Stalkies share the devices with the whole Divinarium.


Main article: Weapons

Stalkies share the weapons with the whole Divinarium.


A good ally, the Stalkies are the noble species to be honored.

- Iovera IX


- Margrave Fela'thoran


- Warboss Gar'dakkra

Hard to believe the Spydahmas came from these guys. They are much more huge...

- Captain Koluap
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  • Necrion, Quiteus and Lethinne are all mean "death". That is due of their religion, in such there is many words about afterlife and reincarnation.
  • Necrion was actually some kind of experiment. Author created a mod to allow one terramorphing tool to be used on saved games, and used it. So, Creature and Tribal Stage was on T0 planet. Stalkies fished in lava. However, in Civilization Stage game crashed, and so author make a new planet and started Civilization using Stalkie creature.
  • Author originally want them to be warriors, but then changed his mind.
  • Despite their description ("Evil radioactive beast."), they are actually very friendly. The description is so because of their original idea (see higher)
  • Their species name (Territio hospitalis) is translated as "Friendly terror", which is greatly describes their look and personality.
  • They are traders. Cell - none, Creature - Predator, Tribe - Friendly, Civilization - Economic, Space - Trader.
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