The Rambo Serindia are one of the most prominent and important species for both the Quadrant Galaxies and set their mark at the history of the Cyrandia Cluster.

The Rambo Serindia, often called Rambo, Serindia, Blue Birds or the Crusaders of the Stars are a bird-like species who have a love for exploration and peace. When they reached space they formed the Rambo Nation- an important nation for the Quadrants who soon set her mark at Quadrantia history. Over time many species joined the nation the Serindia founded.

This page will explain the history and evolution of the Rambo Serindia, the most prominent Rambo of the Rambo Species or Family, which eventually led to their unifying into one of the greatest empires within the Quadrants, Rambo Nation- the self proclaimed guardians of the Quadrant Galaxies.


The Rambo are Hexavipsida, more specific, or how the Rambo call themselves, the Ramboidae. The Serindia are blue/yellow bipedal birds whom are very ancient, they first evolved as small cells at the Capitol Planet of Dinoman82 (according to ancient records) and over time they evolved into there current state. The Serindia are friendly, honest and noble. They have large wings which they use to fly (ofcourse) and the Rambo Serindia love places near water and plains, and even contructed floating cities on watery planets like Rametru Nui. However, the Serindia themselves love watery regions, they are not very fond of swimming of diving. The Serindia are not physically strong, but have a natural talant of contructing ancient structures, statues and other architectural things. They also love art and have devolped over time a special manner of cooking and serving food. There favorite food are berries and fish, although when in dire hunger, they sometimes even eat meat! The Serindia also love the nature and are often found observing animals of the planets they colonized. They even managed to herd some.

They Serindia believe in the Atlantica, who they believe to have created them and placed them on the planets to live in. Their supreme God is the Ultimate One, who is greatly honored and believed to watch over all. His counterpart is Artmyris, the evil one. The Serindia take great honor in living the ways the Gods have created for them, but they also accept other religions to excist, as the Serindia believe the Rambo Gods only created the Quadrant Galaxies and not the others Galaxies.

The Serindia are eager to learn and always stand open for new things and contacting other alien races. And although not warlike, recent wars like the Tigris War and the Second Galactic War meant that the Serindia and the other Ramboidae had to become more war like and especialley after the Second Galactic War, they became more cautios of other races. They also love to ally other species, and especially have good relations with the Capricyránae, Sylit and the Ravenrii.

Over the course of years, the Serindia biology remained mostly the same, though with some differances who the Serindia classify as following:

Serindia communis.png

The Serindia known as the communis are the most common and basic of the Serindia found within the Galaxy. They feature the blue/yellow colored feathers, two medium sized wings spread from their back and having an average size between 1.6 and 1.8 meters when fully grown. The Serindia communis can be found in all social levels of Rambo Nations, from citizens to the Royalties, from farmers to senators and from space captains to loving fathers and mothers. Most Serindia communis like to wear decorated clothes, whether high born or commoner, many wear decorated clothes as Serindia feel happy with it and many believe it shows their status as a great Nation.

The communis are found all over the Rambo Nation territories, though are most prominent within the Capital, Inner and Mid Colonial sector, the original sectors of Rambo Nation before the Treaty of Fornearia. The communis numbers dwindled greatly after the loss of the Tigris Colonial Sector.

Rambo Serindia Pauvenris.png

The Serindia pauvenris, like their name suggest once inhabited the planet Pauvenris before it's destruction by the Xhodocto. Since then, those that survived migrated to other places, most notably to the planet Rambo Prime where they are ruled by House Ramcelsior. Once the Pauvenris were seen as the Serindia of the future, with great scholars and scientist, wearing fancy and decorated clothing, with influances from the Cyrannus Galaxy they were seen as the most prosperous of all. That until the destruction of the Pauvenris and the loss of Vietara.

The pauvenris have the same coloration like ordinary Serindia, and resemble the Serindia Nui quite a lot, having feathers as a tail instead of the spikes. Most notable about them are their head feathers, wich other Serindia lack and instead have hair. Though dwindled in number, the Serindia pauvenris are still a proud Serindia breed.

They have an average size between 1.7 and 2.0 meters.

Serindia Legacy.png
The Serindia Legacy, often named the Legacy Serindia were those Serindia brought from a differant timeline, where they were once part of an organisation known as the Aurilithiae Order. These Serindia used forbidden magics, making them Wraith like, half ghost half mortals and now posses long life and mystic powers! With differant colored feathers, larger and thinner in appearance, they are gradually accepted by the other species who call Rambo Nation home. The female Serindia Legacy changed appearance, now with light blue colors and they yellow hair, than have become even more beautiful than before and now are more agile and faster. However, as the male Serindia grew more bitter, the female Serindia are their oppisite, they became even more happier and friendlier, keeping the balance between the Serindia.

The Legacy Serindia are larger posses greater physical strength as well as magics. They have an average size between 1.8 and 2.1 meters when fully grown.


The Serindia Nui resemble the Serindia communis a lot, though are slightly larger and more endurable than the communis. Over time the Nui evolved from the communis at the planet Rametru Nui and since then have spread out over other colonial regions as well. Having the same coloration as the communis, the Nui lack the spiked tails, instead like the wintaria, they have feathers as a tail wich allows them to fly longer distances. The female Serindia Nui have smaller beaks and sweeter eyes, often giving them a more mystical appearance.

The Serindia Nui like to dress themselves in fancy clothing. The males wear a carefully measured suit in yellow/blue green coloration and a hat with a feather. The female love to wear a lower skirt and top bikini made of soft silk, giving away their sleak and tender body.

They have an average size of 1.7 and 2.0 meters.


The Serindia wintaria are Serindia inhabiting the frozen planet Ramar Shadda. Due to their long time living at the planet, the ancestors since it's colonial construction over time changed in appearance and biology. Due to the more intense sunlight coming from Ramar Shadda's local star, the Serindia living there have adapted to have darker feather coloration than the rest of their species. As such, the wintaria are better suited against the cold and harsh climate of the T2 planet. The males all wear armor, as all males have secondary duties as guards of the Lord of Ramar Shadda. Their heavy armor protects them against most hazards, like snow, freezing and arrows and bullets. The female instead became even more better suited against the cold, thinner and having a faster bloodrate, the female wintaria can wear thin clothing and having no problems against the cold. Another notable feat of the winteria, they posses tail feathers instead of the spikes found at the communis.

They have an average size of 1.7 and 2.0 meters, though some of them are known to reach heights of 2.4 meters.

Serindia antigerio are a special kind of Serindia biology. Many are not sure if they are fully differant biology as there are only a few known examples. These Serindia are far larger than any Serindia ever seen, with large and powerful wings, enchanced physical strength and senses these Serindia are often believed to be the next step in their evolution. Andaurl Ramdorian is an example of a Serindia antigerio, though has communis children by his communis wife.

Many believe the X-Serindia, like Ramashe also fall under this classification.


Rambo Goverment[]

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The Rambo Senate at Väeressëa

The Rambo have always been ruled by a single ruler during their history, and mostly this was the one who had the most wealth and power. However, this changed later on when the Civilization Age begun and a planetary war broke out. Around this time the Rambo Founder became the ruler of Rambo City and unitied the Rambo Serindia. This meant he led them to the early years of space exploration, but after that he vanished when the Bonaventura went missing in action.

After this event, Rambo Nation became a Constitutional Monarchy with a Emperor or Empress as supreme ruler of the nation, known as the Monarchy. The Monarchy are often adviced and share rule with a council and senate, depending on the ruler in question.

The Senate of Rambo Nation decides of internal matters like the High Court of Justice, Intergalactic Trade and Expansion, Space Exploration Program, the Health and Education etc.

Rambo Religion[]

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The Rambo Serindia, like all Ramboidae believe in the Rambo Gods, they are lead by the Ultimate God and share some ancient history with the Thirteenth Tribe.

Rambo Homes[]

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The Serindia can live in various climates and regions, yet they prefer to live on green planets where a lot of water can be found. They also prefer warmer climate instead of coldness, but they also manage to live on ice planets just fine.

Capitol Planet of Dinoman82, the lush and green homeworld of the Serindia.

There home planet is called Rambo Capitol of Dinoman82 and is a green and lush planet, with a lot of forests, water and a nice climat (most of the time the sun shines). They also live in harmony with the animals on the planet and rather do not build or destroy the forests that are still excisting, since the nature had a needed a long time to recover since the Serindia Planetary War that occured in the Civilization Stage. Since then, they are very carefull of the planets nature and always aid the animals whom are hurt. On the planet they often live in small houses as they prefer to be outside or in Space Ships and also inhabit the large and ancient structures. There homes are simple, with a bed, tv, table and chairs, a kitchen and a basement for storage (or illegal Algernon Wine). Another thing, they also like to be in casino's, disco's etc.

Over the course of years when Rambo Nation was founded and the Serindia went to space, they colonized various planets and build some of the most impressive colonies in Quadrant 82, for example Rametru Nui is a fine state of art for the Serindia and highly valued.

Also the Rambo Serindia like to build statues and other complex buildings, mostly build in Ancient Founder Style and the Serindia take great pleasure in just looking at the statues and ancient structures they build. It is said, they even builded statues for other nations (like the Queen Alestra Statue for the CoreFed) but those rumors are not confirmed and are probably classified.

Rambo Language[]

The Rambo speak differant languages, one of course is the InterGalactic Language, which is based on English and every race (or most of them) can understand. However, the Rambo also have ancient languages, which they mostly keep secret to outsiders and they see this as the text and word left behind by the Rambo Gods.

Old Serindia

Old Serindia is the ancient language of the Rambo, it was first used around the time of the Rambo Founder and the first Tribal Villages. Over time the ancient language recieved many and difficult words, even Serindia themselves found them difficult to pronounce.

Eventually the Old Serindia language ceased to being used, as the Rambo unified and grew with other species a more basic language was used, similair to the Human English and Old Serindia only became a special school traject. In current days Old Serindia is only studied by those who have interesst in it, though some like the Founder or the Royalties still use various words when in conversation, as Old Serindia is thaught to all Royalty.

Further more many words and lines were lost to history, those known are listed below.

  • Agh Rakatulûk: Is loosely translated as 'Shadowly Ones'.
  • Anummiae: Is loosely translated as 'forified and wealthy place'.
  • Artmyricae: Artmyris Legions
  • Ash: means 'One'.
  • Aviaterdactyruscea: Is loosely translated as 'Saurien Ones'.
  • Bellicosus: Is loosely translated as 'Fallen Ones'.
  • Chuchillyiniae: Is loosely translated as 'Female Gaurdian'.
  • Chuchiryacea: Is loosely translated as Female Guardian.
  • Grimbatûlkûrûae: Is loosely translated as 'Dark Emperor'.
  • Idrioalthaórien: means 'Uniter' or 'Founder'.
  • Ka'Zâniûlaris: Is loosely translated as the 'Forgotten Dark Lord'.
  • Mithrislic: Is loosely translated as 'Golden Ones'.
  • Nauglazcm: Is loosely translated as 'Lost Ones'.
  • Nazgkr: means 'Dark Servants'
  • Rahiae: Means 'Animals' or 'Creatures'.
  • Ramar Shadda: Means Ice Capitol.
  • Rambo Prime: Means Old City.
  • Ramboidixia: Means the First Serindia City, Rambo City.
  • Ramirith: Is loosely translated as 'hope'.
  • Ramulindalë: Emperor during the Trogg Wars, loosely translated as Great One against Trogg.
  • Serindia: Is loosely translated as 'The Destinied Ones'.
  • Serindianiliae: means Serindia Capitol.
  • Tirithsilliana: means Ancient City.
  • Tyranischia: Loosely translated as the Tyranic Neighbour, referring to the Cyrannus Galaxy.
  • Väeressëa: means Enlightment.
  • Zihala: means Choas
  • Zâniûlaris: is loosely translated as 'Forgotten Ones'.
  • Alveni a Malus: Means the Rise of Darkness.
  • Ire ad Ka'Zâniûlaris: Means as "Go to Ka'Zâniûlaris", which is loosely translated as "Go to Hell".
  • Lacrima a Vinyar: Means the Tears of Hope.

Notable Serindia[]

The Serindia are a well known species across the Cyrandia Cluster and beyond. Below are their most famous and well known individuals. The gallery is listed in the following roles at alphabetical order: Royal Dynasty
Political Figures
Rambo Command Personnel

Evolutional History[]

Pre-civilization era[]

Rambo Cell (png)

The Rambo Cell was a microscopic creature and was blue with white stripes. It had three eyes and had carnivore and herbivore mouths. It was fast swimmer, with two Cilia on either side to propel it through the water. The cell also had spikes and could release poison from twin glands on its back. It was also capable of releasing an electric charge.

Of course the Cells were microscopic but they soon evolved into a land animal which marked the dawn of a new age for the Rambo.

During the creature stage the Rambo Species evolved and changed over the millenia to the current form they have now.

When first coming on land they only had only gained two legs to walk on and that marked the beginning of their promising future. When arriving on land, their bodies changed but their blue color remained, easily spotted in the green areas of the planet. That wasn't very handy, since a lot of predators and other hostile creatures preyed at them, so the early Rambo were confined to scavenging and allying with the weaker species.

But that meant they could grow wings. The 2nd evolution meant they grew butterfly wings and also had gain arms and were becoming faster and bigger. With it they took over the evil creatures and then they migrated north, so their nests could expand and more Rambo could come into excistance. So that meant they were going to be bigger and didn't need to scavenge, now they went searching for food and attacking rival nest to prove they were the strongest species on their continent.

The 3rd evolution was a very odd one. They changed form and appearance, were standing high on their legs and were becoming more like creatures that were going to evolve beyong the stage of creatures. But it had a side effect, the species became slower and and weaker, since they couldn't defend themselves that good anymore.

Their 4th evolution was the first step to their perfection. They species continued theri search for allies food etc, and become more powerful and faster then ever before. This stage also introduced dancing and singing- the first step to become a civilization.

The 5th evolution was the last evolution and the final step to become the dominant species on the planet. The Serindia appearance is much to same as to standard and modern times, standing like humanoids, with great wings they became the most powerful stage of the Evolution. With this form they embarked into the Tribal Stage and further on, even into the Space Stage and they become the most known and common Ramboidae species in the known Universe.

In the early years of the Tribal Stage of the Rambo they were living apart, and often clashed for food etc. The most prominent Tribe was the Yellow Tribe.

A Tribal Serindia

Upon the forming of the tribes, there was an ancient character known as Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë, better known as the Forgotten Dark Lord who set up the various tribes against eachoter. This resulted in conflicts between the tribes but they soon realised the Forgotten Dark Lord was not a Serindia, and instead of honoring and accepting him as the ruler of the planet, they abandoned him.

The Founder defeats the Forgotten Dark Lord

Instead the various the Rambo Tribes met eachother and they made peace with eachother. This resulted in an alliance to become the most prominent tribe and species on the continent, with the Yellow Tribe as the overall leader. Yet the Forgotten Dark Lord, whom saw hismelf as the ultimate ruler of the planet refused to allow the Serindia there freedom, but before he could act he was challenged by an elderly looking Serinida, known only as the the Founder. The two clashed and after days of battle, the Founder managed to defeat the Forgotten Dark Lord with a powerfull attack which cracked his body. The Forgotten Dark Lord left the planet, vowing revenge and Forgotten Dark Lord vanished from sight and became only known as a myth. The Serindia under guidance of the Founder formed the Rambo Alliance and settled down near the cost, what later would become Rambo City. With this settling down, the Rambo wore the same uniforms so they could identify them as Rambo Serindia. When the tribe was growing, food became spare and so war was not something they could afford, so with many other tribes they made peace, but destroyed one of the tribes as a warning to the other hostile tribes.

When the other tribes didn't attack the Rambo, they began orginizing and the first great city, Rambo City was founded, this happened around 49.000 BQF. Although around that time, Rambo City was only excisting out of a few huts, but is soon grew out to a city of pride, honor and large houses. This marked the beginning of the Civilization Stage, which was pretty turbolent and started with the Medieval Age.

Civilization stage (approximately 49.000 BQF - 2500 BQF)[]

The Civilization stage showed the Serindia progress and could be divided in two major timelines, the Medieval Age and the Modern Age. This Age marked the rise of Minas Vuliaroronth and Khaza'Drimiaerh, but also tells there sad tale which led to there fall and destruction. The only city that survived the Medieval Age and Modern Age is the prominent and glorious city of Rambo City, the center of the former Yellow Kingdom, the seat of the Rambo Alliance.

Medieval Age (49.000 BQF - 2300 BQF)[]

As the Tribal Era was over, and the Civilization Era had started the various Serindia Tribes began constructing cities of old and glory. With disbanding the Rambo Alliance the various Kings and Queens lived in peace for quite some while, although tensions with the Red Serindia were always present.

When the Rambo became the prime species on the planet cities were founded all over the planet. And at first, they had peace with eachother, for a while at least. During this time the Rambo Alliance was broken and each city had it's own leader. This was against the wishes of the Rambo Founder, who though unitying was better than each City going it's on way. However, it was peace on the planet, and among the other cities trade was common and some even became closer friends.

The Yellow City, also known as Rambo City was the biggest city, and the oldest. Rambo City was expanded during the Middle Ages (Medieval Age) and became the oldest known city on the planet, together with the Red Rambo City, known as Khaza'Drimiaerh. The yellow Serindia founded Tirithsilliana around 20.000 BQF and became the most prominent city of the Yellow Tribe, if not on the entire planet. Tirithsilliana completion took over 2500 years.

Minas Vuliaroronth, the Blue Serindia City

As the Yellow Tribe became the most prominent and dominant presence on the planet, the Blue Serindia of Minas Vuliaroronth soon became the 2nd most wealthy and influential. With the Red Serindia at the third place, they were not happy with this and they wanted to be the most dominant.

The art of forging swords, armor and helmets was discovered, the continent was soon flooded with knights, farmers and wealthy citizens who began living in houses made of stone and clay. The various cities of the Rambo at that time were Rambo City, Minas Vuliaroronth and Khaza’Drimiaerh.

Blue Knight of Minas Vuliaroronth

Minas Vuliaroronth was founded 48.825 BQF and soon became the second city of the Rambo of the Medieval Age. Considered the “Blue Capitol City”, it meant that the Blue Serindia Tribe had the most powerful position besides the Yellow Serindia of Rambo City. The Blue Serindia soon began creating there own knights, known as the Order of Vuliaroronthia. For a long time the Blue Serindia were seen as the most promising ones and the ones that would soon reach for the dominant power. Yet the blues were friendly and did not wish to gain such power and instead lived there lives in peace and quietness, not interfering between the distrust and various conflicts between the Red and Yellow Serindia.

As the time of knights had arrived, glad in armor varying from blue till yellow and red. The knights defended their homes and the citizens, yet not all knights choose to serve a king or queen, some went freelance. They could be hired for money to serve or complete missions. While others just went freelance to aid those in need and to go on legendary adventures. Over time, near 2600 BQF the various Kingdoms were at relatively peace. The Red Serindia were known to hold the greatest of all navy and had full control over the seas. While the Yellow lived in the great cities of proneness, like Rambo City and Tirithsilliana which sought to unify the Globe. The Red Serindia lived there lives in the more harsher regions, secretly constructing an army to attack the others and plotting there conquest for domination. While the Blue Serindia lived in peace, welcoming all other Serindia in their cities to express trade, art and other diplomatic relations. The Purple Serindia didn't interact with the others and were living isolated.

So there was peace for many years, yet it would soon be revealed, as at 2500 BQF peace became fragile. First signs of trouble (2550 BQF - 2500 BQF)

A Red Rambo Ship destroys two Blue Rambo Ships

Yet peace was not to last for long as soon the long time freelance knights came under attack, many were killed in ambushes by forces unknown. Soon many of the knights were killed and the freelance knights either laid down their swords and others were extinct. With the loss of the Freelance Knights the globe felt a disturbance, how could after so many years come an end to the knights whom defended the weak and those in dire need?.

Also the Red Serindia of Khaza’Drimiaerh began targeting Navy ships of the Blue Serindia of Minas Vuliaroronth, which led to high tension between the Red and Blue Kingdoms. Around this time the Red Serindia Kingdom also attacked the Green Serindia Kingdom and conquered her.

Peace came to a shocking end at 2500 BQF.

Minas Vuliaroronth burning.

At 2500 BQF, frontal war was breaking out between the Rambo Allies and the Red Serindia of Khaza’Drimiaerh attacked. Under command of Balidurun, the Red Serindia King the war intensified and soon resulted in global war.

The first city to fell at hands of the Red Serindia was the noble city of Minas Vuliaroronth. Taken by surprise the Red Serindia were able to infriltrate the Blue Serindia, who didn't want to be involved in any war. Backed up by a Red Serindia Ship the cannons of that mighty ship damaged many a tower and one cannon even killed the Blue Serindia King of that moment. After heavy fighting, and valiantly defended by the Blue Knights it was in vain. The Red Serindia killed all citizens of Minas Vuliaroronth and it was completly burned to the ground. After the victory the Red Serindia targeted other cities as well and managed to reduce the Blue Kingdom to only a handfull. However, the Yellow, Purple and remaining Blue Serindia re-formed the Rambo Alliance and the march of the Red Serindia came to an end.

The war lasted for over 200 years and ended with Balidurun fored to make a truce. Angered, Balidurun accepted this truce and isolated the Red Serindia territory from outsiders. After using forbidden magics to prolong is life span, Balidurun and the Red Serindia made shocking discoveries. When the metal vehicles rolled out of there factories, the Red Serindia secretly began constructing a massive army for them to use.

Meanwhile, the Rambo Alliance knew of the possible threat and decided not to make ground vehicles or powerfull tanks (spies found out the Red Serindia had tanks) but instead expanded there cities with skyscrapers and the Founder ordered in secret the consturction of air ships.

Modern Age (2300 BQF - 450 BQF)[]

After the Planetary War the various Kingdoms were technology advancing. As the age of Technology arrived, better known as the Modern Age, many inventions were done. The Rambo Alliance unfied under one flag meant that the Founder became the ruler of this Rambo Alliance and under his guidance various new cities were constructed, with aid of airships, cars and other technology. The Rambo Alliance decided to live in peace and abandoned the idea of creating an army, whether for defense or attacking. The only defense the Alliance had are the the various knights that survived the Planetary War.

The most notable new places that were constructed are:

  • Ramerodaras, the Senate was constructed 1000 BQF.
  • Amnuvallionia, the modern City was constructed 1000 BQF.
  • Vulmiartari, the City on the Plains 2500 PQF.
And so, as the Red Serindia Kingdom went into isolation the Rambo Alliance prospered and lived in peace for quite some time. However there ignorance of the Red Serindia Kingdom was a mistake. As after 800 years the Red Serindia Kingdom came out of hiding, with a force beyond knowledge and what was more suprising, they were still ruled by Balidurun.

Red Serindia Kingdom and Rambo Alliance ship engage eachother above Amnuvallionia.

And so, peace came to an end when the Red Serindia Kingdom attacked the city of Amnuvallionia. Various fighers and a large Air Ship were approaching the large city and the Rambo Alliance grew desperate. They didn't create an army to stop them at all. Yet the Founder came with a solution, in secret there was an army of the Rambo Alliance and a single airship approached Amnuvallionia to protect her. The massive Alliance Air Ship came under attack by the Red Serindia Fighters, but when they launched there missles, glowing in yellow, they were in for a surprise. The impact caused a ripple of the shield protecting the Alliance Airship and in return it fired various torpedo's. Shocked the Red Serindia Airship was damaged and retreated while the fighters were all destroyed.

The Alliance Airship cripples under the massive firepower of the Red Serindia Kingdom.

The Red Serindia King Balidurun was furious, he expected an easy conflict, as the Alliance did not supposse to have any fighting force besides knights. He then ordered his troops which carried guns, tanks, airships and metal boats to prepare themselves for a lengthy war. Meanwhile the Rambo Alliance under command of the Founder began constructing jeeps to be able to fight the Red Serindia Tanks on various terrains.

But King Balidurun grew aware of this and soon found a weakness in the massive and powerfull Alliance Air Ships, hit them with multiply missles and there shields will not hold every missle. At 458 BQF he ordered two light airships and a normal Airship and various Airfighters to attack the Alliance Airships carrying the Founder himself!! The Light Air Ships carried various Red Serindia Tanks and all opened fire at the approaching Alliance Airship. Taken by surprise the shields didn't hold that much fire power and soon chrashed on the surface below. Yet before chrasing it managed to destroy a Red Serindia Light Air Ship. Red Serindia soldiers then took the Founder captive and brought him to Balidurun.

Alliance Argo Jeeps under attack by Red Serindia forces.

Meanwhile, at Rambo City the various leaders of the Serindia Tribes were shocked by the Founder his captive, they were now left with no leader. But a noble and elderly King stood up and took the mantle of leader with the approvel of the other Serindia Leaders. He was King Alivua, the last remaining King of the Blue Serindia. Soon after, at 457 BQF, a year after the Founder's capture King Alivua ordered the creation of an army, and a year later at 456 BQF the Alliance now had Light Cruisers, Alliance Soldiers and a trained Royal Guard and Swordsmans (capable of reflecting bullets). The Alliance then began counter attacking the Red Serindia Kingdom and soon conflicts were found all over the planet.

Khaza'Drimiaerh seen from orbit and before the attack.

Yet the Rambo Alliance was on the losing side, the overmight on tanks and soldiers meant the Red Serindia Kingdom grew more and more powerfull and rumors had it, they were trying to construct a space ship. King Alivua grew desperate, after so long without the guidance of the Founder he was unsure what to do. At one night, he had a vision of Amnuvallionia and Tirhithsilliana burning, and he decided it was time for action.

Khaza'Drimiaerh destruction!

As the Red Serindia Kingdom her forces were spread out over the globe King Alivua took a massive part of the Alliance forces and invaded Khaza'Drimiaerh and surprised the forces of the Khaza'Drimiaerh. The attack started at 455 BQF and King Alivua personally led the attack. The first stage of the invasion went well, they destroyed various Red Serindia ships and managed to cripple various airships. But when he led a convoy of soldiers and Argo Jeeps into the city they were taken by surprise by a heavy tank and his forces were destroyed, although he managed to destroy the tank. However as light tanks appeared Alivua was forced to fall back and talked to a battle command, which wore knight armor. Then suddenly one of the Alliance massive Air Ships arrived and engaged various fighters, given the oppertunity to destroy the remaining tanks for the ground forces which came with the Air Ship. Yet the Air ship was heavily damaged and time was running out, reports indicated Red Serindia reinforcements were on there way. Alivua then decided to let a futile and last attack into the city, surprised how empty it was he face King Balidurun and killed him after a furious battle. But his victory was not to last, as King Balidurun fell dark energies left his body and a massive explosion destroyed Khaza'Drimiaerh and all forces stationed there, including the live of King Alivua the entire region around the Red Serindia Capitol was incernated by a nucliair explosion. After the destruction of Khaza'Drimiaerh the Red Serindia Kingdom capitulated and surrended, they later founded the Founder in a bunker close to Khaza'Drimiaerh and it took several casualties to free him. None the less, he was freed and the Founder spoke to the Alliance that they needed a new King, in honor of King Alivua, the Liberator.

After the Second Planetary War the Serindia rebuilded their planet and their cities and healed there wounds. Yet technology did not stand still and the Serindia were able to launch there first space ship. Although it was not for space travel, The Venture Star was able to get in orbit for a while and then returned to the surface below. The test was an success and soon the Serindia began building there very first space ship that was able to travel through the system.

At 450 BQF the Serindia abandoned the Rambo Alliance and re-named it Rambo Nation. They launched there space ship into space and it explored the system and nearby planets, this class, the NX-01, with the USS Enterprise as the first of her class explored the nearby systems and the Serindia soon began encountering other species. The rest is history and Rambo Nation became an important factor in Quadrant 82, and later on in other universes as well.

Space Stage (450 BQF - Current)[]

When the Serindia reached the Space Stage, they became a unified Nation, which they called Rambo Nation. Rambo Nation became a well known Nation in there surrounding area and that caused a few wars over the follwing years. Later on, when the Rambo became more advanced they expanded and met new races by the use of wormholes. During this early years they also met and allied other Ramboidae, although others became enemies.

Far in the future, Rambo Nation ceased to excist and over time was replaced by the Aurilithiae Order, with new and more advanced and powerful Serindia, the New Order began expanding, but could never reach the glory of Rambo Nation, which they reffered to as the Old Order.

Rambo Nation flag

Over her course of history the Serindia also took differant appearcens, depending on the places or colonies they lived on. The Serindia, or better say Rambo Nation gained a good reputation in the Intergalactic Community, often due to there various noble and persistance captains. This eventualley led to becoming a member of the G8 and together with the Cianju Alliance and the DCP laid the foundations for the Onuris Alliance.

The Rambo Nation history is long and filled with adventures, wars, drama and glorious events. As the foundations of Rambo Nation were laid during the Civilization Age, the space empire known as Rambo Nation was formed 450 PQF. With the launch of the NX-01 Class there fleet was soon expanded with various other classes and they began exploring space. During these early years the Rambo were allying various races but also found thereselves in conlfict with the Trogg, resulting in a devastating war.

At 429 BQF Rambo Nation and the Serindia (and there other member races) reached the Golden Age, this age of peace and prosper lasted until 280 BQF. The Golden Age ended with the Mozel incident which was followed up by the Heer Stekeveel Wars, devastating wars and saw the need of a stable alliance. The Noble Alliance was formed at 227 BQF and resulted in a short period of peace. But at 220 BQF the Alliance fell into war with the Diva-Bettie and the Algernon which led to the forming of the Resistance. These events and the Rambo's expansion into the galaxy led to the discovery of the Seven Starr Alliance in the same year. But the Rambo's expansion brought them to the Tigris Galaxy, in which they were plunged in the Fiction:Tigris War and met with the noble Civatron and the demonic Xhodocto. After these wars, a dark time approached for Rambo Nation with more conflicts with the Xhodocto and the newly discovered Tralor. Though the real threat was the rise of the Imperial Alliance at 5 BQF and the most devastating war the Rambo and the Quadrant Galaxies has even known, the Second Galactic War at 0 BQF.

During the 2nd GW Rambo Nation was shorlty occupied by the Imperials, but managed to liberate themselves due to the forming of the Quadrantia Federation and the later Cyrandia Alliance. Though the aftermath of the Second Galactic War was troublesome, with allies calling for aid in both the March and the Intergalactic War. Though there were also points of light during these times, the Founder returned and many new alliances were formed. Further on, the massive Rambo Nation fleet recieved a massive update, the so called V2 fleet and Three Silver years broke on, with a time of new prosper and expanding.

Though danger loomed with the Girdo Civil War and the Battle of Fornaeria. Though the Nation kept prospering, the Treaty of Fornaeria was formed and Rambo Nation expanded at a rapid speed. With the joining of many new races Rambo Nation fully recovered from the Second Galactic War and became even stronger and gained more influance than ever before. Mostly due to the fact the Imperial Alliance had fallen to a betrayal by one of there own.

The Nation then claimed the Quadrantia Age had approached, a new age and time for Rambo Nation approached, but the start of this new age was not without struggle, as a Shadow loomed over the Nation. As the Qaudrantia Disorder began, at the same time as the Great Cyrannus War new revelations were made, powerful mobile battlestations were revealed and various ships recieved the Mk. II upgrade. The first cloacking device installed at a Rambo ship came into action with succes, though both the Vartekians and the Confederacy managed to get a hold over Rambo Nation planets for a while. Another shocking revelance was that Rambo Nation was ruled for over a year by the Xhodocto Dhazhrak. It could be said, the year 04 AQF was a disturbing and important year for the Nation and the Serindia at whole. In the same year a group of Serindia pledged their loyalty to the Confederacy and left Rambo Nation.

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Even though the Rambo Serindia mostly remaind close to eachother, the expansion into other regions and galaxies meant that the Serindia changed appearance in cloathes, even some changed behavior. However most were part of Rambo Nation (except the Resistance) and are proud to live within Rambo Nation.

Yet though there appearance can be differant in various system, the various X-Serindia, secretly created Special Forces are also considered Space appearances, yet they are differant in color and sometimes even in appearance and stature.

Resistance Flag

The Rambo Resistance was formed around 22 BQF by Ramgaro, the brother of the then Admiral Ramgorio to give the outer colonial regions only older ships and weakening protection and eforcing of the law there. Ramgaro, as governor of Erion (an outer colony) disagreed with these plans and asked the Rambo Senate for information about this. They turned him down and in turn he attacked his brother, but Ramgaro was send away. In return he made a public speech on the outer colonial television and called for an union against these plans. Many colonies listened and complied and the foundations were made for the Rambo Resistance, a faction with there own goverment and laws!

The Resistance against Rambo Nation

Soon the raids and attacks began against Rambo Nation, but a lone captain, known as Ramborwski managed to protect the colonies still loyal to the Emperor. With the shipyards of Erion in his possesion, Ramgaro soon made his own fleet and with the Lizardian threat he declared the Resistance independant, much to the dismay of the Emperor and the Senate but they could not due anything against it. When the Resistance began launching attacks against Javan and other planets and colonies, the Resistance managed to be recognized at 16 BQF and a weapon truce was made with the Nation.

End of the Resistance

The Resistance managed to expand and grow for many years, and at 04 BQF they allied the Imperial Alliance and joined them in the First Galactic War but during the final stages of that war Rambo Nation survived and fought back both the Imperials and the Resistance with aid of there allies. This failiure meant the downfall and decline of the Resistance as at 0 BQF the Second Galactic War broke out and the Imperials betrayed the Resistance and almost destroyed them. Though they managed to survive they allies the Trucinex and the Iron Bloc, but these things were in vain.

At 01 AQF the Imperials returned at New Erion (the strongest stronghold of the Resistance) with the Novae, a weapon-ship capable of destroying stars and they did. With the star of New Erion gone nova more than 85% of the Resistance forces were destroyed and many more were killed. With the Galactic Emperor present at that scene he witnessed the near-destruction of the Resistance and soon the Imperials hunted down all the remains of the Resistance. Within days the last remnants of the Resistance were swept away and the "Resistancia Serindia" became extinct.

When Rambo Nation formed her colonial sector in the Cyrannus Galaxy the so called "Cyrannus Serindia" became a wealthy and important part of Rambo Nation. Due to their planets being located close to the Quadrant 82-Cyrannus Galaxy wormhole they played a vital role in securing the trade routes but also as a first defense against possible threats from Cyrannus.

Over time, with the Rambo and URC relations growing better and better, the Cyrannus Serindia became more arrogant and "Quadrantia Serindia". Feeling them as one of the more gifted and honored Serindia within the Cyrandia Cluster their arrogance had a differant effect on other members of Rambo Nation who disliked their arrogance. As such the Cyrannus Serindia changed their formal cloathing, which machted the fashion of Cyrannus inhabitants. When the Confederacy of Free Planets was formed the "Cyrannus Serindia" were split in two. One part felt they should leave the Nation as they were above them, while others felt the ties with the Nation should be improved once again.

During the Great Cyrannus War the Serindia who joined the Confederacy played a vital role in providing the Confederacy with information about Quadrant 82. Sadly, during the war the most prized planet within the Cyrannus Colonial Sector, Ramaprica was destroyed.

When in 05 AQF/01 Ne- with the seclusion of the GCW all of the "Cyrannus Serindia" were absorbed within the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus after the Rambo lost the Battle of New Ramhall. Later on, after the so called Treaty of Ramaprica the colonies were given back to Rambo Nation, though the Serindia stood under firm control and supervision of the Empire authorities.

Alternate and possible future?[]

Over the course of the Rambo Nation history things could go on very differantly when some events turned out differant than to the main history.

  • 450 BQF:Great Loron Imperium - During the Rambo era in space they encountered the Great Loron Imperius, who forced the entire Nation and the Serindia to join the Imperium as member, contributing their military to it.
  • 219 BQF:Federal Empire of Cyrannus - The FEC (alternate URC) invades the Quadrant Galaxies around 219 BQF, taking advance of the Diva-Bettie-Rambo Nation war! Due to the weakened status of the fleet the Serindia and the Nation became subjects of the Federal Empire.
  • 021 BQF:Coalition of Delpha Storyline - Rambo Nation betrayed by the DCP around the time of the Tigris War and later on even conquered by the DCP- turning the Serindia into subjects of the DCP.
  • 001 AQF:Xhodocto Victory - The Xhodocto are victorious during the March of the Apocalypse, plunging the Universe into an unending darkness and scourging the entire Quadrants of all life.

After thousends of years in prosper and wealth- Rambo Nation suddenly ceased to excist after a terrible event which was not yet revealed. They would later call it the Grand Collision, but nobody really knew what it meant. As Rambo Nation was desperate and more and more of the Quadrant Galaxies seemed to have been destroyed and left life-less the Nation began constructing various Intrepid Class vessels- designed for combat and long range travels.

USS Voyager travelling throughout the changed First Gigaquadrant

But the Shipyards of Rowar were not fast enough and only three vessels were completed. The USS Voyager, the USS Dessalines and the USS Intrepid were launched as the disaster drew near. All three ships managed to escape the disaster that consumed the Rambo Capital Planet and the last stronghold of Rambo Nation at that time. The ships were seen as arcs and were filled with citizens, crewmembers, a few of the last royalties, wealthy people and various animals in the cargo holds.

As the three ships tried to escape the USS Inteprid was destroyed after being caught in an aerolite storm it disturbed the Warp Core and imploded, destroying all hands. The USS Voyager managed to escape but lost track of the USS Dessalines and that ship was presumed lost. As the seemingly last ship of Rambo Nation in excistence with the last Serindia and member species of Rambo Nation- the USS Voyager travelled across the stars for new live and civilizations and went boldy were no Rambo had gone before!

After 875 years of travelling, upgrading the ship and many adventures in space they still didn't encounter any suitable place to inhabit and saw it as their long lasting duty to explore the galaxy in hopes of finding survivors. After so many years without encountering life the USS Voyager began her journey back to Quadrants- with the Serindia onboard the USS Voyager that were really the last Serindia. Coming out of the Dark Void the USS Voyager continued to travel among the stars in search of new life.

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Far into the future, at stardate 9.850.040.023 AQF, known to the residents of that time as 0 LE (Year 0 of the Legacy) it was a time of great disturbance and yet also of rebuilding and prospering. Upon this time, 10 billion years into the future Rambo Nation did not excist anymore and had ceased away many thousend of years ago.

Aurilithiae Order Symbol.png
Deep into the future, named the Legacy Era the Serindia changed appearance after the joining to the New Order, as they were driven to near extinction and the many new substances and energies released and found in the "New Quadrants" made the Serindia possible to evolve.

Using forbidden magics the Serindia became more Wraith like, half ghost half mortals and now posses long life and mystic powers!!! Also the female Serindia changed appearance, now with light blue colors and they yellow hair, than have become even more beautifuller than before and now are more agile and faster. However, as the male Serindia grew more bitter, the female Serindia were there oppisite, they became even more happier and friendlier, keeping the balance between the Serindia.

The Legacy Serindia are larger and more powerfuller and hostile, yet they still have there sence of humor, honor and honestly and upon the Grand Collision, the Intrepid Classes were launched into deep space, and during the long travels the Serindia aboard the last Serindia Ship in excistence, the USS Voyager changed to this appearance and new evolution form upon there integrating in the New Order. .

A war starts!

As the New Order began to form, the Serindia found a new home and even some remnants of the Old Order. Former member species had survived the disaster and after 8 years they were rebuilding there homes and were repopulating Quadrant 82. The Serindia onboard the USS Voyager, the last Serindia ship carrying the last Serindia in the Universe were surprised how much had changed and were happy to learn of the excistence of new species. As they already had joined the New Order there were new contacts with the Visaria and after some discussions they were allowed to join the Aurilithiae Order. And joining they did. They soon became the 3rd race of the New Order but were still sad that the Old Order had crumbled and ceased away. The New Order species believe this form of the Serindia is the most powerful they can achieve!

During the new timeline, known as 0 LE (0 years into the Legacy Era) the New Order became involved in various events. An Old Order appeared into New Order Space by unknown means and the Hutter Kingdom saw it as a provoke and started to engage the New Order. Soon a colony had fallen into there hands which later turned out (unknown to the New Order) that many were saved by the USS Galaxy under command of Rambam. Yet the New Order was at war with the Ancient Hutter Kingdom, and both sides are wondering what it will bring.

At the same year, they also met The Realm of the Libertus.

Aurilithiae Order Serindia Appearances

Sub-Species of the Serindia[]

The subspecies of the Serindia are Serindia (or look a like Serindia) that have been mutated, changed or evolutionary are differant than the standard Serindia. They can still be considered Serindia, but have differant appearances, abilities or even are completly changed like the Ascended and Descended.

A Legendiaryiae

The Ascended Serindia known as the Legendiaryiae or simple called the Legendary Ones are a mystery and not much is known about them nor do they appear much in the Religion of the Rambo. Myths tell that they live in the Perfection Realm, serving the Ultimate God as servents, guards and everything else.

Although not often told about, there excistence has been proven by the Judge of the Shrine when she summoned Ramgilmesh, a prime example of a Legendiaryiae. They posses great strength and wisdom, and only those whom have proven themselves worthy can become Ascended, but the Rambo Gods do not allow many Serindia to became Ascended, they fear it disturbs the balance of the Universe.

Rambo Zihala

Rambo Zihala Warrior/Armored Class

The Zihala, which means Choas in the Dark Tongue are Ascended Serindia, and are the most dreaded and feared Ramboidae servants of Artmyris Legion. These Demonic Ramboidae are servants of Artmyris, they are strong, even rivaling the strenght of a Civatron. However, they are considirable weaker than a Xhodocto, since they can be killed by them, as the Xhodocto are more supreme in demonic energy than the Zihal. The Demonica legends say, that if Artmyris would ever fall or be imprisoned, the Zihala would likely try to join the Mornûnendur or the Xhodocto.

There are two classes of the Zihala, the none armored and the armored class. The non armored class are the backbone of the Artmyris Legion and are attacking anyone at his command with there claws and demonic energy. The armored class are the elites of the Artmyris Legion, and carry large shields with the Artyricae emblem and have large helmets. There swords are large and powerfull, capable of cutting through shields and thick walls. The Zihala are the only Artmyricae known in the Serindia legends and myths, they are knowns as those who bring there children nightmares when they are asleep.

Created and original design by Xhodocto3546

Rambo Corruptia

Servants of Artmyris, there weapon is a powerfull disease which they use to strike there enemies with. The corruptia are living in the deep shadows of the Chaos Realm, not often seen venturing the Choas Realm the Corruptia rather choose a live of isolation.

But when the Artmyris Legion was formed, they joined with eager and great anticipation, as Artmyris promised them to gain a higher position in the Choas Realm.

These hidious and scary looking creatures are masters at diseases and toxic, joining together a group of them are able to toxic an entire planet, wiping out eveyr live found on the planet. The Corruptia are not getting along with the Zihala, since they dislike them. But they do seem to get along fine with the Demonica.

Created by Asdruabel

Rambo Demonica

The Demonica are what the Rambo Serindia are becoming when they enter the Realm of Chaos, they are changed and mutaded by Artmyris to this hideous form, to serve an eternity to there one and only master, Artmyris himself.

The Demonica are rather small and are classified in Artmyris Legion as the citizens, repair men, the ones that take care of the wounded etc. Effectively making them support personall.

They are rather nuts and very energic. They are however also cowards, as they often flee from battles as they do not have any weapons. Yet they can also be friendly to those who enter the Realm of Choas, but are often forced to do evil things, things they do not want to do.

Genetically-Altered Serindia are often military project where Serindia are genetically altered, given enchanced abililities or even complete differant appearances. The first spotted and known Genetically Altered Serindia were revealed under rule of Empress Ramashe, and were known as X-Serindia, the top of the line and elite-soldiers of Rambo Nation. Though X-Serindia are the "perfect" altered Serindia, no one knows where the failed projects are nor where they have gone to.

There are only a few known X-Serindia, like Empress Ramashe, Vice Admiral Rambas II and Rambo Team:

The USS Dallas battles the USS Guinevere and the Adarga

Rambo Team's first mission was joining with the then Captain Ramcard of the USS Dallas to attack the Imperial Alliance Star Destroyer Adarga and USS Guinevere, a Rambo Imperialea ship.

Rambo Team aids the Asgord

The battle was a succes and Rambo Team infriltrated the Star Destroyer and captured Eear'Chisarlyna'Vaerynicz, an Imperial Captain. After the mission they joined Ramcard in a battle against a Cult of the Deathmarch ship. Afterwards they went into training and awaited further mission. X-656 left Rambo Team around this time, and was promoted to Commander. She was assigned to Barâd-Nâzg, a secret location of Rambo Nation where she began serving under Marscalcus X-001! In the 4th month of the Quadrantia Disorder in the year 04 AQF Rambo Team was send to explore the Kraw Galaxy and the Asgord, which Rambo Nation had heard of through their allies. Equipping a standard shuttle with a cloacking device X-493, X-210 and X-599 explored the Kraw Galaxy. However upon arriving it seemed the Asgord were under a sudden attack of the ULE, and X-493 decided to pull off the mission. Yet before leaving they encountered a small group of Asgord fleeing from Tralor squad, unable to get over his morality, X-493 decided to aid the Asgord. Killing the Tralors the shuttle landed and took over 25 Asgord back to Rambo space, dropping them off at Rambo Prime as refugees. The squad then returned to the capital to recieve new orders. However somewhere between 05 AQF/02 NE and 06 AQF/03 NE the X-Serindia seemed to have vanished and their record have been classified to the highest level.

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  • The Rambo Serindia are Dino's oldest sporewiki species, and were actually the very first creature ingame he created!
  • That the Serindia actually never changed appearance (besides those from an alternate future).
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