The Sohet, otherwise addressed as the Ntra'iteruaru, are a race of avian beastmen that once inhabited and reigned over the Sea of Sand although as of the New Age they have since been deemed officially extinct, with contact with other archaic societies having been prevalent throughout their history. One of the first mortal races to have attained significance, the Sohet were as kingly as they were self-confident; they had innovated the usage of magitech following the dissolution and exile of the Adamantine Elves, with whom the Sohet came into conflict with in regards to ownership and right over the Sea of Sand.

Somewhat imposing yet anything but ignorant to the value of life, the Sohet were proud beings that sealed their fate due to hubris; it was their attempts as expanding their empire beyond Koldenwelt that allowed the Exosubstratal and their patron deity, the Crux, access to the world - a sin they had sacrificed their integrity as an empire and prospering future as a race to resolve. Their legacy, however, continues to persist in not only the misguided imperialism of Khaepsha-ultan but also the existence of life still being present throughout the deserts, such as the Ankhor, who were once fostered and raised by the Sohet, and the Merovar, who descend from one of the many primitive races they contributed to preserving.




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