The Raydoni are a race of bipedal omnivores native to The Templar Imperium (Later founded and merged with the Imperial Confederacy of Independent Systems) of The Borealis Galaxy.



The average Raydoni stands at an average height of 6-8 feet tall, but have been reported to be as tall as 10 feet. Their Lifespan is long compared to a human's, maturing at 25 and not showing signs of real age before 200 years; Raydoni are able to reach 300-350 years old before dying of old age, but it is not uncommon for Raydoni to reach into the 350-400 range before death.

Raydoni males are covered in scales of light blue and tan normally, but it's not unusual to have Raydoni with navy blue, sky blue, or even green or red. Their eyes are very human like in appearance, though they can see a slightly larger visual spectrum than a human. A feature that is hard to miss on the Raydoni is the wings protruding from their back.

Raydoni females differ from males because their wings are noticeably smaller. Their scales are whitish-blue and and light yellow but, like the males, this can differ. Strangely, females have two short antennae-like nubs on the top of their head; the reason for this is unknown.


The Raydoni court eachother usually in ways that involve physical and mental ability, due to being a race intelligent fighters. They will usually be with their partner for months, years sometimes, watching and testing there strength and mental integrity. When they do decide to wed, it is done by cutting the palm of eachother's hands, followed by clasping their hands together to mix blood, signifying their unity.