Sepheria is the homeplanet of the Sepherian and is fully covered by buildings and stripped of trees. The former oceans and rivers lie below the city streets, acting as sewers for the native Sepherians.

The Sepherian are known to be vicious and cunning, and it is dangerous to fully trust them.


The Sepherian are humanoid creatures, quite tall and always seem to have somesort of sickening smile on their face. Many within the Unclaimed Territories view the Sepherians are unworthy, never to be fully trusted, cunning and backstabbing persons. There are even rumors they eat their enemies when they are defeated in personal combat- eating their heart shows you are superior to others. The Sepherians are bright white colored and have spikey headtails they can use to injure or strangle their enemies with.

Differant coloration indicate from wich district the Sepherian come. The whites are the most advanced and have the dominent position at the planet, greenish are the lowest of all, living in the sewers. Blues are responsible for generating fresh water while the reds are responsible for heating and creating stuff.

The Sepherian live on Sepheria, an ecumenopolis. The planet, over time the Sepherians fully covered their planet by one massive city, divided in districts.


The Sepherian have a history of violence, district wars and gangs fighting against eachother. One of the more advanced districts, belonging to the white colored Sepherian managed to creature a space ship. Launching the vessel Around 250 BQF the Sepherian reached space with their advanced and powerful green/grey colored ships- but sadly are quite slow. The Sepherians often isolated themselves from the other species of the Unclaimed Territories, viewing them below their standards and to avoid conflict as the Sepherians were independant of trade for food and water as they took that away from their own planet while building their cities.

Around 03 AQF they met with Rambo Nation and decided to allow them to build an embassy on their planet in return for a large amount of trade of food and water against reduced prices. The Rambo accepted, seeing Sepheria as an excellent staging area or listening post for the events of the Unclaimed Territories. When in 02 NE the Rambo became a protectrate of the Empire- they began wondering if they should become a protectrate of the Rambo as tensions rised in the Unclaimed Territories. Around the same time the famous Sepheria Whisky became a populair illegal alcoholic consumptions and the Sepheria were able to send it on the black market without anyone being able to prove their illegal acts.

The Sepherian were excluded from the Treaty of Serindianliae as they were deemed to aggressive and the Nation not yet willing to make a prominent step in the dangerous Unclaimed Territories.




Blue face.pngWe can handle them!

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Yellow face.pngNot sure about them


Red face.pngOh yes, you should fear us!

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