The Rambo founder was the very first leader of Rambo Nation and united the Rambo in the early days of Rambo Nation and it's space travels with ships like the Bonaventura or Kelvin Classes.

The Rambo Founder was believed to be a servent or messenger of the Rambo Gods, however, unknown to the Galaxy he was the Rambo God Lieutenant of Selenyia. For millenia he guided the Royal Dynasty of House Le Rambo in their rule of Rambo Nation. In 12 AQF he met his end at the hands of Rambert Ramveral.



This part of Idrioalthaórien's history is not known to the Galaxy.

Rambo Founder RN.png

As the Ultimate God created the Rambo Species, many differant kinds of bird like creatures, the God Selenyia was fascinated by them. She mostly liked the Ramboid serindia, and asked to the Ultimate One to watch over them. But he refused, claiming that what he created stood under his watch. However, he did allow Selenyia to make her own Lieutenant, who could aid the Rambo Serindia if she wanted.

And so, Selenyia complied and created Idrioalthaórien, a wise and elderly Rambo, who possed powers which the Rambo could not imagen. She tought him many things, he even learned somethings from the Ultimate God himself. But when Artmyris attacked the Ultimate God and plunged him into an endless slumber. Selenyia witnessed the Rambo on the planet Dinoman82 plunged into a civil war thanks to Artmyirs.

She then sended Idrioalthaórien to the real world, as the barriers around the Realms of the Gods were weakened, this was possible and she had given him a task.

Tribal Era (approximately 100.000 BQF - 49.000 BQF)[]

The Founder defeats the Forgotten Dark Lord

And so, he went to the planet and aided the Serindia in their lives and managed to stop the civil war and unite all the Rambo of that planet. He then was known to the Rambo as the Rambo Founder and he began his mission to unite the various tribes. However, his efforts were blocked by the entity known to the Serindia as the Forgotten Dark Lord, and so the Founder decided to challenging the mighty ruler of the planet, and after days of battle he managed to defeat the entity, sending him back to his shadows and turning him into a myth. Giving the Serindia there freedom again, he searched for the surviving Serindia to find a way to unite them.

Around 48.658 (according to himself) he unified various Serindia Tribes and laid down the foundation of the future Rambo City. When the Serindia reached the Medieval Era around 49.000 BQF he was crowned leader of the Yellow Serindia, but the Rambo Alliance was disbanded. He lived in Rambo City for a long time, even a villa was created for him. When the time of the knights arrived, full of stories with princess, legandary fights with mythical beasts, the Founder grew weary of the Red Serindia, yet there was peace for a very long time. They grew hostile over the passing years and to his saddness, at 2550 BQF they attacked the Blue Kingdom after various skirmishes. With Minas Vuliaroronth destroyed by the forces of Khaza’Drimiaerh the Yellow, remaining Blue and Purple Serindia re-formed the Rambo Alliance. The Planetary War (as it was called) laster for 200 years, yet the Rambo Alliance was able to force Khaza'Drimiaerh to a truce.

The Founder his airship under attack.

Then an age of technology arrived and the Rambo Alliance remained strong, crowned as leader the Founder watched in happiness as the Alliance Serindia lived in peace. Yet he disliked there decision of not making an army and so in secret he ordered the construction of various airships, capable of flying due to skystones given by him of the Rambo Gods. At 500 BQF the Red Serindia Kingdom once again attacked and the Second Planetary War started. At 448 BQF his airship was attacked and chrashed. He was later captured by Red Serindia Kingdom soldiers and brought to Balidurun, the King of the Red Serindia.

After he was freed he took the position of advisor and with his aid the Rambo went to space and explored the nearby systems, like the Dissia and others and met other Rambo Species, and with the Rambo Founder as leader they united themselvs in the faction known as Rambo Nation, which he forewas was to became a well known faction and a powerfull one too.

When he saw the Rambo were ready, he left his office and assigned a new Emperor to Rambo Nation, which all accepted. And so, he took a more councillor function until the Serindia were able to launch there first spaceship, a NX-01 Class. Shortly after the Trogg Wars he travelled aboard the USS Bonaventura under command of Captain Ramolla in 430 BQF. But when the ship entered the Dissia System, the ship vanished and was presumed lost with all hands. This was a great loss for Rambo Nation and the Rambo, but in honor of him they continued his traditions and made use of his wisdom. Many influanced and traits are still visible and seen among Rambo Nation.

Return (01 AQF - 05 AQF)[]

Over 380 years later, after the Second Galactic War the Founder returned to the Rambo world at an unknown planet, where the Shrine of Selenyia was located.

The meeting at Ramerodaras

After his return at the Ancient Structure where he met with Captain Rambam and Princess Ramtilsae. he was honored and prid of how far the Ramboidae were without his aid he requested to speak with Empress Ramashe. He claimed that he had vital information to tell the Empress of Rambo Nation. He claimed to have come to the Rambo aid in there time of dire need.

After arriving at the Rambo Capitol he went into a meeting with Empress Ramashe, Chuchillyiniae and other ones present and some classified things he discussed with them. He and Chuchillyiniae then promised to build a special ship for Rambo Nation, able to detect temporal, demonic and psionic events so that the Rambo could prepare themselves for it. He then returned to Rambo City and his villa, where he prepared himself for constructing the ship. He and Chuchillyiniae finished the vessel, naming it the USS Relativity he took command of the vessel and headed to Quadrant 21 in order to find the Ancientia. Along the journey, he encountered the ruins and remains of a Tertamian Colonial Collective planet, ancient ancestors of the Rambo Serindia. After some studying, he later on resumed his journey.

Empress Ramashe & the Founder on State Visit to Capricaerón City

After a long journey he discovered the homeworld of the Ancientia, where he talked to the there Grand leaer, the Rambo God Horus. Horus heard the current news and latest events, and decided to return to the world of the Rambo Gods, where he would meet with the Ultimate God and Selenyia, worried about the return of Artmyris. After the God gave Ancientia Rule to someone else, the Founder returned to the Rambo Capitol and became part of the Rambo Council. He laid down command of the USS Relativity.

After various meetings, the Founder was asked by the Empress to escort her to Capricaerón City, as she was going to a state visit. Surprised, he went with her and enjoyed his times with the Capricyránae, whom the Founder found on honor to meet them. He later returned back to Rambo Nation with the Empress, and he began a personall study to the URC. After some disastrous wars the Nation managed to survive all. Around the time of the Three Silver Years he grew worried of the Empress, for reasons he could not explain.

Near the end of the year 03 AQF the Founder travelled with Empress Ramashe and various other officials and Senators to the URC planet of Coruindia to attend the marriage of Apollo and his childhood sweetheart, Gianne Inviá of Coruindia. The Founder was asked to preside over the lovers to which the Founder gladly agreed too. He found it an honor and afterwards he returned to the Rambo Capitol, where he began closely watching the Empress, whom began expanding the Military and Space Fleet at a rapid speed, ignoring internal matters and instead leaving it to the Rambo Senate, in which the Founder had little trust they could solve those problems without aid of the Monarchy.

Apollo and the Founder discuss Ramashe

During the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War the founder grew even more worried about his beloved pupil, Empress Ramashe. With the contruction of the Suiliagothrond Battlestation he witnessed Ramashe her more agressive ways to defend Rambo Nation against all threats. This could mean a new path for the Nation, but if it was a right one? Upon the opening of the URC Senate at Corunnia he visited President Apollo and talked with him about his concerns of Ramashe. He later congratulated Apollo with the birth of his child.

For the remaining of the war the Founder wasn't much seen during the war, keeping himself busy with civilian matters. However he did create a special armor for Claire Rambo, daughter of Captain James Rambo. This armor would give Claire light powers and an angelic appearance with golden shining hair instead of her usually pink hair colour. The reasons for making such armor specialley for her alone is not known, and the Founder doesn't want to comment on it either.

Dark Times[]

Main article: Dark Times

However, in 05 AQF, after the battles of Karzamahri Nui and Nosiso the Founder grew worried as his pupil, Claire Rambo went missing during one of the battles. Further more the citizens of Rambo Nation grew displeased with the war and called for drastic matters or open negotiations once again with the Confederacy, even if it would mean stop aiding the URC. The Founder knew the people were growing tired of the war, as it began effeciting them more and more as more fundings went to the war instead of to education and health care. Yet the Empress seemed neglected to it, and the Senate began pressing the matters even further.

Special meeting

Yet all these plans were made in vain when in 05 AQF the URC was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and they declared the Rambo as traitours. Pondering about this for a while at Luthrionicae, the Founder reached news of the losses at the Battle of New Ramhall and the following loss of the entire colonial sector in Cyrannus. Angered by the following plans of some senators to close the wormhole by using the Angforst her superweapon he summoned Admiral Ramaxar, Lord Senator Ram'Thrandeal and Senator Chuinaylia for a special meeting.

Funeral of the Empress her "son"

During the meeting the Admiral left in anger, refusing to listen to the Founder his words. The other two remained for the rest of the day, enjoying lunch, thea time and diner. Afterwards they were convinced to vote against the closing of the wormhole as it would effect the economy of Rambo Nation even more, and more important the closing would mean the Rambo would loose all hopes of finding remnants of the URC. As such the Founder grew more and more worried about the Dark Times and promised to stop the Empire whenever he could. Sadly near the end of the second month of 01 NE Ramaith was found dead in the courtyards, felled by a virus it seemed. Though the Founder didn't really believe that he had no time to investigate as he had to be there for Ramashe, who he had a hard time comforting her. He was also present at the day of the funeral and was concerned about the reaction of the Rambo their enemies, would they show remorse of would they make use of it?

Gogmaloe appears within the Paradox

A few hours after the Battle of Angforst the Founder was walking through the streets of Rambo City, the capital city of the Rambo Capital. All of a sudden a paradox appeared and the entity known as Gogmaloe appeared. Attacking Rambo City he killed various troopers who tried to stop the entity and even prepared itself to face the Founder himself. When the Founder raised his staff and signaled for a young girl who was hiding to stand behind him the entity narrowed it's eyes and it seemed to smile. All of a sudden the entity vanished as soon as it arrived and the girl, identified as Uruviel, fainted upon the Founder telling her she would meet the Empress.

Ramashe orders the Founder and Uruviel to solve the Paradox

The Founder brought Uruviel to the secret Royal Palace of the Serindia where the Founder and Ramashe got into a fierce discussion how to solve the paradox, who caused it and how to prevent them from causing more damage than it already did. When the Founder told the Empress that he found out that the paradox was probably not the last and that someone was causing them, perhaps in result of a disbalance in the galaxy Ramashe got furious. She never liked listening to the troubles of the Atlantica and the problems they were causing. Furhter more the Empress ordered the Founder to solve the Paradox and bring the girl with him. The Empress believed Uruviel had something to do with it and perhaps could aid the Founder. The Founder didn't like it, as it would involve the USS Relativity and the Rambo their access to monitor the timeline for a period of time. None the less the Empress pressed on her will and upon Uruviel awakening the Empress told her to go with the Founder. He eventually complied and the two travelled to somesort of gate near Rambo City.

The Founder, Uruviel vs the Paradox

Upon leaving Uruviel bombarded the Founder about their coming mission and what they were going to see, further more she was excited to see this USS Relativity and the abilities of such a vessel. The Founder didn't like that a civilian was involved, especially one like Uruviel, a smuggler and a criminal. Finding the gate near Rambo City the two eventually entered the gate, though the travel made Uruviel really sick and she felt bad during the half hour travel to the other side of the gate. He tried to heal her but it was in vain, she had somesort of motion sickness which he couldn't heal with his magics. Upon exiting the gate Uruviel had to throw over and to both their surprise they were located in some future version of Rambo City, in 250 Ne. Talking with a local, and after a bad argument with Uruviel about his wisdom they found at that they were in an alternate version of Rambo City. The city was consumed by the Paradox and also the Paradox Entity, Gogmaloe was present. Various demon like creatures, the Vamrasht attacked the Founder and Uruviel when they travelled through the city, eventually encountering a paradox version of Rambas II.

Battle of the Rambo Capital

When he claimed his eyes were opened and that there was no resistance to the Paradox he lowered the shields of the city and was consumed by the Paradox himself. Becoming a dreaded version of his formerself. Summoning various Vamrasht to his aid he was eventually killed by the Founder, and his death solved the paradox. Both were send back by some higher force to their original Rambo City in 01 Ne, though their day of overcoming danger wasn't over yet!

Exiting the wormhole the Founder witnessed the opening of the wormhole and a massive Galactic Empire of Cyrannus fleet arriving. Knowing the Capital had come under attack he brabbled about the prophecies and that a cloack of darkness had fallen, and if they were not careful it would allow the Forgotten One to rise again and engulf all in shadow and despair. Knowing what to do he said his goodbyes to Uruviel and teleported himself to Rambo Command. There he spoke with Admiral Ramaxar and at his advise took the USS Relativity to safety. Escaping the battle the Founder felt really bad as he left his homeworld to the mercy of the Cyrannians, and worse of all. He left the Empress to their mercy too.

During his so called "exile" and hiding at Lesrekta he began monitoring events from onboard the USS Relativity and came to a shocking conclusion when in his heart he felt the death of Selanyia at the hands of the Mornûnendur during the Clash of the Gods. Due to this loss Idrioalthaórien suddenly grew a beard (something of a rarity for Ramboidae) and also felt old and weaker than before.

Founder and Ramtilsae send Claire on her new mission

When rumors reached him that some were searching for a powerful [[Fiction:Aininyë|Atlantica][ artifact he feared the future of the Quadrants might be in peril. Though feared to leave Lesrekta, which would surely attract the attention of the Mornûnendur and would result in a confrontration he decided to await his time and monitored the finishing touches to the temperal weapon of Rambo Nation. The Typhon Class was not to fall into enemy hands, which could mean a disaster. Furthermore he also began to fear a coming darkness, as more and more rumors reached him about the rise of the Sorcerer of Carnthedain.

After scanning the area with the long range sensors of the USS Relativity the Founder informed the Regent, Ramtilsae about the possible whereabouts of Ramashe. Both agreed to make a resque attempt and dispatched Claire Rambo who now had a chance to prove herself loyal to the Nation again. Giving her a battlestation and two Acclamator-class vessels she was allowed to make preperations to leave as fast as possible and safe the Empress in the Space in Between. When Ramashe was later saved and returned to her throne, the Founder continued his duties as a member of her high council.

Upon the Cyrandia Conference in 06 AQF/03 NE he was pleased to be informed of the forming of the New Cyrannian Republic- but advised cuation not the risk the anger of the Empire.

Ortum a Dynastia and Tertius Bellum[]

Main article: Ortum a Dynastia & Tertius Bellum

Founder and Senate confront Ramashe about having no heir

During the twelfth month of 06 AQF, the Founder was present in a meeting with various senator to discuss the fact that Ramashe had no heir to the throne, and with the recent outbreak of the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts the senate grew concerend. When Ramashe assured her that all was fine and that she was quite capable of finding a suitable mate herself, the Founder accepted and withdrew himself to his own office.

During the 8th month of 07 AQF he was summoned in the middle of the night for an emergency High Council meeting where he and the others were informed of the test trail of the Typhon-Class and the return of Ramirith and the former Tigris Colonial Sector. Aamazed but worried, he tried to convince Ramashe to reconsider her position and attitude towards the Seven Starr Alliance but was rebuked.

In July 08 AQF, during the events of the Torments of Arcaniox, the Founder used an ancient magic technique to control Claire Rambo to use her gifts against the evil entity known as the Tormentor. Sadly, Claire was sacrificed by doing this, something the Founder greatly regrets though found a neccissarily act to do.

In may 12 AQF, during the night Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo died, the Founder was stabbed in the back by Rambert Ramveral whom usurped the throne and killed the foundations of House Le Rambo's rule.

Abilities and Traits[]

The Founder

Idrioalthaórien has the appearance of a wizard, who carries a wooden staff and hat, which gave him a wise and friendly appearance. Although he also carries a sword, which rumors had it, is called the Sword of Selenyia.

The Founder, or known as Idrioalthaórien is known for his wisdom and is often the voice of reason for the Serindia Royalty. Often described as kind and friendly, he can also be quite fierce and snappy when people act dumb in his eyes. Due to his advanced age and long-life wanderings he is one of the most intelligent creatures within the Quadrants.

Idrioalthaórien posses tremendous powers and is very strong and powerful, he controls the icey storms, has mental abilities and carries a sword- that with one swing of it could destroy a building or slice through enemies with ease. However, as long as he is in Quadrant 82, he is not immortal and is vunrable to attacks by others.

If the Founder would decide to enter the passage to the Realm of the Gods, he and the other Rambo God Lieutenants will became immortal and their powers will be greatly amplified, though they are not as nearly as strong as the Rambo Gods, they are even more powerful and with one strike- could kill all the God Lieutenants within a blink of an eye.

Idrioalthaórien is also known to summon a certain creature, that with would do his bidding, as he once saved the creature.

Ship Commands[]

USS Relativity[]


The USS Relativty is a Wells Class is by far the most powerful ship of Rambo Nation and was contructed by the Rambo God Liuetenants(and with some knowledge gained from the DCP). The ship is equipped transphasic torpedoes and vortex torpedoes. In 03 AQF the ship recieved a classified upgraded with Dark Gyronic reactors, making the ship faster and more powerful than ever before with aid of the Taldar.

Most of the USS Relativity her technical specifications are classified.

The Founder recieved command of the USS Relativity somewhere around 01 AQF which he used to explore some matters at his own, with the Empress her grace. During one of his travels he discovered the location of the Ancientia Kingdom her homeworld in Quadrant 21 and became a secret flagship and time monitor ship for the Nation. Often investigating and monitoring the excistence of paradoxes and anomalies he took the ship into hiding at Lesrekta after the Nation became a "protectrate" of the Empire.



My mentor, friend and foster my Grandfather!

- Ramashe

The same for me!

- Ramtilsae

The ancient Founder, Idrioalthaórien the Protector! Bah, I spit on his name. If we ever meet I will be your doom!

- Morgandaûr

A wise and powerful figure. There are times I wish I could hear his noble guidance.

- Apollo


  • He was the mentor of the Blue Wizard Ramgasdruil between 442 BQF and 431 BQF, though the two left in differance of their views of how the lieutenants of the Atlantica should guide the rules of Rambo Nation, the Founder believed in a direct way while Ramgasdruil rather believed not. As such Ramgasdruil is the only student the Founder ever had.


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