The Secoolian are an ancient race from Quadrant 21, with space capabilities dating back to 7800 BQF, using their cruisers which never changed during their history the Secoolian are a dangerous presence within the Quadrants.


The Secoolian are insect creatures, feeding of other creatures life force to keep themselves alive. Though dangerous and aggressive, the Secoolian do know when to set aside differances and work together with other "lesser" species to ensure their own survival.

Their thick hide is very strong and capable of reflecting bullets and knifes, though it has various open spots wich can critically injure a Secoolian. The Secoolian often appear in large numbers to overwhelm their enemies.


The Secoolian reached space around 7800 BQF and begin conquering large areas of Quadrant 21, using the inhabitants of that time as harvest for their ever present hunger. After their conquest the Secoolian left and went into isolation. Around 3530 BQF the Secoolians left their isolation again and began conquering large areas of Quadrant 21, ravaging the quadrant once more and forcing those who were able to escape their onslaught to migrate away from quadrant 21 (like the humanoids and slugs). Those whom were not able to escape, were simply eaten by the Secoolians, while others were being enslaved, and were used to harvest slaves which could be used for food, providing a permanent food resource.

Secoolian and QGrox wage war

However, around 3500 BQF the Secoolians were forced to withdrawn by the arriving Quadrantia Grox Sphere. The Secoolian battled the Grox for years but lost due to the Grox abilities to adept and soon the Secoolian gave up their conquered areas and returned into their isolation. Though when they left various areas, it turned out they left planets scarred, some without life as it was completely harvested by the dreaded Secoolians. The Secoolian did manage to keep the Grox further more out of Quarant 21 and settled themselves around the Galactic Core of Quarant 21.

Claire vs a Secoolian

Since 04 AQF the Secoolian became more active and one Secoolian was even captured by the Confederacy during the Great Cyrannus War. The lone Secoolian scout was encountered by Claire Rambo during the second battle of Nosiso.

Since 01 NE/05 AQF, the Secoolian recieved news of the forming of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Secoolian began infriltrating their neighbouring empires for information about them. They also signed a treaty with Rambo Nation to exchange their data about the Quadrantia Grox.


Secoolian cruiser

The Secoolians only use one type of cruiser, which were 852 meters long, and were frequently updated with various kind of weapons and shields, though never changed their design.

The ships are very powerful and difficult to combat, the Secoolian commanders are very overconfident of their ships and only fear Q-Grox spheres.


Yellow face.pngCooperation can be in place


Red face.pngYou shall be harvested!



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