Skordi, as a rule, are manipulative, brutish, and treacherous, and that's them on a good day.

- Barda Clett

Skordi are a race of savage, brutal, powerful bestial warmongers native to the Mirus Galaxy, infamous for their foul temperament, lust for battle and war, and near-inability to live alongside most other races due to their love of violence and destruction. The Skordi, when they where originally created by the Multus Esse, barely resembled the gargantuan forms they have now, resembling small, ape-like beings native to their world of Skorkaz. Experiments by Darkling scientists and Agents lead to them gaining a more fearsome, reptilian visage, and a far greater propensity for violence. Unable to control their charges, the Darkling agents where slain, and the Skordi fractured into multiple warbands, before spreading out across the stars.

Skordi are largely immune to most attempts to hold their population in check. Darklings have attempted to sterilize their world multiple times, agents of just about every faction have made attempts to limit their activities, and even the Alpha Cyber Collective has struggled against their rampage. While the Skordi are slow to get moving, once their hordes start marching to battle, few things can stop them. Though they appear primitive and savage compared to the Mendel, Waptoria or Zarbanians, they hide underneath their thick heads a powerful mind that only grows more fearsome and intelligent with age, and a strong body that most diseases and biologic agents cannot hope to counter.

History Edit

Creation Edit

The Skordi were created by the ancient Multus Esse in the bygone days of Mirus. Their home, the jungle world of Skorkaz, was perfect for the ape like beings, who, at the time, where hardly taller then a human. Still stronger then most other races, they hardly resembled the brutal beasts they would become much later on. Their days were spent in peace, living peacefully alongside one another, and hardly coming into conflict, their great strength turned to creating beautiful forts, citadels and spires, more for show then anything else, and meant to impress others. This changed when the Darklings took notice of such brutes. Highly impressed by their strength, but wishing to turn them into warriors to conquer and destroy their foes, the Darklings sent one of their own, Darkling Spirax to oversee the deployment of several agents to not only modify the Skordi, but turn them into obedient shock troops for their armies.

The Skordi were easily modified, due to their simple genetic structure, and further strengthened, to make them reproduce faster, fight harder, and be much more aggressive. However, another race needed creation, the dreaded Changelings, who would serve as infiltration agents for the Brotherhood. Spirax was sent to create where his brothers and sisters had failed, and left his Skordi creations with his agents and several Mutran Spiders. he set out for about 7 months, and, when he was finished improving what they had failed at, Spirax returned to the world, only to find his creations fighting amongst themselves. They had turned the planet into an absolute warzone, killed all of their overseers, agent and Spider alike, and divided amongst themselves various petty kingdoms, and had even begun building starships. Disturbed and angered at his failure, the Brotherhood demoted Spirax severely, and ordered Krianus to overseer the world, or try to.

The Skordi spread out quickly, the beasts reproducing far faster then what was thought possible, and traveling throughout Mirus, looking for things to fight and kill to prove themselves, their aggression and lust for battle left out of control by their "Maker". Once encountered by other races, it did not take long for war to break out, the Skordi's various tribes and warbands pushing into their territory and raiding and pillaging as they saw fit. Once weakness, however, was their fractious nature, which turned against them as the Skordi spread out, various tribal leaders and secondary chieftains gaining command of their own warbands, and doing about their own missions.

The Brotherhood made one final attempt to bring the Skordi under control, by creating the Shadow Skordi, brutes armed with Shadow Energy, and much larger, stronger and far more ill-tempered then the standard Skordi, but also more disciplined and organized. Despite, these Shadow Skordi, shortly after their creation, killed their captors and went back to their tribes, becoming fearsome leaders and warriors for their comrades.

The Skordi briefly reunited when a Skordi known as the Shadow Beast, united all of his kin, and waged war on the entirety of Mirus. But his crusade of blood was ended, and his warbands splintered off once more, though many Warlords poignantly wish for his return, or one like him. While many Skordi overcame their nature, and settled in many of the empires of Mirus, the rest remain a wild, untamed race, to proud to bend their knee to any weakling.

Most of the Skordi not in the UAE and Zarbanian territory came to be part of the Ironjawz Horde, a Loron-lead coalition dedicated to slaughter, piracy and mayhem.

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Culture Edit

Skordi, generally, come across as a brutal, straight forward race, with little time for peace, art or the like, a great tragedy, as their race was once quite peaceful and enjoyed creating such inspiring works of arts, all of which lie in burning ruins on their old homeworld. From death worlds, eldritch, hell-ish locations, and devastated space stations, no where is safe from the infestation of a group of Skordi, the brutes often taking up residence where ever they feel like, and caring little if other already inhabit the area. Once they settle in, they begin producing weapons, creating a tribal hierarchy, and begin assigning themselves positions to carry out their tasks.

Once they find something to fight and focus their energies on, not only do their populations explode, but they begin to, unintentionally, draw in others of their kind to their location to swell the ranks and make the fight even better. Skordi will throw themselves at the enemy, their ramshackle appearance quite deceiving. Skordi are extremely intelligent, and, although prefer simple tools and metals, can craft advanced armor and weapons from these scraps to turn into advanced fire power and armor for themselves to use in battle. Where the Mendel would expect a savage tide and unremitting violence, instead find a horde of well-equipped, very brutish warriors. This is their most surprising trait, as their creators seem to have given them great command over science and technology, which they abuse to fight others instead of actually doing something useful.

Those that come into other societies assimilate easily, taking on the general habits and manners of the other race, and mixing them with their own ideals. While not impossible, it is difficult for the violent Skordi to put aside their love of fighting to fit into another culture, but not impossible. Several Skordi live within the Federation, Zarbania and even Waptorian space.

Skordi, when not organizing in large tides to try and conquer the galaxy, are known to work as mercenaries, eager to fight something or anything to test their tools upon, even working for those who were formally enemies at one points.

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Biology Edit

Skordi are large, powerfully muscled brutes, with a large series of spikes running down their backs, and a reptilian visage, though they actually have more in common with mammals then reptiles. They can out-match most races in contests of strength, though pale compared to the Drakodominatus/Dominatus or the Dragowar. Their bodies are immune to most diseases, which their foes found out the hard way early on, the brutes growing immune to all attempts to sterilize them very quickly. In battle, a rush of chemicals in their bodies will speed up muscle and bone growth, and increase brain activity, making older and larger Skordi much more intelligent and powerful. When on planet, these chemicals will come out in their sweat, drawing in other Skordi for the fight.

Religion Edit

Skordi worship the god Kornakk, though is it not exactly a race devoted to a benevolent ruler of some sort, but rather a fearsome warrior who takes no slight from any weakling. Any one who looks at him wrong, who speaks ill of him or otherwise ticks him off, will be attacked. The Skordi believe if they do not fight and kill others, they will be dragged off by him to some hellish land to endure his nightmarish torture and brutality. Most Skordi do not build any temples or shrines to Kornakk, and avoid speaking of him, being one of the few things they actually fear.

Sub-species Edit

Skordi, as a whole, do not naturally develop sub-species, but rather, it comes from eating whatever element they find. Those who chow down on ice, gain ice powers, as well as a crystalline armor over their bodies. Those who eat lava and fire, while rarer, gaining a fiery aura about themselves. This results in numerous different Skordi, all who look as different as the last, and seemingly made out of elements of nature, as they go about their conquest and killing throughout the universe. Shadow Skordi are the result of genetic manipulation, and do not naturally occur among Skordi tribes.


Skordi IH

An Iron-head of Fire

Skordi of Fire, are the Skordi who manifests slight control over heat and fire. These beings usually manifest in worlds with high temperatures, especially in lava and other high heat death worlds. The Skordi of this element cannot control fire directly, like Koatria, instead have only immunity to burning, and do not suffer from high-temperature harm to their bodies. Skordi of Fire are known to be more aggressive, violent and bellicose then most other Skordi.

Skordi of Fire, befitting their aggressive attitude, prefer a more aggressive, loud way of fighting battle. These Skordi commonly use powerful explosive weapons, such as Rocket and Grenade launchers, and very large, very powerful heavy machine guns and blasters.

These Skordi hate sneaking about, and hiding like cowards, preferring to get right to the point and fight rather then mess and mucking about. The Skordi are also direct and to the point outside of war, hating double-talkers and manipulators. Any who try and side-step them and talk down them are more likely to get their heads torn off, and, often, lite on fire if they get on he wrong side of a Fire Skordi.

Skordi HC

A Hunter-Commando of Ice.

Skordi of Ice are the Skordi who are usually born in colder, more artic communities and environments, often living in ice flows and often near sub-zero conditions. They manifest their elemental powers through an immunity to cold weather, such as deceased chance of getting frost-bite, and near immunity to hypothermia. Like all Skordi, they cannot command Ice directly. These Skordi are more isolated and manipulative then other Skordi, many not liking contact with other Skordi and other races, and while not the most violent, are definitely the most xenophobic.

Skordi of Ice, being so often silent and sneaky, prefer silence and sneaky weaponry in battle. Silencer weapons, focused laser rifles, and assassination blades are all used by their warriors, as well as weapons that make very little noise.

Skordi of Ice hate loud noise and those that make such noises. As such, they generally stay away from the rest of the Skordi, who are generally louder and more aggressive. Despite being more silent and insular, enjoy a good fight as much as any other. Although not loud and aggressive like Fire Skordi, they are among the most xenophobic of the Skordi, but hide it behind a veneer of silence and contemptuous silence.

Skordi Bull

A Bull with Elemental power of Water.

Skordi of Water are Skordi who where born into more aquatic environments, with more rain, exposure to more oceans, and often in aquatic worlds without much land mass. These Skordi commonly live in space stations and ships that have crashed into the waves, and now float aimlessly, using them as floating cities to house their warriors. This manifests in not only an ability to read the waves, but also to travel through space and find worlds ripe for plunder and death.

Skordi of Water are considered the standard of Skordi, being powerful, brutish and bold, but also very cunning and intelligent, despite what their attitude would show. The Skordi are known to be experts at boarding actions, and have a natural sense of direction in close quarters.

Skordi of Water naturally enjoy drinking and do so heavily. Of all Skordi, their language and attitudes are more course, their attitudes more blunt. Given their propensity for being in ships and close quarters, they naturally prefer shotguns, axes and other boarding weapons to use against enemy crew. They are among the most hedonistic of the Skordi, most preferring to eat and drink heavily, giving them more "girth" then other Skordi.

Skordi Mek

A Stone Skordi Mechanic expert

Skordi of Stone are the Skordi born in more desert environments, most commonly rocky terrain and mountains, in isolated enclaves away from other Skordi. These beings build their enclaves right into cliffs and rocks high above the other Skordi, so they can look down upon them, or, more often then not, know when they are coming and fling rocks down upon their foes. They are the builders of the Skordi, having a natural proclivity for construction and building things, from weapons to prisons.

Skordi of Stone are naturally disdainful of others and show apathy towards other Skordi, especially after they are denied something they want, like positions of power and wealth. Due to the stereotype as builders of things, most other Skordi look down upon them as being nothing but tinkers and playing with bricks, and, as such, few tribes pay them any heed. This causes them to naturally hate those of the tribe that deny them position, which commonly results in sabotage of buildings and weapons others will use. Even those of their own kind aren't safe, Skordi of Stone willing to kill their own if need be.

Skordi of Stone are masters of buildings, and as such, are the best siege engineers of the Skordi, using rockets and other siege weaponry, such as artillery and mobile RPG weapons to level the buildings of others. The Skordi will also make use of powerful guns of their own construction, separate from other Skordi, and show disdain for those built by other Skordi.

Skordi Boss

A Skordi Boss of Earth

Skordi of Earth are among the strongest of the Skordi types, beings of great strength and power, who prefer to fight over wasting time and talking. The Skordi of Earth are intelligent, like many Skordi, but feel their power and strength are enough to let them win any battle they face. Despite all of this, if defeated, these Skordi are known to analyze the situation deeply and recalculate, so no two strategies will defeat them twice. They are mostly born in areas deep in caverns and in deep in the caves and rocks, away from other Skordi, other then living near the Skordi of Stone.

Skordi of Earth are often seen as a arrogant and overconfident, even compared to other Skordi. They are prone to preferring a heavy-handed response to most things, charging right in with weapons in hand and fighting those that challenge them. This often leads to them losing, but, if that comes about, the Skordi of Earth usually have no trouble trying to approach it from a different angle. Those that are too stupid to change die in battle, and as such only the more intelligent Skordi of this species survive.

Skordi of Earth prefer the basics when it comes to fighting. Axe, cleavers, and heavy machine guns are all in their repertoire. Some, however, use more eccentric weapons, such as Buzzsaw blades and Hammers of sorts. If it is loud, brutal and has good, strong cutting and blasting power, then that works greatly for the Skordi.

Skordi LS

A Skordi of Wind, as a Lead-Spitter.

Skordi of Wind, of all the Skordi, are often the least trustworthy of the Skordi, and often the most distant and cold of the Skordi. These beings are often born in jungle worlds and areas with many trees and the like, developing often in forested areas and building great cities within the trees. They are slightly weaker then other Skordi, but can still dominate the field when attacking and fighting others. This, combined with their distant, unfeeling nature, causes other Skordi to distrust them and dislike them.

These Skordi are manipulative and cunning, to compensate for their weaker muscle mass. The Skordi are often not leaders by right of conquest and honor duel, but by getting close to the tribal Warlord and making sure to stay in his good graces. Though known for being manipulative, many Warlords like their presence for advise and ability to keep the Warband in order. If the Warlord comes to an "unfortunate" end, then, of course, the Second in Command may finally rise as leader. Outside of this, the Skordi of Wind still maintain their leadership as planning ambushes and surprise attacks.

Skordi of Wind prefer cutting blades, not the brutal axes and cleavers used by less intelligent Skorid, but the slicing and cutting blades used by more experienced, finer-tuned warriors, not the brutish idiots of other Skordi. This fits with their attack ideals of being more in-control and finer-tuned then other Skordi.

Shadow Skordi

A Shadow Skordi ready to fight.

Shadow Skordi are not a natural creation. Something far more foul is behind the creation and breeding of these fearsome warriors. Though many debate what could've made them, the most widely accepted answer is that the Darklings, growing irritated with how the Skordi had defied their plans and grown into a threat to everything, even the Darklings' own servants, sought to create a race that could either serve in their place, or cajole them back into service and discipline. They gathered not only their best scientists, but also the servants of scientifically minded races under their thrall, and set to work, gathering the largest and most aggressive of their Skordi, to try and breed a better class out of them, using their powers of Dark Energy.

The resulting creatures are much more disciplined, and much more aggressive then other Skordi, and, at first, the Darklings were pleased with their newest servants. Unfortunately, they forgot that Skordi's sense of independence is much harder to breed out of them, and they still held a deep sense of direction for themselves against their masters. When the chance showed itself, they organized their fellow Skordi, and launched an all-out attack against the Darklings. Dark Olympians, Skallin and Cultist alike struggled to fight off the rage-filled vengeance of the Skordi, and though they were driven off, putting many of the brutes to the sword, most others escaped into their comrades and tribes' waiting arms, ad with them, a number of the Shadow Skordi.

Shadow Skordi are noted for their dark black and purple hides, which, when combined with the heavy black plates they wear, makes them a dangerous and unpredictable foe to face in battle. Due to their superior strength and durability, many Shadow Skordi will form into small but deadly bands of melee focused infantry that will hack into their foes with reckless abandon.


Skordi Gorgers are the degenerate off shots and deformed mutant offspring of Skordi, who evolved and came about from living in the caves of Skordi worlds, while feeding on materials that are best left a mystery. The Gorgers come about from the superstitious, brutal nature of the Skordi, and when famines and short falls in their food and other supplies run low, comets streak across the sky in patterns they dislike, or the flows of Essence screw their Shaman's brains. For this, many Skordi will be born stunted and deformed, and left in the caves and deep caverns of their worlds to die, for they are seen as an ill omen of the bad times getting worse.

The infants thrown into these caves found a difficult existence, but many, so stubborn and willful, even for a Skordi, come to hold despite everything thrown at them. Feasting on cavern worms and insects, and mysterious, dark essence-imbued objects, the Skordi will grow and survive, but their bodies will be horrifically mutated and twisted by the experience, slowly becoming something completely alien to their peers.

By time they are spotted again, they are tall, wiry creatures, covered in various spikes, tusks and fangs, with saliva dripping with so many toxins that even the smallest bite is a death sentence. Gorgers will make whole communities and packs within the caverns and deepest caves, but can be called out to by the coming of a war, making their way to the surface to fight for the Skordi, as though something in their blood still causes them to serve or go to their old tribe, despite being abandoned.

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  • Leader - Neserkten
  • Affiliation - Brotherhood of Darklings

  • Leader - Togorox
  • Affiliation - Their own.

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  • Based on Skakdi from Bionicle, and the Orks to a lesser extent.
  • The Skordi possess an Aoshtai counterpart.
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