The Rambulan are part of the Rambo family, a bird like race native to the Quadrant Galaxies. Upon reaching space the Rambulan formed their own empire, the Rambulan Star Empire. Their home galaxy, Quadrant 89 houses other strong empires as well and the Rambulans were one of the prime empires of her time.

Upon encountering Rambo Nation the Rambulans joined the Imperial Alliance and went to war with them. They are also the sworn enemies of the Hutters and they were involved in a dreadfull war with them as well.

Sadly due to an unfortunate encounter the Rambulans were destroyed by an AI and the species became extinct. Yet there are those who would wish to see the return of the powerful Rambulans.

History (2000 BQF-04 QFT)[]

Early History (Pre-2000 BQF)[]

Not much is known of the early history of the Rambulans, only that they went into the Space Stage around the same time as the Hutters. They soon developed technology that allowed them to use somekind of early cloacking device, which they called shading.

It is also known that one time in history that some specimens of the Rambo were abducted by an unknown alien race and were dumped at the current home planet, which was a harsh climat and terrain, and so the Rambo on that planet evolved differant and later recalled themselves the Rambulans, they are smaller, but a lot more stronger and agressive then there other relatives. When they achieved Space Travel and estabilished there first Colonies they named themselves the Rambulan Star Empire.

Early Space Travels(2000 BQF-1200 BQF)

During the early space travels the Rambulans met with the Hutter Kingdom, the Lizardian Empire and the Xiaan Alliance, in which they had little to no interaction with, they just observed and analysed.

Hutter - Rambulan War

Rambulan-Hutter War (1200 BQF)

When the Hutters and the Rambulans had a conflict about there borders, the Hutter attacked the Rambulan outpost there as a warning. In return the Rambulans destroyed a nearby colonie and advanced into Hutter space. Not much is known of the battles in the war only that the was was pretty devasting and costed a lot of casualties. Eventually the was stopped after over 80 years by a peace threaty.

After the war the Rambulan Star Empire went into isolation.

Great Isolation (1200 BQF-50 BQF)

During the Great Isolation the Rambulan Star Empire had no interaction with any of the races of Quadrant 89 and mostly kept themselves isolated. During this time they also learned a new way of cloacking device which they still currently use and managed to spy a lot on the other races.

Threaty of Quadrant 89 (49 BQF)

When the Lizardian Empire emerged and the Xiaan Alliance expanded, the Empires of Quadrant 89 signed a threaty of peace to not attack eachother, all races, except the Xiaans signed it, the Rambulans also came out of isolation for this, but went back into isolation shortly afterwards.

Modern Times (21 BQF- 03 AQF)[]

Meeting the Ancient Ancestors (21 BQF-05 BQF)

Rambo Nation vs the Rambulan Star Empire

When Rambo Nation arrived in Quadrant 89 they sent a diplomatic mission between them went wrong, they attacked the USS Hood and were preparing a task force to invade the Deep Space Colonie 01.

Although Rambo Nation has recently met them, the Hutter Kingdom had many battles with them, the Rambulans are a vicious and agressive race, hoping to control and destabalize the Quadrant 89. Although now they met the Rambo, they realise they once shared the same ancestors. Angered by this, and refusing to see them as 'brothers' the Rambulan Senate ordered to invade the Deep Space Colonie 01 and find information about there location so that they can destroy the Rambo Nation. It became later known to Rambo Nation that the Rambulan Star Empire was heavily involved in many battles and is trying to destebalish the system, so that they can become the more powerful Empires in Quadrant 89. But it is known, that the Ramublan had wars or battles with the Swerion Trade Federation, The Hutter Kingdom and conflicts with the Syndicate and now with Rambo Nation.

When the Rambulan Empire made preparation to invade Rambo Deep Space Colonie 01 the Rambulan Emperor was killed by the unknown entity.

Imperial Alliance (05 BQF-03 AQF)

After the death of the Rambulan Emperor the Empire was in dissarray and civil war was about to break out. But when the Unkonwn Entity and Aur'Lodin, Regent of the Imperial Alliance made contact with the Rambulans, they listened and accepted there offer. Shortly after, the Rambulan Star Empire was absorbed into the Imperial Alliance

The AI station destroys the Rambulan Star Empire!

However the Imperial Alliance fell after a few years and the Rambulans decided to go into isolation again, making a treaty with Rambo Nation of none passage, the Rambulans retreated from Quadrant 82 back to there home terrioty and went into an isolation which would last for many many years. After a year the Rambulans discovered a strange structure, a Stellar AI of ancient times. Acessing the station and trying to hack the station the Rambulans discovered interessting information about the past of the Quadrant Galaxies. Sadly, the AI was way clever then the Rambulans and discovered there betrayal, they misused her information to re-launch an attack at Rambo Nation and the Imperial Alliance, to gain dominance over the Quadrant Galaxies. In return, the station destroyed the Rambulan Star Empire and all whom inhabit her. This meant, that within an hour the AI managed to kill all Rambulans and made the race extinct.

The only DNA sample of the Rambulans are found at Lesrekta, though Rambo Nation would not have any need of nor will to clone Rambulans.

Rambulan Species[]

A Rambulan Soldier

The Rambulan were once Rambo, but were abducted during the Tribal Stage and dropped in a differatn Galaxy and Planet, that Planet was beautifull but they had to hunt a lot for food, so over the years there shape changed and they became more hunter like, even becoming predators.

And so when they reached the Space Stage they developed differant armour and shis and became one of the more dangerous and sneaky Empires in Quadrant 89.

Rambulan Creatures

They recenlty laid contact with the Rambo and they refuse to accept the fact that they once were Rambo, for the rest of their history is little known.

Rambulan Soldier Uniform

The Rambulan Soldier Uniform is light blue and is very light and strong in defence. Although it covers a lot of the Rambulan Body, it has a few weakpoints.

The Uniform is also equipped with a small Cloaking device so that they can make sure that no one sees them, this is in a larger form equipped on the ships too.

Ship Classes[]

Imperial Rambulan Bird of Prey Class

Imperial Rambulan Bird of Prey

The Bird of Prey Class is a small vessel which are build to patrol the borders and attack from cloacked position.

This is the most common ship class, together with the D'deridex class of the Rambulan Star Empire. It the most produced ship class and the one most encountered by other species. The class is also the one that is longest in production and is considered one of the earliest class build by the Rambulans.

The class is the backbone of the Rambulan Empire Fleet and is armed with phasers, shields, a cloacking device and photon torpedo's.

Imperial Rambulan Scout Class

Imperial Rambulan Scout Class

The Rambulan Scout is a small weak armed class which is mostly used for exploration and experimental things.

The Class is not very common, since most are used to explore the Galaxy outside of Rambulan or Imperial Space. The ships are on the other hand, pretty fast and it's shields are pretty strong.

The Scout class is also send in front of Fleets to look out for ambushed, which it can perfectly do due to it's cloacking device.

The class is also often used to transport important people, while under cloack of course. It is also used as personal ships by Senators of the Rambulan Senate.

Imperial Rambulan D'deridex Class

D'derix Class

This Class of ships was the only ship encountered by Rambo Nation.

The USS Devoras is commanded by Captain El'd'Shell and the ship almost destroyed the USS Hood in combat.

When the Rambulan Star Empire became part of the Imperial Alliance, it became clear that the Rambulans have entire fleets of this class. They also have the ability to cloack.

This class is mostly used as cloacked border patrols, and mostly attack out of ambushes.

Imperial Rambulan Valdore Class

Imperial Rambulan Valdore Class

The Valdore Class is the newest Rambulan Ship under the Imperial Alliance it is fast, strong and pretty powerfull.

When the Rambulans joined the Imperial Alliance, this class was produced and is considered the newst and fastest class of the Rambulans, and it's fire power matches that of a Sovereign Class of Rambo Nation.

The ships have the top modern weapons and shields, it is also equipped with a cloacking device and standard equipped with 3 Planet Busters.

The Valdore class is not often seen (yet) because there have not yet been many ships deployed yet, although production is currently at it's high point and over 1500 ships are ready to be lauched in active service within 4 weeks.

Notable Persons[]

Rambo Nation only discovered a few of the Rambulans, most famous is Captain El'd'Shell. Information about the various captains of the Rambulan Star Empire can be found at the Captain page.

The information about El'd'Shell is listed below.

Rambulan Leader Captain El'd'Shell †[]


This Rambulan Captain is a ruthless and brilliant tactical Captain of the Rambulan Empire.

Rambulan Captain Ram'd'Shell

A decendant of the Ancient Rambo Races of the Tribal Stage, the Rambulan went to another system when they were abducted by a Space Ship. They were dropped in Quadrant 82 and from there they build there own Empire, resulting in the dreaded Rambulan Empire. He hates the Rambo because the Rambulans refuse to accept that they are reletives of the Rambo.

The Rambulan-Rambo Incident

When the Rambo entered Quadrant 89 en made a deep space colonie close to the Hutter Kingdom, they were warned by the Hutters for the Rambulans. But the Rambo are explorers, and Captain Rambas of the USS Hood entered Rambulan Space. Captain El'd'Shell, known to the Rambo as the Rambulan Captain immediatly intercepted the USS Hood and opened contact.

When realising that they were Rambo, regocnized by his studies of ancient times, he immediatly contacted the Royal Emperor of the Rambulan Empire. Shocked by there appearance he ordered El'd'Shell to meet the Captain and when learning vital information he was to destroy the ship. After returning to the Devoras he opened fire at the USS Hood, severly damaging her, but the USS Hood returned fire and made an escape.

And so the Rambulan Captain was unable to destroy the USS Hood but did manage to learn a lot of the Rambo and Rambo Nation and brought this information to the Emperor. He was promoted to Fleet Captain and he is currently preparing to invade the Rambo Nation Deep Space Colonie located near the Hutter Kingdom. However, he did not invade the Colonie since around that time, the Rambulan Emperor was killed by the Unknown Entity and proposed that the Rambulan Star Empire became part of the Imperial Alliance. Something El'd'Shell agreed with, because with the death of the Emperor, most loyal Captains died with him.

When the Rambulan Star Empire joined the Imperial Alliance, El'd'Shell was given a position at the War Council.

War Councillor of the Imperial Alliance

When the Imperial Alliance was formed, El'd'Shell became the representive of the Rambulan Star Empire and he was given full command of the Rambulan Fleets. He now makes plans to aid the Lizardian Commander to hit the Rambo at a crucial moment. When they found out that moment, the Lizardian Commander bombarded the Rambo High Council at the Rambo Capitol. When the Lizardian Commander withdrawn to a nearby system to engage the Noble Alliance other members, El'd'Shell commanded the intercepting fleet and joined the Lizardian Commander.

He later aided the Lizardian Commander in the attack at the Dissia System and almost defeated the Rambo forces there. But when Ramaxar arrived, they were forced to retreat. He then returned back to Quadrant 89 to the Imperial Home planet to recieve new instructions from the Regent of the Imperial Alliance.

Imperial Galactic War
Capture of the Ramrevera System

Fall of Ramrevera

When the Imperial Alliance proclaimed war upon Rambo Nation and the Noble Alliance, Fleet Captain El'd'Shell led a combined fleet of Lizardian and Rambulan forces to attack the Rambo Colonie of Ramrevera Prime.

Although the Rambo Forces were prepared for the arriving forces, they were unable to hold off the attack because El'd'Shell used the cloacking abilities of the Rambulan Ships to his advance and took the Rambo forces by surprise. When the Rambo fleet in orbit was destroyed he entered the atmosphere with his fleet and laid ruins to the cities on the colonie.

When the colonie was taken over and most of the cities and ships had been destroyed, El'd'Shell reported back to the Emperor and awaited further instructions.

Occupying Goepellke Republic

After the taking of the Ramrevera system the Emperor ordered El'd'Shell to invade the Goepellke Republic and occupy the system.

As the Republic prepared themselves to engage the Imperial Forces, it soon proved that the Imperials were too strong and the Republic surrended and became an occupied system. And as such, Rambo Nation lost another ally and the Noble Alliance influance was diminishing.

Second Galactic War
File:USS Capricaerón and USS Valley Forge vs Devoras.png

The Devoras destroyed by the USS Capricaerón and the USS Valley Forge

During the Second Galactic War El'd'Shell destroyed the entire Goepellke Republic and ramained at his position. However when Captain Tul and the Lizardian Commander began sieging the Rambo Capitol of Dinoman82 he ordred his fleet to aid the two. During the battle he smashed threw the Allied forces fleet and managed to create an opening for invasion.

Sadly, during the battle the Devoras was crippled by a joint attack by the USS Valley Forge and the USS Capricaerón and when refusing to surrend, the Devoras was destroyed and El'd'Shell, the most famous Rambulan perished during the battle.

RSS Devoras

The Royal Star Ship Devoras is a D'deridex Class, but not much is known of this class, except that it can cloack and it's fire power succeeds that of an Excelsior Class.

RSS Devoras

Devoras Front view

The Devoras engaged the USS Hood, severly damaging the ship, but she managed to escape by returning fire, where she only recieved minor damage to the hull plating.

It then returned to the Rambulan Capitol and was later assigned to lead a Fleet of Rambulan Ships as it's Flagship under the Imperial Alliance. However, during the Second Galactic War the ship was destroyed during the Battle for the Rambo Capitol.

  • He hopes to once encounter and battle with Rambo Nation's most famous Captain, namely Captain Ramcard.
  • After becoming a War Councillor, he became the direct leader of the Rambulan Star Empire's Fleet.


  • The Rambulans still refuse to see the Rambo as 'brothers'.
  • They enjoy there alliance in the Imperial Alliance, due to the change to wipe out the Rambo and learnign there history.

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