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The Rambo Serindia, also known as the Blue Birds, Rambo, Serindia and the Crusaders of the Stars are a bird-like species known for their love for exploration and peaceful nature. Native to the Quadrant Galaxies they have made an important mark within the First Gigaquadrant and the Quadrants as the founders of the once glorious and noble Rambo Nation.

Within their history the Serindia have been important supporters of the Mou'Cyran Accords, the Onuris Alliance and the Seven Starr Alliance. Their empire, Rambo Nation was once considered one of the Great Eight- an intergalactic council made up of the eight most powerful civilizations in the universe of SporeWiki.


Regent Lord Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo is a prime example of a common and proud Serindia, dressed in eleborate armor to signal his status

The Rambo are a gryphoformes species, more specific, or how the Rambo call themselves, the Ramboidae. The Serindia are blue/yellow bipedal ancient bird race who hail from their native home, the Rambo Capital within the Quadrant Galaxies. By nature, the Serindia are a friendly, honest and noble race though are known to perform cruelties as well against those they deem lesser. Though open slavery is frowned upon within their society, having servants is generally more accepted.

With their large wings the Serindia are able to fly and glide across their worlds. With their keen love for nature and art the Serindia managed to raise impressive cultural cities and bastions. Whether it be on icey planets like Ramar Shadda, cool-summer humid planets like Koerband and Rambo Prime, floating cities like those found on Rametru Nui or constructed inged mega-structures like those found on Eris and Matakoro. The Serindia prefer to be at moderate planets where there is plenty of water and plains though are not fond of swimming themselves.

The Serindia are not physically strong, but have a natural talant of contructing ancient structures, statues and other architectural things. They also love art and music, developing their own special manner of cooking and serving food. Their favorite food are berries and fish, although when in dire hunger, they sometimes even eat meat. The Serindia also love nature and are often found observing animals of the planets they colonized. The Serindia also herd animals for farming. These trait return in the Serindia fashion, as most like to wear elaborate and decorated armor, dresses and outfits.

The Serindia have a strong believe in their Rambo Pantheon Religion whom they believe created the Quadrants. Their supreme deity is knowon as the insectoid Ultimate One.

Serindia Society is ruled by a Monarchy with its subjects living under the protection and rule of the various Great Houses of Serindialiae who often have their own vassals and heralds.


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Rambo Capital, homeworld of the Serindia

Microscopic cell with whom it all began!

approximately 65.950.000 years before 2798 (0 BQF) the first microscopic creature saw the light of life on the Rambo Capital. The creature had three eyes and proved to be a fast swimmer and a great survivor as it eventually evolved in further evolation stages that would eventually form the current Rambo Serindia.

After the creature managed to evolve further it developed arms, legs and wings and over the millenia began dominating the planet as its prime species. 49.000 years before 2798 the current Serindia first civilization rose with small tribes. These tribes eventually rose out to kingdoms and states with legendary cities like Minas Vuliaroronth, Khaza'Drimiaerh and their future capital: Rambo City. After a devestating planetary war that lasted from 298 till 498 (2500 BQF - 2300 BQF). The Serindia would experience a period of peace until it suffered another planetary war from 2298 that lasted 2343 (500 BQF - 455 BQF). Serindia society was devastated and shocked after the use of a nuclear bomb. After the war society healed and formed the foundations for what was to become Rambo Nation.

Rambo Nation was formed in the year 2348 (450 BQF) with the launch of their first space ship. With an exploration program running with their well known saucer-shaped vessels the Serindia embarked into the Quadrant Galaxies.

A Bonaventura-Class leaves dry dock to explore the Quadrants

With their diplomacy and way of living Rambo Nation expanded and welcomed other species into their ranks. During the height of Rambo Nation the Serindia discovered ancient ties to the nearby Cyrannus Galaxy. As the Serindia settled on other planets beside their homeworld their species florished and thrived, planets like Ramar Shadda changed the original appearance of the Serindia to withstand the extreme colds while other planets developed their own culture, clothing fashions and traditions besides those of their homeworld. During the reign of Rambo Nation the Nation thrived and florished as well though suffered some major wars like the Tigris War in 2754, the Second Galactic War in 2798 (0 BQF) and the Second Great Cyrannus War.

The species suffered a major loss of live during the Second Galactic War in 2798 and lost a large number of their species in 2806 during the Fury of Galvarus-events when the moons of the Rambo Capital were destroyed and large parts of debris crashed and destroyed various cities on the Capital.

By 2819 (21 AQF) Rambo Nation came to a shocking end with the death of their current ruler, High King Rambert Ramveral and the Serindia became subjects of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. A small group however led a resistance force known as the Rambo Loyalist where various Serindia banded together with other species against the tyrannical rule of the Empire.

By 2820, the Serindia species faced a crisis as their species was split in identiy by the forming of the Legatus and the Sacratus, within a decade by 2830 Serindia of both sides disliked each other greatly due to their different support for either the Monarch decendants of House Le Rambo or those of House Ramveral the usurpers. The split in nations and tension between them meant that former friendships and families were torn apart.


Over their history the Rambo Serindia have developed unique appearances, often associated with the houses they align to, or the planets they inhabit. The table belows features the mainstream and most common appearances of the Serindia since 2819. To finish their fashionable outfits, many female Serindia wear wigs to give the appearances of having hair, having been inspired by humanoids and elves to do so.

Mainstream Appearances[]

Serindia Nui
The Serindia Nui are the most common Serindia within the Ramboidae Realms and live on a variety of planets amongst them the Rambo Capital, Koerband and Rametru Nui. The Nui have lean bodies, strong wings and a featherly tail. The female Nui have smaller beaks than their male counterparts, like commonly found within the Serindia species.

The Serindia Nui wear elaborate and decorated outfits wich are commonly seen as the mainstream outfit within the Ramboidae Realm. The females wear a fine white colored lower skirt and top bikini made out of fine and soft silk, reaveling their slim and tender body. The male Nui dress themselves in a measured suit of yellow and blue and finish their stylish outfit with a hat with a feather on top.

Rambo Serindia Pauvenris.png

Serindia Pauvenris
The Serindia pauvenris, like their name suggest once inhabited the planet Pauvenris before it's destruction by the Xhodocto. Since then, those that survived migrated to other places, most notably to the planet Rambo Prime and Ramgotheria where they are ruled by House Ramcelsior.

The Pauvenris Serindia are often seen as great scholar and scientists, wearing fancy and decorated clothing, with influances from the Cyrannus Galaxy they were seen as the most prosperous and wise of them of all.

Male Pauvenris wear fancy outfits and hats, while female were short skirts and top bikini's with a headdress as well. Notable about the Serindia Pauvenris is that they show their head feathers instead of wearing wigs.


Serindia Wintaria
The Serindia Wintaria are Serindia long-inhabiting frozen planets like Ramar Shadda. The harsh winter conditions changed the Serindia feathers in a darker shade with more fluff to keep themselves warm. The darker shade hails from the fact that sun of Ramar Shadda radiates more intense sunlight than normally found near Serindia planets. The female Wintaria instead became even more better suited against the cold, thinner and having a faster bloodrate, the female Wintaria can wear thin clothing and having no problems against the cold.

The Wintaria males all wear practical clothing and armor, as the males have secondary duties as guards of the Lord of Ramar Shadda. Their heavy armor protects them against most hazards, like snow, freezing and arrows and bullets. Females wear skirts and top bikini made of the hide of the native wolves to protect an additional layer of warmth. Though practical most within the Ramboidae Realm don't find the clothing of Wintaria fashionable.

Traditional Appearances[]

The traditional appearances of the Serindia are often limited to a single planet or location and though fashionable are only worn by those living in specific regions.

Eris Rambo Serindia.png
Serindia of Eris
The Rambo Serindia of the planet Eris are often considered the most arrogant of the various Serindia and even changed their clothing to represent ancient Romans.

The male Serindia on Eris wear short-sleeved or sleeveless, knee-length tunic and woolen togas with robes and finish their elaborate fashionable outfit with a laurel on their heads. The female wear carefully designed dresses with an upper white toga and lower dark red skirt. On top of various golden or green emerald decorations on their arms and body the woman wear a golden headdress in combination with a wig. The outfits of Eris represent and are a token of their posh attitude and wealth.

Serindia of Ramirth
The Serindia of Ramirith hail from the planet of Ramirth and are proud and noble of their heritage and their once location as settlers within the Tigris Galaxy.

The wear similair clothing as the mainstream Serindia Nui, as such they donn elaborate and decorated outfits wich are commonly in dark blue and golden colors. The females wear a fine white colored lower skirt and top bikini made out of fine and soft silk, reaveling their slim and tender body. in addition they wear a hat with a feather and large shoulder pads. The males of Ramirth dress themselves in a measured suit of yellow and dark blue and finish their stylish outfit with a hat with a feather on top.

Serindia Karzhamarhi-Nui.png
Serindia of Karzhamarhi-Nui
The Serindia of Karzhamarhi-Nui once hailed from Ramalivua before driven off and finding a home at Karzhamarhi-Nui. Ruled by House Ramelzen the Karzhmarhi, or also known as the marhian Serindia rebuild their society to and thrived once again within the capital regions of the Ramboidae Realm.

Male marhian Serindia wear a fashionable bright outfit with a linen white decorated shirt, bright red pants and a long dark blue silk belt. Female marhian Serindia wear white dresses made out of fine cotton and decorated. The red skit underlines finishes the fashionable outfit and as such makes both male and femlae outfits to wear on the hot planet.

Female do not wear any wigs but instead feature their head-feathers.


Royal Dynasty Le Rambo
Royal Dynasty Ramveral
Serindia Nui
Serindia Pauvenris
Serindia Wintaria
Serindia of Eris
Serindia of Karzhamarhi-Nui
Serindia of Ramirith


  • The Rambo Serindia are Dino's oldest sporewiki species, and were actually the very first creature ingame he created!
  • That the Serindia actually barely changed appearance over the years besides outfits.
  • They were a Featured Article for january 2013.
  • The explanation for the Serindia wintaria change of feather coloration was designed by Sprigss077/AdmiralPanda.

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