The Sinleri are a descendants of the Aininyë and are an ancient species hailing from the Quadrant Galaxies. The Sinleri use dark and arcane magic to enchant spells and shields and use it to study the stars to gain foresight in the future. Rumoured to have escaped their doom to another dimension the Sinleri re-emerged in 2805.

As a species, the Sinleri are a noble and beautiful race, clad in red and black armor that represent their passionate nature and aggression against their enemies. Though noble and fair, the Sinleri’s practice in the arts of dark magic made them prone for cruelty and craving for and addictive for arcane magic.

They are mostly resented by many species within the Quadrants.


Sinleri are biologically and physiologically Elves with long legs and physically stronger and swifter than humans. Courtesy of their exposure and usage of dark and arcane magic, the appearance of the Sinleri changed, increasing in height and more muscular as well as prone for darker personalities and cruelty. They typically have fairy long hair, an emerald green glow in their eyes and Sinleri typically have no facial hair. In general, Sinleri are slim, athletic, strong and graceful. As a race in general they are proud, pragmatic, and a somewhat jingoistic people. Furthermore, all Sinleri have long pointed ears and possess acute senses and keen sight in darkness.

Like all Aininyë or elven species, Sinleri are considered highly attractive by the standards of most mortal races. Sinleri are immortal by biological standards, though can be killed by force or infections when not treated. Sinleri can be poisoned as well, though their natural immune system makes them to be able to withstand poison normally toxic to other mortal species.

Sinleri clad themselves commonly in dark red and yellow armor and clothing, representing their passionate nature and fierce aggression against their foes. A noble and proud race, some who practice the dark and arcane magic too much are known to descend into madness, though others gain immense powers from it, able to do terrible things.


Origins and Isolation[]

A Dwulairi Gate, ancient remnant of times long past!

The Sinleri, as descendants of the Aininyë they were banished by the Noldialtica for their use of dark and arcane magic. Before the Sinleri (at the time still Aininyë) could be removed they vanished into another dimension and settled themselves at an island.

Over time in the other dimension the Aininyë changed into their current appearance and named themselves the Sinleri. Their first King was known as Aredthir Bloodwing who had two heirs, his son Kael’Thalas Bloodwing and his daughter Finduliaë Bloodwing.

Re-emergence in the Quadrants[]

Leaving Erde by unknown means the Sinleri under Kael'Thalas arrived in the Quadrant Galaxies and re-emerged in the year 2805 (07 AQF). Upon their arrival the Prince allied himself with the Dwulari Liloth and usurped power in the Hutter Kingdom in hopes or reshaping the Quadrants. The Prince and his newfound Hutter allies embarked on what would later be known as the Torment Events where the Prince met his end at the hands of the dreaded Tormentor in the Tormented Tomb at Arcaniox.

Afterwards the Sinleri lost all favor and standing with the Hutters, Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel and the Orcs. Without their Prince the Sinleri were degraded to a third-class citizens, resented once more. The Sinleri pledged support to the Rambo Loyalist afterwards in hopes of gaining a new home within the Ramboidae Realm. Sinleri forces fought during the battle of Pauvenris.


Individuals aligned to the Bloodwing Dynasty
Sinleri aligned to House Fingolin

Military Forces[]

Sinleri Guard
The Sinleri Guard are the main infantry of Sinleri forces, serving as both swordman and archers, in either offensive, defensive or guarding roles.

The Sinleri ancient appearance provides them a regal appearance striking awe in their foes. Their ancient armor are build with interlocking steel lames the provide protection while at the same times allow a great movement and agility. Their undergament and layers are dyed dark blue.

Both male and female can serve within the Guard.


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Old and Retconned
Aredthir Bloodwing
Aredthir Bloodwing01.png

Aredthir Bloodwing is the first and only known king of the new kind of elves known as the Sinleri. He has founded his kingdom on Koldenwelt on an island in the west and kept himself and his people in isolation for years. His elve kin are a subspecies of the Urnindalë and outcasts due to their use of darker and arcane elemental energies. Aredthir rules his people with an iron fist, is cruel to his enemies though in more recent years grew open to explore Koldenwelt and find allies among the many species and kingdoms inhabiting Koldenwelt.

For reasons Aredthir himself cannot explain, he grows slowly weaker and the King fears that someone within his own court is slowly poisoning him but cannot prove anything yet. Aredthir allowed his people to increase the use of the darker and arcane magics in hopes of returning to the Quadrants. If they would succeed, he would send his eldest son and youngest daughter, together with a noble acting as his representative through a portal into the Quadrant Galaxies, to prepare for his return.

He wears a giant scepter, a crown on his head heavy armor to protect himself agains arrows and magics. Aredthir is proud of his children, though is cruel and mean to both his subjects and his children. Aredthir himself is a great user of the arcane magics and powers, slowly driving him into madness.

Solemnly Guard
Solemnly Guard01.png

Solemnly Guard are the Royal guard of the Sinleri. These guards wear fancy and heavy armors, large spears and shields and are very skilled. They are loyal to the Bloodwing Royal Family and would not hesistate to sacrifice themselves if required. The guards consists only out of male Sinleri and they are trained from very young age. Many of the guard are trained in the art of defense but are skilled trackers and executioners as well.

Solemnly Rangers
Sinleri Elf Ranger FemaleLarge.png

Solemnly Rangers are the shadow forces of the Sinleri elves. Great markswomen, they are the masters of surgical strikes and ambushes and often execute shadow operations in favor of the royal family and are found defending the elven settlements and positions upon walls and towers. The solemnly rangers consist soley out of female Sinleri. Working together with the Solemnly Guard and the Wronly Knights, the rangers are often used as scouts and all are equipped with light armor for swift and agile movements, a large bow with arrows and small knifes for close combat.

They are clad in gold and black armor, allowing them to blend in during the nights.

Wronly Knights
Wronly KnightLarge.png

Wronly Knights are fallen Sinleri knights, clad in black dark red armor and loyal to Kael'Thalas. They act as his secret guard and they are the most feared, terrible and cruel among the Sinleri. Rid of all kind of emotions, the Wronly Knights do not hesistate to kill man, woman and children alike with no hesistation or second thoughts. Wronly Knights are difficult to kill as they feel little pain, the only way to kill them is to stab through their hart of behead the powerful kights.

Clad in heavy armor the knights are rather slow, but with a massive axe they make up their slowness by tremendous strength .

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