The Skutheran's Cephalopod Union is a united alliance of mollusk species that live on many planets in the Mlky Way galaxy, and a few terraformed worlds in the Phradox Galaxy. They are usually a cryptic and mysterious group that keep to themselves. they ususally have little interaction with the other species of the universe outside of the Mercuris Federation.


  • Tribal Stage (Guardian War)

When the Kkrotids protected the Kkintoran and the Skutherans in the Guardian Period, the two Skutheran tribes helped them out in fending off the Tefutyrins invasion. They proved a most valuable asset in the Siege of Endurance, and they have sworn eternal partnership with the Kkrotis ever since then.



  • The Skutherans are a generally xenophobic and defensive species that keep to themselves and protect their borders heavily. Every single Skutheran must be fluent in the martial art, Zore'Manna. They use terraforming on every planet they colonize, and must live on perfect T3 worlds. As opposed to actual cities, they often have several small villages and lakes that are inner-connected by rivers.
  • Many Skutherans love architecture, and they design small cities and villages in lakes and underwater arcologies for civilians to live in. They are among the smallest and weakest species in the Mercuris Federation, and they must build machines and accumulate allies in their small coalition to aid them in martial affairs.
  • The Skutheran worship the god Khraz.



The Skutherans are ruled by a king and queen, with a royal family. The royal family can select advisers from the member species.


Main Article Khraz


  • The Skutherans celebrate only one holiday. It is te Day of Hope, commemorating the date when they helped the Kkrotids win the Guardian War.
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