The Sphagarzi are the main evil in Universe 66501.

About the SphagarziEdit

The Sphagarzi are as not as old as their enemies, The Shka'Tun. They appeared some 5,000 years after the Cyclopian War ended. However, most of their history and culture are unknown to the universe, but they are likely to be similar to the Xhodocto. However, they are not as strong as they are. They also control the Sphagarzi Imperium.

Ascension WarEdit

The Sphagarzi are currently at war with the Shka'Tun, but gathered new allies and enemies. The Xhodocto, after entering Universe 66501, almost destroyed the Sphagarzi and Shka'Tun in 2 hours. The Shka'Tun were saved by the alliance, while the Sphagarzi were almost extinct due to the Xhodocto's attack. The Sphagarzi surrendered to the Xhodocto, though becoming allies in the process. They, and the Xhodocto formed the Kanshin-Ophin. The Sphagarzi were recently exterminated by allies (and partially, the Xhodocto), only to be replaced by the Xhonet, the Xhodocto's bretheren. The Sphagarzi's population turned to approximately 300.


The Sphagarzi mysteriously returned in Universe 66501, with a larger stature and a far more powerful tech state. They have joined the Cult of the Deathmarch And have joined on the terms that they operate the orbital obliteration on planets.

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