While we shall be glad to help our brothers who have protected us from inevitable destruction, we have no interest in your crusades. Knowledge, Technology and Science is our Spode, and for Knowledge we fight.

- Lord Minister L'eah to Tadjamad

Saders are one of the major species of the Divinarium, close relatives of Radeons.


Much like Radeons, Saders were an experiment of Memfian Imperium by splicing and changing the genes of its main species, Rades, and planting them into planets to advance and inherit their empire. Saders' genes were spliced to increase their intelligence, allowing them to unite their minds together, but their physical capabilites more or less remained the same. AI-driven time dilation ships containing Sader specimen were transported on a suitable planet in the Milky Way, Spoddehas. However, as the ships entered the atmosphere, an error in the AI work resulted in ships crash landing on the planet, scattering Rades technology and specimen across the planet. There was another error, though - an error in choosing the planet. It was already inhabited by a sentient species - the Chronodrakes. Strong, humungous and already advanced enough to create steel tools, advanced masonry and even primitive gunpowder. Small, primitive Sader communities survived on Spoddehas only by gathering and studying Rades artifacts, using them to survive. Others were enslaved or brutally exterminated by paranoid and superstitious Chronodrakes, who believed Saders to be demons.

As Saders continued their studies in technology and formed communications between various groups of their kind, they have started to form their own nation, standing against the Chronodrakes. The Great War has begun, lasting for a long time. Both sides were equally strong, and two civilisations have been fighting for over a millenium, truces forming and breaking and technology advancing.

The war was ended by an intervention of Tadjamad's Radeons and the Dei'Ar Theocracy, who have entered the planet to find any valuable resources. By the time he arrived, two species have already developed technology equal to a low Tier 6 empire, able to build primitive STL space drives and nuclear weaponry. Tadjamad and Saders' leader, Lord Minister L'eah, have agreed to ally in exchange for Rades artifacts and minerals of the planet. Chronodrakes were defeated, the survivors fleeing using their experimental FTL spaceships. Saders were finally liberated, and two species became close allies. Tadjamad saw Saders' intelligence as highly valuable, and they became one of the Dei'Ar species.

Later, after the Holy Shadow War and Dei'Ar's fall, Saders have become spacefaring wanderers, living by trade and looting and selling various debris in space. Once Radeons have restored their society, Saders have agreed to join, becoming allies again.



Saders are fairly similar to Radeons, but smaller. They have strong, resilent bones, stocky stature and high stamina. Saders are agitated and quick, slightly more emotional that their neighbours. While small, their body is fairly muscular and stocky, and Saders are actually quite strong.


Saders have psychic abilities similar to Radeons, but working in a different way. Instead of being able to manipulate others, they can open "channels" to freely communicate and unite the minds of two Saders, in a similar way to Fyrvrtha group mind. Due to this, Saders are highly intelligent and can easily solve even the most difficult problems.


Saders are logical and intelligent, highly devoted to law and order in a similar way to Radeons, due to their advanced brains. Saders, however, are more down to the earth and less concerned about faith, being less devoted than their brethren.


Saders are intelligent, scientific species devoted to advancement and enlightenment. They are often seen as teachers and scientists within the Divinarium , composing the bulk of the Demiurges - the Divinarium's science community. Saders tend to live in large groups, often linked with blood ties but sometimes with similar beliefs. Their culture is democratic, leaders chosen by Saders for their skills and intelligence.

Saders' pursuit of enlightenment has reflected in their own religion, which was common during the Great War and was later assimilated by Radeons and became one of many Spodist sects. Saders' religion is monotheistic, their god believed to create the laws of the universe. Learning these laws by scientific approach and experiments is believed to be the divine work, and scientists are often treated as the divine messengers by other Saders. Radeons, while disliking this particular "science religion", tolerate it, both sides agreeing that the "god of laws" worshipped by Saders is one of many facets of Spode.


Saders favour mountainous, forested regions, similar to their home on Spoddehas. However, they can survive in almost any enviroment thanks to their advanced technology.


The genius of these creatures is to be admired and honored.

- Iovera IX

No, thanks. I prefer Radeons over them, honestly.

- Margrave Fela'thoran of the Coalition


- Warboss Gar'dakkra

Stupid midgets.

- Dark Apostle Geltastra
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