Ryketians Are bipedal, hummanoid creatures distinguished by an elongated rear cranium, four joints on the leg and mottled skin on their corwns and shoulders. Rytekins are expert negotiators and strategists orgiginating from the Rytekian Star Empire, a member nation of the Solonese Confederacy. Rytekins are often highly mentally disciplined and take great pride in using tact and diplomacy over traditional warfare.

Recently there have been reports of certain members of the species exhibiting psionic potential. Their traditions of meditation and mental discipline could mean that any potential psionics would ahve at least some self-control but this is so far unknown.



Modern Ryketians have a resting height of 2.1m. Their digitigrade legs allow them to run at speeds of up to 22mph. The peculiar arrngement of the foot. involves three large toes and a fourth jutting from the side. The spread of these toes gives them incredible balance and while running the heel would rarely touch the ground. Skin consists of a rubbery oilive-green surface marked with spots along the side of the torso and neck. The skin darkens at the limbs and along the shoulders and crown is a mottled region of cartilage-reinforced flesh. This soft cartilage offers greater protection without restricting movement too seriously. Hair is predominantly found on the forearms, shins and head, ranging from a bright red to shades of brown and blonde to black.

The head differs from most primates - elongated at the back which tapers to a stup roughly 25cm from the head which acts as an extension of the skull cavity. Their mouths harbour a set of sharp teeth ideal for tearing flesh. Their hands, while human in appearence extend over thin digits before reaching a claw-like mass of keratin and act as the creature's nails. These are frequently kept somewhat pointed for eiher personal or cultural reasons, and has become an excellent adaptation for piercing soft tissue when enough force is provide

Ryketian have two hearts - One in the chest and the other in the abdomen. These pump blood from two large lungs, designed for sprinting this means that Rytekians typically have lerge reserves of stamina and can funtion effectively outside of their preferred oxygen levels. Their digestive tractt is also incredibly effective and they are capable of ingesting alcohol concentrations of up to 18% before suffering any ill-effects effects (over 60% if they have eaten recently).


A ryketian is typically conservative, generally thinking ahead before he or she acts. Ryketians are frequently open-minded and are not shy about expressing distaste. These close-knit relations they form makes them very good at kepeing secrets - both personal and between friends and colleagues.

Ryketians are generally not very impressed when others try to include themselves in these relations without earning each member's trust. As a result there are frequently groups-within-groups and one ryketian might be part of two or more different circles. Outside of these relationship circles they are very open to outsiders, this open-mindedness and ability to keep secrets makes them ideal as therapists and councillors.


Ryketians enjoy smooth, clean architecture and bright colours. interiors are frequently decorated with cool metallic colours or the use of wood in interiors. Exteriors are either maade from bright metal or smooth wood. Ryketian architecture is as much about aestetic quality as it is with the structure's compatability with nature.

Food and the arts[]

Ryketians prefer to express themselves through the more vocal media such as poetry and performances. a popular form of entertainment is the theatrical style known as Olarlitha (traslation: 'hollow form') where the actors wear wooden masks to hide their faces and placing emphasis on their tone of voice. The popularity has spread throughout the Solona cluster for various reasons, chief of which is that an actor's appearence is obscured by a wooden mask, meaning that anyone can play the part.

Ryketian food mainly consists of fish and tough fruits (a select few that are considered edible by ryketian standards)


Ryketians achieve spiritual balance by meditation. Like the human philosophies of Taosim and Confuciansim, ryketian beliefs stem from ancient and modern philosiphers who imparted wisdom about the best ways to lead a long and healthy life. Meditation makes up a regular part of a ryketian's day and there is frequently a room reserved for such practices somewhere within their home (If not a local park/garden or meditaion centre if available). Ryketians are indifferent towards the worship of gods and dieties but many would agree (Along with the writings of the elder Oloni'Thinal) it is better to find the answers yourself than to ask some supernatural being, who is every bit as likely to decieve than to tell the truth.