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The Reckzo are a small empire. They do not intend to start wars, and instead try to ally with everyone they meet.

Note: I know they have a cell mouth but behind there is a monkey mouth, so that's why they have level 4 sing and bite, this shouldn't affect taxonomy.




The Reckzo Home Star

Their main star is VI Cipho Minora, a blue star twice the size of Sol. It is estimated to end in around 3.4 billion years, and once it does, it would explode in a spectacular supernova of blue, red and possibly a bit of green. By then, expect the Reckzo to be somewhere else.


Their main planet is Rikoinis-II, a very green grassy world with plants, water, and 5 very nice cities.


The Planet has 2 moons; Jop and Lai. They are both colonised by the Reckzo and again are very green. They contain alot of rainforests, full of creatures like Frank and some Dinosaurs for some reason. The Reckzo claim they got these Dinosaurs from a video game on a planet called 'Earth' in a galaxy called 'The Milky Way' in another dimension... one of these 'Dinosaurs' (though called 'Dojinos' by the Reckzo in their language) is called a Devilsaur or 'Devlijinos'.

Early Creature StageEdit

Reckzo Flag

The Reckzo Flag

These small creatures are similar to the Reckzo, but not exactly. They have the regular feet, flagella for hands and similar Reckzo colouring (Greyish Purple).

Creature StageEdit

They evolved alot here. At first they were pretty small and weak. They started to evolve arms. The arms were simple, with those long fingered graspers and the feet were starting to get more complex. Over thousands of years, they evolved stronger muscles and a bigger brain. The hands also evolved into more complex graspers. The feet were evolving into dinosaurian type feet. The chest was also getting bigger. The final form was big, about the size of a man. It had more muscles and the parts were bigger.

Tribal StageEdit

The Reckzo started to figure out how to create tools such as horns and spears. They later did shields to protect themselves and a huge cape. They mostly allied with tribes, though they did take over one brown tribe.

Civilization StageEdit


A Reckzo Guard

Shortly after the allying with the four tribes (and conquering of the brown tribe), they start to build cities. The Cities had resemblances with the Reckzo like the two 'Connectors' which resembled the eyes. They also had colours based around the Reckzo (Purple and Blue).

They took over every city and every spice geyser. They started to build a Spaceship creator shortly after. They then created the Seven Rules:

  • Listen to the Emperor
  • Eat what you are given
  • Trust people unless they seem suspicious
  • Don't be friends with The Grox
  • Don't break the Galactic Code
  • Try to ally with as many others as possible
  • Be a Reckzo

The ShieldEdit

The seven rings on the Shield represent the Seven Rules with the last rule being the middle ring.


The Reckzo worship a God known as Reilockoz. They believe he created the Galaxy and spread life to chosen Planets, such as Laifoz, Ppopp-93 and Heikzorki. He is believed to be in the center of every planet, keeping the planet stable by holding the
core in place, this is their way of explaining cube planets. Beings that believe in this religion are known as Heijokz. The Reckzo are Cootlico Heijokz, meaning they accept science as well. They pray around 3 times a day and each pray is different:
  • The first requires bowing down and taking their head-covers off as a sign of respect and to show that their god is superior.
  • The second is simply singing some lines from their book, 'The Hokoik'. An extract from one of the verses is (Roughly Translated):

None shall be better,

Not one shall be lesser.

All shall be one

Not one shall be one.''

- Verse 23 - Part 1
  • The final 3rd one is just giving food to Reilockoz's 'throne'.


Even though a peaceful race the Reckzo may be, they still need some protection. They use extremely super powered guards, mutated versions of Reckzo, technically making them a different species. They have a lot of weapons and a powerful shield and are around 10 times bigger than a normal Reckzo citizen!

Space StageEdit

These friendly creatures now always start at a +70 relation, so allying is extremely easy.


The way the Reckzo ship Koi-22 travels through the universe is a way known as 'Warping'. They use special technology to bend space around the ship, so the ship doesn't have to waste as much energy as travelling FTL (though warping still requires massive amounts of energy).

Super WeaponEdit

The Reckzo only have a 100 m radius bomb because they don't want to severely damage a planet. They also discovered a Planet Slicer - that slices a planet in half. But they obliterated it from time using telekinesis.

Grox Extermination Project (GEP)Edit

The Reckzo are trying to completely wipe out the Grox, and so far they took out 1000 systems.


The ShieldEdit

The Reckzo's special shield is able to resist a planet buster due to the fact it's made by of the hardest material found in the universe. However, to protect the whole planet from such a planet buster, they need to have at least half the planet covered with the shields.


They use extremely high technology to bend space. The way it works is this; they go to a black hole and go in an orbit. Once orbiting, they turn on 'Store Gravitational Energy', and collect some gravity. Once finished, they hurry before the black hole expands back into a star and engulfs them, and turn on 'Warp Drive Mode' and start modifying space to bring them to a wanted location.



The Reckzo Harnessing a Star's Power

The Reckzo know how to make wormholes that can travel distances far greater than using warping. They use solar panels covering their sun to try and create a massive hole in space. The problem is, it needs to be stable. They keep it stable by creating their own stars using hydrogen to power the wormhole as long as they can. By doing this, they are able to travel far distances. They can also travel to a different universe, however this means harnessing the power of the largest star in the galaxy; VY Canis Majoris.

They can also make wormholes like this.


They know how to make cloning machines. They're not perfect, but most is correct. They take sample DNA from a subject and place it in the machine. The machine scans the DNA and predicts how the rest of the DNA should look. The machine then creates a near perfect artificial copy, and once it's done the first clone of the subject (around a minute), the machine inserts the information into its database, so now it only takes around 5-10 seconds to create another clone.


These are machines made by the Reckzo to protect their land if the guards and ships aren't enough. They come in massive numbers, and are a big bigger than a normal Reckzo. Their structure is based of the Reckzo, and are made from a type of energy called Decoinagoginal Energy, a rare energy made by converting Reality's energy into pure, single energy.

Abilities and Other InfoEdit

They are mammal like fish.

Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Resurrection - Can resurrect if evil's blood is spilled
  • Telekinesis - Can be used on stationary objects but cannot be used on other complex life-forms




  • The Loron - They didn't want to ally and the Reckzo didn't want to start war so they're neutral.

Appearance VariationsEdit

CRE Reckzox-0a3f0301 ful

A Reckzox

Red ReckzoEdit

A Red Reckzo is a rare type of Reckzo that is slightly bigger, slightly more powerful and intelligent and has Red Skin. Some have been seen to have flames.

Pow ReckzoEdit

A Pow Reckzo is a much more powerful version of a Reckzo.


A Reckzox is a mix between a Grox, and a Reckzo.


Main article: Fiction:Opeckzo


The Reckzo have 1 main pet, called a Reckatt. They resemble Earth cats in the body structure, head, eyes, ears, nose, tail etc., but they have Reckzo features too, such as an enlarged leg joint at the end, and the colors.

The Reckzo LibraryEdit

Quotes from Other EmpiresEdit

I see great potential for this race should they pove their worth we would ally with them.

- Macco of the Taxton Republic

Lmao! They kinda just popped up, wonder what they like to do...

- Gablinus-Avis

Hmmm... we have not heard of their race but there art skills interest us... we will see what relation bring in coming years.

- Vartekian empire

They look like sushi to me! Not only was I one of Lordess Nix's best soldiers, I am the current best cook and ruler of the Zazane Empire!

- Moxix the Butcher

Dey is such thikos. Dey shud go ta hell.

- Zr'Ahgloth

They have great potential.

- The Sapo

They're very intellegent like us.

- Beary

An interesting enough race, we might just abduct a few for study... or entertainment.

- Ja'dan Fleetfather of the Fordanta

It is not often you find such friendly empires like us!

- Galot's opinion

Quotes from ThemselvesEdit

You wan't cake?

- A Reckzo Chef

You really need to qualm up an inserg!

- A Reckzo citizen to a angry Reckzo

Allies and allies. That's all.

- A Reckzo citizen

Buildings & Vehicles and Reckzo Stuff GalleryEdit

Buildings & VehiclesEdit






Tribal To Space OutfitsEdit

Typical Reckzouian Marine LifeEdit

Rikoinis-II CalendarEdit

Days: Riok, Roukee, Jiosi, Moik, Kio, Loil, Uoiló

Number of days: 94

Months: Rouki, Oik, Jakia (100 Days), Poií


Reckzo P1 Part 1 - The pod

Reckzo P2 Part 2 - The GEP

Empire ProgressEdit

Reckzo DictionaryEdit


Cell Stage

Creature Stage

Tribal Stage

Civilization Stage

Space Stage

Omnivore card Social card Industrious card Economic card Trader card


  • Apparently, every object the Reckzo has made has some sort of reference to them. Even the sea ship has a reference: the colour.
  • The Reckzo basic look was inspired by the Wingles.
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