A Personal favorite of mine. These little beasts are driven by the very based of most mortal's emotions. It is quite fun to watch them to tear through their victims, spreading like a cancer across a world. Then wiping the slat clean, and letting one get away, to start the fun all over again!

- Darkling Bloran

Shai'Ghouls are a creation of the Darklings via an experiment in twisting members in shambling, cannibalistic beasts meant to act as shock troops and close combat beasts. Unfortunately, such ideals flew out the window, once the creatures began to spread, and it became impossible for Darkling Bloran to control them, even with all his Darkling powers. As such, Shai'Ghouls became yet another problem for inhabitants of Mirus to deal with, as the creatures, while ravenous and willing to devour anything, proved most difficult, due to spreading via bite, their mouths lined with the same plague that can turn nearly anything other race into another of them.

Regarded as hateful and savage by all, even Darkling servants such as Skallin, Shai'Ghouls have infested a number of planets, from Dastren to even the underhives of a number of city-worlds used by the UAE. No matter what, few races seem immune to them, and all bitten by them, sooner or later, begin to display the same ravenous hunger, savagery and cannibalism behavior as these beasts.

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Shai'Ghouls are the result of experimentation by Darkling Bloran into the creation of savage slave troops that could be brought about by infection and inner savagery within the victims of his experiments and attacks. The first target of his experiments would be an agricultural world of some unknown race or races. He began his experiments with causing a famine that destroyed most of their food, and altered the seasons to induce a long winter. As the beings shivered in the cold, Bloran finally revealed his greatest trick. Creating famine was one thing, but what he had now would truly be one of his greatest delights. Taking a few members, he infected with a new disease of his making, and left them back into the general population.

As he watched, their desperation and hunger grew, and soon, turned to killing their own, or digging up corpses to devour. With their path to damnation already begun, the mutations began to set in, claws and teeth growing in, before the creatures transformed fully into a rather Ghoulish form. The creatures that emerged from these few hapless victims, were the first generation of what he called Shai'Ghouls. Driven by a hunger for meat and to spread, the Ghouls soon began to devour many, and much to Bloran's delight, also spread their sickness. A simple bite from one, would transfer numerous poisons and diseases into the target, beginning their transformation into a Shai'Ghoul.

Ghoul Attack

A pack of Shai'Ghouls attack an isolated Federation Trooper

By time the winter was over, Bloran had a whole world of Shai'Ghouls, ready to devour anything they could catch in their claws, and spread their sickness. Carefully transferring a number to his personal ships and labs, he began implanting them into worlds considered troublesome by the Darklings, or simply to under-hives within the Ecumenipolis worlds and stations of the UAE, the oldest enemies of the Darklings, and waited for the plague to spread yet further.

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Shai'Ghouls are driven by two base, primal emotions; to eat and to spread. Shai'Ghouls will, due to their savagery and base hunger, throw themselves in great numbers at any foe, hissing and shrieking, tearing them apart with their claws and teeth to try and get a meal to sate their hunger. Yet, just as often, they lock their jaws on a target, a sentence even worse then death for some. The spreading illness that results from this will mutate the target into another Shai'Ghoul, and spread their numbers yet further.

Very little of the past being remains of a Shai'Ghoul, though elements of the original creature will effect their behavior and hunting patterns. Those derived from Mendel stock, of any race, are noted for their discipline and even using blasters to hunt their targets. No matter what, however, Shai'Ghouls are possessed only of hunger, though will never eat their own.

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The Shai'Ghouls are, generally tall, gaunt, muscular beasts, vaguely reptilian and driven by a desire to devour and eat. They have large black claws on their hands and feet, and a constantly drooling maw. Shai'Ghouls vary slightly, from whichever race was infected, most of them have molted purple, dull red, yellow, green or white hides. They are strong enough to cut through even the strongest bulkheads with their rending claws, but prefer to avoid such shows of force, as it wastes energy that could be devoted to eating and hunting.

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  • Based slightly on the Rakghouls from Star Wars, as well as various mythical versions of Ghouls, from Warhammer to ancient Arabia.

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