The darker recesses of the world; that governed by coin and interest. Not even those bleak holes of mortal greed is free from the prying eyes of the immortals. You may have your life and worth indebted to one of these meticulous, evil creatures. And you might not even know it.

- Unknown

The Repossessors are denizens of the realm of Hyprocrite's Rest, and servants of the Simulacrum of Wealth, Asv-Aldz.

History Edit

There is no real recollection in any historical account of the Repossessors. There are numerous old wives' tales of their nature and legends which allude to the Repossessors in ancient situations. It is gathered that these demons hail from the realm of Hypocrite's Rest, a seemingly infinite plane of existence that of which material wealth and possession is its foundations, and is ruled by Asv-Aldz, the Simulacrum of Wealth and Pacts. The everlasting greed of Asv-Aldz and his servants has found itself escaping the boundaries of his realm, and thus the Repossessors, demons of his command have ascended from the Simulacrum's plane to further their search of items they and their god may deem valuable. It is implied that a select few of the Repossessors remain in Koldenwelt as highly feared and respected collectors of oddities, valuable trinkets and artifacts; and that a Repossessor only known in word as the 'Treasurer' is either their leader or their most powerful member of their race.

Repossessors are said to come in two forms; Collectors, of whom collect any item they so wish to collect, and Deathdealers, a rarer kind of demon who trade and barter with mortal souls, and may be directly linked to Asv-Aldz as a result.

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A Deathdealer

Repossessors assume any form they so wish on Koldenwelt in order to appear indistinguishable from those they tend to manipulate or live amongst. Their true form is a hexapodic centaurid creature with a lengthy tail, and a bestial skull without a visible mouth and four eyes. Among their red skin is a blue strip of scales that run down the centre of their bodies, and their limbs along with their skull appears to be composed of a luminous cyan rock. There is said to be a method to distinguish Repossessors in their disguised form; most assume androgynous mortals with preferably more golden skin than the common norm.

Behaviour Edit

Repossessors bear an almost unbearable superiority complex due to their nature as long-lived demonic entities from Hypocrite's Rest, and, due to their power as what they would believe is greater than a mortal being on Koldenwelt, tend to use their superiority complex to a manipulative degree. Repossessors are highly intelligent beings as they know of the lore of Koldenwelt and other worlds around them, and use this intelligence to sort what items come into their possession.

Abilities Edit

Aside from their ability to shapeshift, Repossessors are masterful telepaths as well as naturally attuned to the methods of psychometry; through the means of simply observing the object with both touching and visually examining the object, Repossessors can learn the full knowledge of any item that they want to collect. Their power of psychometry also extends to the ability to read and learn about living or dead beings; one of their most often used methods alongside telepathy to blackmail and manipulate those they want to control. Deathdealers are said to have more powers, notably being able to shift into the ethereal plane and steal souls as well as using the ethereal plane to remain completely invisible.

Whilst not particularly resilient concerning physical prowess, Repossessors are capable of quick movement and because of their size, are generally stronger than most Deiwes and can hold their own against most Theriocephali.

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I think I came across a Repossessor once. At least, I think I did. I saw a tall golden-y creature and Riad thought I was going mad. I wonder why.

- Pelagrios

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