Speed Demons are advanced iguanids that live in the scrubland planet of Veloci. They have adapted to dry environments.


Creature phase[]

Tribal phase[]

Civilization phase[]

Space phase[]


The Beginnings[]

Long ago, in the GalaxiaWild Galaxy, one of many life bearing comets was lobbed at Veloci with tremendous force. In its wake, extremely fast cells called Si emerged and thrived.

The First Animals[]

Si became landbound and took part in the Great Veloci Landfall. Over millions of years of evolution. They became Speed Demons, they earned the Speed Demon achievement and the Survivor achievement for their incredible duarability.

Tribal Lifestyle[]

They began a tribe and their only resources were food that they hunted. They needed more, so they turned to their god, Miniaka, the shark god of windstorms. He commanded them to take the resources of all other tribes.

The Miniaka Wars[]

The Miniaka Wars are a series wars which started in Tribe Phase and continued on in Civilisation phase and was expected to end at the beginning of Space phase.

The Speed Demon Empire[]

Speed Demon (3).png

Now, the Speed Demons have an empire that focuses on colonisation rather than warfare. They also constantly upgrade their ships.