We ain't gonna be pawns for this Empire forever...

- Shodrae

The Shodrae are a highly intelligent race of the Core Worlds which controlled a small empire near their homeworld, a tropical planet known as Shrakéo. They are known for being famous philosophers and being very helpful and wise to strangers.


Early History[]

The Shodrae evolved on the lush green world called Shrakéo, and formed their empire around the year 2,500 BNE in relative peace, only having to worry about minor space pirate invasions and colony maintenance. As they expanded around the Core Worlds, they met the other races of the Federation of United Worlds and eventually joined it as well. They remained the following years in peace and expanding their empire, this expansion being finally put to a halt during the Intergalactic War, where the Shodrae suffered many losses to the Cognatus.

Recent History[]

The Empire launches an attack on Shrakéo

During the time of the Great Cyrannus War, the Shodrae would meet the Indoctrinate Collective and join it after seeing how their cultures were similar, as well as their interests. Many Shodrae would then migrate to the Milky Way and Borealis, making them a widespread member of the empire.

However, when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed and the Dark Times began, the Indoctrinate Collective was forced to leave the galaxy. Many Shodrae evacuated and some joined the Republic Remnant, but many more decided to stay and defend their planets. This resistance was ended when an Imperial fleet, led by Mar-Júun, attacked Shrakéo and surrendered the Shodrae. Now they are a divided species who vows to make the Empire pay one day.


Shodrae are known around the Core Worlds as a very wise race of philosophers. They are very interested in knowing the little details of the universe and as such, are very determinated to discover new things. Shodrae are also known to be a very friendly and welcoming race, expecially to those who want to share their cultures with them.

Shodrae are also known for being rather stubborn creatures, an example being when they refused to be submitted into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus during the Dark Times.

Biology and Appearance[]

Shodrae are tall, blue creaturs with slim bodies and limbs. This makes them very flexible when it comes to moving on narrow paths. In their heads, they posess two pairs of tendrils which are conisdered the Shodrae equivalent to hair. Males and females don't have many physical differences, bu females notably sport a green skin colour rather than blue.

The largest Shodrae can reach up to 3 meters tall, while still being relatively light in weight. However, the Shodrae's bones are significantly more fragile than those of other Cyrannian species, which means they need heavy body armor when facing dangerous situations.

Notable Individuals[]

Diplomat Eviran.png

With my knowledge and the Republic's assets, the Shodrae in Cyrannus will prosper.

Eviran Dulius is a Shodrae, formerly a Supreme Advisor of the Indoctrinate Collective, who joined forces with Apollo to help him evacuate Cyrannus. Born in the tropical homeworld of the Shodrae, his mother being a very famous diplomat across his people. Being fascinated by the subject, Eviran eventually managed to become a diplomat as known as his mother, who was killed by a fleet of space pirates days after. Eviran was the responsible for the Shodrae union with the Indoctrinate Collective, managing to convince his species that living under their care would be better for them, which proved true. Due to this, the Collective elected Eviran to be their Supreme Advisor in Cyrannus, being the administrator of the Collective's colonies in the galaxy.

When Apollo was declared a traitor, Eviran went after him to help him escape the Empire, as well as to save as many Shodrae from being inserted into Imperial rule as possible. Currently, he serves as the Collective's diplomat in the New Cyrannian Republic.



Do not try anything so stupid as to defy the Emperor's will again. Or you shall lose more than you're independence.

- Tyranus

A wise race of philosophers and teachers. Their intelligence is known as the galaxy.

- Apollo

I've learned a thing or two from watching their broadcasts. Their planet looks really nice, too. I plan to visit it someday.

- Zeburtiel

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