No great achievements can be made without great sacrifice; we of the Rovegar know this lesson well, for it has shaped us as we are this day. Should the cost of path to perfection be within our grasps, then it is by the duty of the warrior-queens of this galaxy to pay the price in exchange.

- Vileraz I, First Queen of the Vileraz Dynasty

The Rovegar are a race of artificial mammalian humanoids native to the lost world of Raltian, at the Geriamias Sector of the Borealis Galaxy, where they rule over the great empire known as the Rovegar Matriarchy. An all-female race, the Rovegar are noted for their great psychic potential and poor gene pool, meaning most of them look strikingly alike. While sometimes considered vain and egotistical, the race has become a solid member of the Polar Crystal Alliance and an important ally of an ordered Borealis following the end of the War of the Ancient Three.


The Rovegar are an artificial species created by a race of ancient and technologically ascended beings known as the Seireniar. A race which spanned the Geriamias Sector five million years before the current age, they eventually became prey of Regnatus and the Borealis Grox Empire, who believed their people had become too advanced to remain unopposed and were ready to be processed. The survivors and leaders of the Seireniar created the Rovegar in their image and placed them at the undeveloped world of Raltian, in order to preserve their legacy while the Seireniar secluded themselves to escape Regnatus' wrath. The primitive Rovegar, at the birth of their existence, were tribal in nature and left to evolve on their own, though the Seireniar found a way to influence and guide them to a path similar to their own through their last awakened messenger, a Seireniar by the name of Gardiniel.

The Rovegar eventually evolved their own empire, the Rovegar Matriarchy, which took the Seireniar's place as the rulers of Geriamias over a million years ago. The increasingly advanced technology of their people led them to look at the possibility of achieving their own equivalent of transhumanism by engineering themselves into beings of pure Essence, a process which hit the entirely of their people. However, due to what is assumed to be miscalculations by their ancient scientists, the process caused male Rovegar to become too powerful for their own bodies to sustain, leading to 95% of the male population of the Matriarchy to self-destruct. The few surviving males proved themselves to have been transformed into supersoldiers, with the most famed of their families serving as the Gallarades, the personal bodyguards of the Matriarchy's leaders. The event is also attributed to a rogue Seireniar by the name of Vylern, who is seen as being the one responsible for the male extinction, apparently in a failed attempt to "sabotage" her own people's work, though this is merely speculation.

At one million and two hundred thousand years ago, the Rovegar would come to be the dominant empire of the Western Arm, rivalled solely by the Alvino Brood who remained neutral to their existence. However, at this time, they also came to blows with the Ganthorea and the Kondrakar, the two becoming the Rovegar race's greatest enemies and the great war leading to the extinction of all other male Rovegar with the exception of the Gallarade family. At this point in history, the Rovegar had engineered themselves to be able of mating through parthenogenesis and also by mating with members of other species, at the cost of losing a considerable portion of their biological diversity and physical strength. The war between the three great empires led the Rovegar to seclude themselves at the Gemiarias Sector as well as the destruction of Raltian at the claws of the Ganthorea, forcing them to adopt capital spaceships as their new equivalent of a homeworld.

At the modern era, the Rovegar have returned to galactic affairs under the Rovegar Matriarchy and have become members of the Polar Crystal Alliance, which led to their people once again becoming widespread across Borealis in all areas, from politics and military affairs to the galaxy's poverty and criminal underground.



Rovegar are tall, slim creatures that possess little to no sign of additional musculature mass upon their bodies, giving them the appearance of being frail and weak, which in terms of physical aspects, they are. All Rovegar possess hands with three fingers and a thumb with no nails, although this is substituted by their extremely resilient and dense fingertips which can act as claws of some kind. They tend to be bright, colourful creatures with features one would seemingly find in particular humanoid species; lips, ears, eyelids, eyelashes, hair and certain human-like external organs that are common amongst mammals. Their ear structures appear familiar to spines or fins rather than what most humans would percieve as an ear, while their upper eyelids appear large and decorative as they extend into what one would identify as eyelashes. Rovegar require no form of outside assistance in order to provide pigmentation and colour to such features; they appear automatically over time and can range in various shades and colours, with the most common being green and red tints. Rovegar possess crested foreheads which tend to be of much denser material than their flesh, protecting their brains which provide their Essence capabilities. Like mammals, Rovegar possess external reproductive organs and mammary glands, which can range in size between individuals, in order to feed infants through subtle amounts of their own Essence energy. They possess long, reddened tongues with pointy tips, which are large enough to allow a Rovegar to reach the back of its own head with it.

Their limbs appear curved at the joints rather than protruding as one would usually expect, giving the appearance that Rovegar limbs possess no joints at all although this is false. Rovegar possess legs that could be compared to those of ungulate species and feet with two toes each. The sclera and iris of the Rovegar are both luminous red, acting as some form of organic, natural flashlight when in the dark and giving the Rovegar an intimidating appearance which they can use to their advantage while also allowing them to see with more precision in dark environments as well as see other members of their kind. Their hair is nearly always blonde at birth, although this can change rapidly through outside cosmetics or radical maturity. Notably, some Rovegar known as Caerulan are instead born with shades of blue instead of blonde. Caerulan Rovegar are extremely rare, being a mere average of 1 in 8,000,000,000 births.

Rovegar do not appear to physically age outside of reaching adulthood to most alien races, with wrinkles and such being a feature that Rovegar lack, though they are known to change skin colour to grey as they get old. Rovegar also possess fin-like horns on their bodies which concentrate large amounts of Essence and change places as the creature gets older. The horns on the children are located on their heads, and as they grow up, they are replaced with horns located on their chests and back, with the head horns becoming smaller until fully disappearing. These horns are highly sensitive to the touch, and coming in contact with them can give the Rovegar feelings of surprise, pleasure or pain, depending of the situation. Severing any of these horns is a near-instant death on a Rovegar regardless of their life state. Males of the species are thought to have lacked pigmentation of the eyelids and lips while also lacking hair altogether around the facial area, based upon the observations of a single specimen. It is also thought that males were somewhat taller than females at full maturity, standing 3,8 meters on average.


Between one another of their kind, Rovegar are friendly and neighbourly, assisting one another without hesitance and building valued relationships between individuals of Rovegar communities. They are capable of expressing an array of emotions such as joy, anger, sadness and other positive and negative feelings and are not hesitant to display such to one another. Values such as family are important within Rovegar society, as well as inter-family relations. Pride and honour are also matters to Rovegar, who are unwilling to bend or break laws and guidelines set within their society in order to maintain order, prosperity and peace between one another. They dislike fighting directly and prefer to watch from the sidelines rather than get involved in conflict themselves, although they are perfectly capable of doing so due to their immense Essence abilities so they are not completely without a form of defense. Because of their age and powers regarding Essence, Rovegar see themselves as superior to most other forms of alien species and are not in any way reluctant to exploit them through methods revolving around temptation and seduction, something that Rovegar are inherently good at on an instinctive level. They are manipulative and deceptive, eager to boast their significance and appearance to races they see as lesser to themselves in order to gain their attention and favour. This leads to Rovegar being dominant and proud, influencing or directly controlling those bewitched by them. Some Rovegar are known to genuinely fall for alien individuals, however, something that could potentially be seen as dangerous and/or foolish by others.

Rovegar are secretive when it concerns aspects and details of their society, preferring to keep intelligence away from alien hands in order to preserve themselves further without any threat or risk of harm towards them, their territory or their society. Rovegar will kill other Rovegar that seek to betray this as, while they possess strong bonds within families, they ultimately see the preservation, advancement and progression of their society and civilization as a more important matter that dominates over blood bonds. Rovegar possess a large amount of respect for other Rovegar that serve within the military services and protect them, as each Rovegar life is seen as valuable within society and a death can have a very negative impact upon a Rovegar community. However, the deaths of aliens are not something they are particularly concerned with, in fact some even enjoy the thought, unless certain Rovegar have grown close to alien companions.

Certain Rovegar possess a specific disorder known as "Pharomastion's Stain", which boosts their psychic powers but causes them to have a never-ending lust. During intercourse, these Rovegar's Essence powers destroy the partner's mind, and their entire process of soul-devouring is far more violent and painful. Rovegar with this Stain are considered genetic defects and are either exiled or executed by others. Individuals with Pharomastion's Stain are sterile. A notable example of a Rovegar with this condition is Princess Ganthar.


Rovegar possess a bizarre, Essence-based biology and physiology. They have grown to become reliant on Elemental energy, an Essence found within most forms of life within the Gigaquadrant, although they do not necessarily need to feed off it as much as other species are required to consume food, only having to devour energy every few years or so. They are capable of controlling how much energy they feed off, able to concentrate it into small amounts as well as the usual gradual, moderate amounts. Rovegar can only do such if their prey is subdued or willing to go through such, which Rovegar will usually influence via seduction and other more primal acts based around instinctive desires. Due to their reliance on Essence, they no longer require feeding from nutrients of solid materials like food or water, nor are they required to breath air thus their stomachs, lungs and bladders have been rendered obsolete and almost non-existent. As a drawback of such, they have lost nearly all of their original physical strength and have grown to become frail and weak. Rovegar, due to the complete lack of males within their society, have adapted to breeding through parthenogenesis; a process where a Rovegar's egg is developed without the need for sperm. However, Rovegar are required to "mock mate" in order to stimulate such. Rovegar can do such with aliens as well so long as their reproductive organs are compatible, with a Rovegar's reproductive organs being rather similar to the system used by human females. As a side effect of "breeding" with aliens, Rovegar are capable of absorbing their life force easier, which can influence the developement of the infant in future such as gaining personality traits reminescent to its "father", which can be an alien of any gender. Rovegar feed their infants through their mammary glands, although instead of supplying any form of milk they supply small, appropriate amounts of Essence.

Rovegar are extremely powerful Essence users, being the most capable users of Elemental energy within the Borealis Galaxy. They have grown "crests" upon their foreheads to protect their brains, which have evolved and mutated to become sensitive to Essence in both controlling, detecting and absorbing it. However, they can only absorb and control Elemental energy as other forms are potentially very dangerous for their biology although they can detect and identify a wide range of other Essences. They can use their control over Essence in order to influence or read the minds of other sapient beings as well as most animal life-forms. A Rovegar's more natural abilities include their diamond-sharp fingertips, which can act as claws, their incredibly flexible, agile and light body structure and their natural fragrances and scents which can also influence aliens to obeying a Rovegar as the smells adapt themselves to appear pleasant to alien species with the assistance of a Rovegar's Essence capabilities. In more radical cases, Rovegar can use their ability to influence other species into seeing them differently, such as a Rovegar capable of appearing more attractive to an individual through influencing their minds. These Essence powers increase in potency with age and can allow for levitation of one's self, telekinetic attacks and movements, teleportation, mind reading and an array of other abilities granted by Elemental energy. However, using these abilities constantly drains them of energy physically thus they usually reserve such unless they are able to access a "food source" - the energy of other aliens. If left without Essence to use, a Rovegar has one last line of defense; a powerful shriek that can devastate and even destroy the ear systems of other beings through its volume and pitch. It is thought to be so vile that it can disorientate aliens that hear it even after they're done shrieking, allowing the Rovegar a chance to escape from danger.


Matriarch Vileraz.png

Borealis must be mine, like the Composer herself demanded.

Matriarch Vileraz IV was the supreme leader of the Rovegar Matriarchy prior to the Ancient of the Ancient Thee. A distrusted and disliked woman by her own people, Vileraz IV had the reputation of being a dreaded tyrant who only cared for power for herself. One of the oldest Rovegar in history and also one of the most powerful, Vileraz IV wished to make the Polar Crystal Alliance her newest playthings, which ultimately led to her downfall.

Gallarade Erureidan.png

Wanna hang out? A beer, maybe? I'm up for anything, really!

Erureidan is the last remaining male Rovegar in existence. He is the current generation of the Gallarades, the personal bodyguards and assistants of the Matriarch. The most powerful of all Rovegar in both physical and psychic terms, Erureidan is actually a very laid-back and welcoming individual. After the end of Vileraz IV, he served her replacement with renewed hope for his people.

Mother Militant Azurelai.png

Come on! Let's have some fun together!

Azurelai was the Mother Militant of the Rovegar Matriarchy, the highest ranking authority of the Rovegar's armies, just below the Matriarch herself prior to the War of the Ancient Three. She had served under the Rovegari Militant for about 200 years, advancing into the ranks of the army due to her exceptional skill and victories over the Ganthorea. Known for being a hot-blooded lover of action, Azurelai enjoyed making her presence known, being loud and with a passion for the sound and power of explosions.

Mother Armada Nashra.png

Truly you don't expect to fight me with such a feeble weapon.

Nashra is the Mother Armada of the Rovegar Matriarchy, the highest ranking authority of the Rovegar's navy, just below the Matriarch herself. Being born at the Composer's Melody, the homeworld substitute of the Matriarchy, she had a liking for spaceships since an young age, and as soon as she reached adulthood, she joined the navy to commandeer her own ship. Her leadership skills and victory over countless enemies, including the Ganthorea, allowed her to ascend to her current position. Nashra is rather sarcastic and condensing, and due to her position and kill count, she rarely takes her enemies seriously.

Mother Sovereign Yalorein.png

I watch. I study. I am disappointed.

Yalorein is the elusive Mother Sovereign, the supreme authority of the Sisterhood. Her past uncertain, how exactly Yalorein obtained the rank of Mother Sovereign or even where she came from is something Vileraz IV questions to this very day. Yalorein is well aware of how feared the Sisterhood is across the Matriarchy, but in her opinion, she is a necessary evil for the prosperity of the Rovegar as a species. Speculated to be at her 1,200s, Yalorein is incredibly old and experienced, but antisocial and cold toward her subordinates.

Nayanur Nens.png

Just what must I do about you...

Nayanur Nens is the Councillor representing the Rovegar Matriarchy in the Polar Crystal Alliance. Formerly a close agent of Matriarch Vileraz IV, she was appointed to be the empire's diplomat in the Alliance so that the Matriarch could always have an eye inside the Alliance's decisions. However, after joining the Council, she slowly warmed up to other races, eventually leading to her joining the rebellion against the Matriarch. Today she served the Alliance as a truly loyal member.


Who cares for the Matriarchy? I have all I need here.

Gardin was a Rovegar warrior adopted as a child by Vekaron after her original homeworld was destroyed by the New Wranploer Legion. Trained since her early days by Kirlisir, Gardin grew into her pupil and as a powerful addition to Vekaron's team, who she sees as her family. Due to being separated from the Matriarchy in her childhood, Gardin had grown to see it the same way as Kirlisir, as a corrupt force which needed to be renewed.


That's so cute, it makes me want to hug it!

  • Name - Traslia
  • Affiliation - Tetra
  • Status - Alive

Traslia is a young Rovegar scientist who once worked on investigating a beacon of Kormacvar origin, until her expedition was massacred by the Zarkhator. She was saved by Penumbran Tetra and has since become a permanent part of his team. Traslia displays an usual Rovegar mindset and is very perky, quickly calling out her opinions on things. As a scientist, she is very intelligent and makes a great addition to Tetra's team.


All fear the day my voice calls for them, for it is the voice of death.

Kirlisir was a rogue Rovegar who openly opposed the Matriarchy and its laws. She was a rare Caerulan Rovegar, with blue hair and body features as opposed to the standard green of the race. Famous across the Matriarchy as a very powerful warrior with an unique set of armor, she would become the leader of the Rovegari insurrection of the Discordant Ones, and would later become a martyr for her people following her death to Vileraz IV.

Queen Ganthar.png


  • Name - Queen-caste Ganthar
  • Race - Rovegar
  • Status - Deceased

The drone known as Queen-caste Ganthar was a former Rovegar Matriarch who was absorbed into the Ganthorea, turned into a personal servant and "bride" of Doctor Brekiel. It was her assimilation into the mutant plants' hive which led to the eternal war between the Rovegar and the Ganthorea, though in the modern era, only the Matriarchy's most high ranked members remembered Queen Ganthar's existence and relevance. Sporting incredible psychic powers, the Queen was a figure who stood behind the scenes at all times, leaving the Ganthorea's public affairs to her surrogate daughter.

Princess Ganthar.png

Interlopers be consumed!

  • Name - Princess-caste Ganthar
  • Race - Rovegar
  • Status - Deceased

The drone known as Princess-caste Ganthar was the only publicly known of the Ganthorea's leaders and likewise served as the plant empire's main face in intergalactic affairs. Power-hungry and naturally sadistic, the Princess had been the nemesis of numerous Rovegar Matriarchs through the ages, having come to cause the death of many of them during history. Manipulative and malevolent, the Princess was among the galaxy's most dangerous individuals and her defeat remained as one of the Polar Crystal Alliance's topmost priorities during the War of the Ancient Three.


A twisted reflection of our own kind. Disgusting.

- Venoriel

Ugh. Annoying to say the least.

- Agent Nu

Fair. A mortal woman's scream is the worst scream.

- Santorakh

Wish they'd abduct and indoctrinate me to be their playthi-- I mean slave.

- Hachiman

man times like dese its gud dat loronz dunt find chikz hot

- Fre'kloar

This species is a personal insult to me.

- Arkarixus

You stop abusing Kormacvar tech right now, missies!

- The Mechanic




  • The Rovegar's appearance is based on the Pokémon Gardevoir.
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