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Snaicarn/Shellai AnatomyEdit

The Shellai are a sapient, snail-like species. They evolved on Earth, then were transported to Ezura shortly before the Great Storm of 300 mya, then developing advanced cities under the surface of the only ocean on Ezura.

Snaicarn is a mutated Shellai, the mutation causing him to grow horns, spines, and an extra head. He is now 40 feet tall with a spined shell. Since his mutation, he has moved to the Planet With the Sandy Core and is now living in a palace on the core, under the Planet's waves.

Snaicarn/Shellai FeedingEdit

Shellai table manners are exquisite, as their code demands them to stress manners and politeness. As for where they get their food, they live off of the few resources around them, and the food brought from other planets.

As for Snaicarn, he eats anything edible he can find. HIS table manners are vulgar to the extreme. And he eats 6 meals a day, some of them including incompetent servants.

Snaicarn/Shellai MatingEdit

Shellai mate in their town halls, complete with flowers, elegant costumes, and a big feast. The most famous examples, Syrehn and Reuai, mated about 550 years ago with their entire families there to watch [a total of about 1000 Shellai in the hall]. The Shellai couple is paired for life, producing a pair of children every decade. The average Shellai lives about 1550 years.

Snaicarn is unlikely to find a mate anytime soon. But then again, the chemical that he was exposed to actually fused him to his mate, mutating both. Snaicarn has laid 2 eggs in his lifetime, and when they hatch, no one doubts his young will be no better behaved than he is.

History of Snaicarn/ShellaiEdit

Cell Phase

Little is known about the Shellai in their Cell Phase. It is thought they began life as simple bacteria, then evolved onto land as a small, snail-like life-form. They were carnivores back then, chowing down on anything smaller than them.

Creature Phase

Again, little is known about prehistoric Shellai. It is thought that they split off from the snail family millions of years ago on Earth, then were transported to Ezura right before they gained sapience. They were still carnivores, but likely changed their diets later on, in the Tribal Phase, because, being snails, were too slow to catch their prey.

Tribal Phase

The Shellai gained most of their knowledge of their Tribal ancestors by primitive cave paintings from ancient Shellai. The pictures show that Shellai still ate meat, but were incorporating vegetables into their diet. This was most likely because their prey were developing faster speeds to run from their predators. The first form of the Shellai code sprang up right around then, and their tribes were enormous, consisting of about 500-750 Shellai. Any more Shellai were considered bad luck and were banished (a cruel thing to do, but then again, Shellai weren't as gracious as they are now).

Civilization Phase

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