he Serlgmec are deadly creatures hailing from Quadrant 21. With their impressive appearance and agressive tactics, many know to stay away from their borders and leave them at their own.


They have a lizard like appearance and their physical power is impressive. Their purple/black colored skin is very sturdy, making them difficult to hurt with physical attacks, though when using weapons their skin provides little protection. Their large head allows them to develop a large brain, making their scent abilities far greater than most creatures.


The Serlgmec have a war thorn history, as their civil wars mostly used up the resources of their own planet and the ecology system was damaged by it. Forcing themselves into space around 45 BQF they began settling down at new planets they found and over the following years they established their own empire with 5 planets. Well protected by their vast militairy and navy the Serlgmec are sure they cannot be stopped. However they have all heard the stories about the Secoolian, and they were once harvest of the Secoolians before the Secoolian were forced to withdraw by the Quadrantia Grox many thousand of years ago. First contact with Rambo Nation was troublesome but with the discovery of Alethena Metru and the peace negotiations of Senator Chuinaylia peace returned and the Serlgmec and the Rambo began opening trade.

Yet with Rambo Nation becoming a protectrate of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in 01 NE the relations between the Serglmec and the Rambo became strained, as the Serlgmec feared an invasion. However the Rambo and Serglmec continued their trade, in hopes an invasion would not arrive. In the 5th month of 02 NE the Serglmec aided the Quadrantia Loron and the Quadrantia Federation in taking over the Q21 space station. However shortly after they left the alliance as they believed the Empire would not react to it and they did not fear a retalliation by them.


None yet.


Serlgmec Cruiser

Now having medium sized ships, which aren't really impressive in size or strength they are the backbone of the Serlgmec society. When in combat, the Serlgmec do not hesitate to sacrifice themselves if needed. The Serlgmec are known to use one type of cruiser, which are about 85 meters long. Yet their weapons are incredible powerful, capable of weaking Rambo Nation shields with 15 percent per shot. Fast and agile, they are a menace.



Blue face.pngCooperation can be in place!


Red face.pngTarget all weapons! Fire at will!



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