The Saminilus is a species of mechanics, warriors, engineers and scientists, with aquatic traits, that belongs to the Zoles Imperium, with some being members of the Unified Nation of Ottzello.



The Samilinus were created by The Cold Ones, who were creating their first Chronoscopic Organism under guidance of the Vyro'Narza, who showed them how to create one. The Samilinus were a surprisingly successful biological creation, and grew into a strong empire on their own. However, when the Cold Ones civilization collapsed, the Samilinus were forced to evolve on their own.

First Borealis Galactic War[]

When the First Borealis Galactic War struck, the Samilinus Empire met the Wranploer Legion, who tired to blackmail the Samilinus into giving up information about the Cold Ones' technology. The Samilinus were about to all die instead, but the Zoles Imperium saved them, and they joined the Imperium. The majority, to this day, still live in the Imperium.

Conflicts of Borealis[]

The modern Samilinus mostly reside in the Zoles Imperium, although some Samilinus DNA was located by the Unified Nation of Ottzello at around the time before the Second Borealis Galactic War, and due to being a Chronoscopic organism, these joined the Unified Nation of Ottzello.



The Samilinus have the appearance of a water-born race, as they have many traits and characteristics of aquatic beings. This is both from their creation, and is due to their evolution on the aquatic world of Samilin. Being 2.82m tall, they are fairly large creatures.


The Samilinus are mostly friendly, although they will not hesitate to draw their weapons. Samilinus are mostly scientist, mechanics and engineers, but are also very skillful warriors. Their main role above all is working on starships and vehicles, but are creators of many technologies ranging from home to warfare.


Samilinus are often found with equipment used to work with, fix and build new devices and starships, which they are taught to use from a young age. In terms of weaponry, Samilinus have a preference of close range blades to long range weapons, but are skillful in their use of both.


Samilinus are skillful engineers and technicians, able to evaluate properties of any device, material, and to quickly determine how to develop a new device with any tools given. They are also skillful swimmers, able to breathe on land and underwater.



  • Created by Technobliterator who felt the Zoles Imperium didn't have enough species members


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