Soldarians are a reptilian humanoid race that hails from the mountainous regions of planet Militora. They are covered in hard scales, and are actually warm-blooded. Soldarians are primarily carnivores, and hunt prey in their mountains. The Soldarians have very powerful jaw muscles and can snap bones with one bite. Their muscular structure is surprisingly similar to that of humans, however Soldarians can make use of all of their muscle fibers, making them stronger than even human body builders.

Soldarians are quite intelligent, as they learned how to use tools thousands of years before most other races on their planet. They are also very territorial and aggressive. Soldarians have a very competitive nature and often show off their race's might by controlling large quantities of something, even if they don't necessarily need it.

Life CycleEdit

Soldarians reproduce sexually, involving a male and female. Soldarians are born from eggs lain by their mother. Hatchlings have soft, rubbery skin and have small teeth. At birth, Soldarians are capable of walking, running, and even self defense. After a few months the hatchling becomes less dependent on their parents for care and learns to hunt. After a year or two, the Soldarian is actually capable of surviving on its own in the wild. Inn adulthood, the Soldarian would have learned many things involving combat and culture.

Because of this life cycle, Soldarians are revered as a strong warrior race, as they are taught from very young ages to fight and fend for themselves.


Primitive Soldarians lived in mountain ranges, plateaus or even in rocky plains. Their muscle structure was molded by the harsh conditions of the mountains, where oxygen levels and the temperature were low. Because of this, they evolved muscles that did not need much oxygen to function.

The mountains provided shelter, metals, food, and water for the Soldarians to survive.


Soldarian evolution was very trial and error in the past. At one point Soldarians had tails and were quite weak. If one looks farther back in time, they would find that the Soldarians were amphibious prey to many predators on Militora.

Their evolution sparked when those amphibians moved farther inland to avoid predators. After millions of years on the move, they found their way into the mountains, evolving into warm-blooded reptiles and evolving long tails. Their muscles gradually evolved to be larger after environmental pressures on the mountains became extreme. They were still prey and needed to be stronger. Eventually, the first Soldarians emerged from the caves and dominated the food chain, and later the planet.


Soldarians evolved a set of skills and abilities to aid them in their lives. After generations of living in the mountains, Soldarians are used to cold weather, harsh terrain, and low oxygen levels. They have a large lung capacity and are able to use their muscle fibers efficiently even in environments with little to no oxygen. In oxygen rich environments, such as Earth, Soldarians are even stronger than they would be on their homeworld. The increased oxygen levels would allow their muscles to use far more energy.

Soldarian strength is a dangerous thing to toy with. Their muscle strength is dependent on blood flow and oxygen levels. Soldarians are already very strong on their homeworld, but on earth they could toss trucks with almost no problem. They are known to have a bite force that is capable of shattering concrete. Their physique is built for combat and taking blows.

Soldarians are covered in hard scales, allowing them to withstand damage from blades and some forms of projectiles. This does not make them invincible however, as Soldarians can be harmed by gunfire if they are not wearing armor. Soldarians have a strong bone structure as well, meaning that fractures and breaks are quite rare.



Soldarians practice a monotheistic religion called Soldarism. It involves the worship of a being named Soldar, whom they worship as their all-father. Soldarians believe that they are either descended directly from from Soldar, or that they are descended from beings that Soldar guided and or created. This is where their name as a people comes from in Neo-Militoran, combining the word "Soldar" (god/creator) with the suffix "-ian" (children of).

Worship of Soldar ranges from simply praying at an altar to the god, to sacrificing livestock or other items to him. Many Soldarians invoke the phrase "Soldar, instrot popula," meaning "Soldar, guide your people".

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