The Imperialea Emperor resembles the Rambo Imperialea but is much more stronger and powerfuller.

His origines are unknown, but same say he is a servant of the Evil Rambo God, Artmyris. As is unknown to the world, he is a Lieutenant of the Rambo Gods, specifficaly the Lieutenant of Artmyris himself.


Unknown History[]

The Unknown history is the history of the Grimbatûlkûrûae before he became known as the Imperialea Emperor.

Grimbatûlkûrûae was created by Artmyris himself, as he was allowed to create his own lieutenant by the Ultimate God of the Rambo.

As the Ultimate God had created the Rambo agh rakatulûk which he allowed to live in Quadrant 89, Artmyris wanted to watch over them, as he found the Imperialea the best created ones. But the Ultimate God refused, claiming every Rambo created was only to be watcher over by him. But was convinced by the others to let them create there own Rambo Lieutenant, Quardians and servent of the Gods who posses great powers. And as such he created Grimbatûlkûrûae, a quardian with evil traits, and he, o yes, he served Artmyris well, learning much of the ways by the Ultimate God himself and passed this information to Artmyris.

As later chronicled, Artmyris betrayed the Ultimate God and when he fell into his endless slumber the Realms of the Gods defences and protection barrier faded and Artmyris sended Grimbatûlkûrûae to serve out his will and rule the Rambo agh rakatulûk and let them became his servants.

Known History[]

And as such Grimbatûlkûrûae executed his orders and ruled the Rambo Imperialea, as they were known to the Galaxy and he became known as the ruler of the Rambo Empire, and took the name of the Imperialea Emperor.

The Imperialea Emperor as he reveals himself to the Rambo Imperialea and other visitors of the Rambo Emperor.

During his reign he was tirranic and unmercifull and under his rule the Imperialea enslaved a lot of species or destroyed them entirely.

But Grimbatûlkûrûae did not dare to go deeper into space, fearing to encounter the other Rambo and there protectors, and as such he kept the Imperalea isolated behind the Xiaan Alliance borders, where they slowly expanded and became stronger and stronger.

But recenlty he met Aur'Lodin, Regent of the Imperial Alliance and she told him stories of the Rambo serindia and there Rambo Nation. He considered the times and wishes of the Imperialea, and promised to think over Aur'Lodin's words and promises.

After the Galactic War ended, and the Imperial Alliance Emperor ordered his troops to retreat from the Dissia System, he went to meet the Rambo Imperialea Emperor himself, and both agreed to ally eachother. And as such, the Rambo Empire became an ally of the Imperial Alliance. Though they did not want to reveal themselves yet, instead he ordered his troops to prepare to conquer Quadrant 82, massing his armies as the Cold War continued between Rambo Nation and the Imperial Alliance continued.

When the Second Galactic War broke out, the Emperor ordered some of his finest Captains to attack allies of Rambo Nation, to weaken there reputation. When that succeeded, he prepared to attack Rametru Nui, where he would finally reviel himself and draw the Rambo Empire into the Second Galactic War. And during that battle, his master plan shall be unvoiled, because he had no intentions of listening to the Imperial Alliance's Emperor, where he himself was a far better one!!!!

Artmyris Returns!!!!

However, around the time of the Battle of Ramgotheria he vanished, but he left instruction that the Empire was to join the Imperial Alliance. His current where abouts are unknown and the Imperialea consider his missing a great loss.

It later turned out he was called back by his master Artmyris to prepare the Universe for his return, and return Artmyris did. The Lieutenant had a conversation with a captain of the Rambo Acientia, but was unable to catch her. However Artmyris complimented him, recognising the building style of Horus, Artmyris knew the world is now going to tremble under his return. The later headed to the destroyed colonie of Pauvenris where he talked with a Xhodocto with instructions that the Quadrant Galaxies belonged to Artmyris, and not the Xhodocto. He then headed to Artmyris himself where he learned that Pauvenris would become his base of operation.

Abilities and Traits[]

The Imperialea Emperor

Grimbatûlkûrûae posses tremendous powers and is very strong and powerfull, he controls the icey storms, has mental abilities and carries a sword, that with one swing of it could destroy a City Block or several space ships.

However, as long as he is in Quadrant 89, he is not immortal and is vunrable to attacks by others.

As he enters the passage to the Realm of the Gods, he and the other Rambo God Lieutenants will became immortal and there powers will be greatly amplified, however they are not as nearly as strong as the Rambo Gods, they are even more powerfull and with one strike, could kill all the God Lieutenants with one strike.


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