She is the quardian of the Passage to the Realms of the Gods. She is incredibaly strong, but has a kind but defiance personality.

She is the Rambo God Lieutenant of Rambo God Horus.


Unknown History[]

When the Ultimate God created the various Rambo Species, Horus was fascinated by all of them and asked of he could watch over them. But the Ultimate God refused, claming that his creations were only to be watched over by him. But he did allow Horus to create his own Rambo, something Horus was honored to do. But he pondered a long time before creating the Rambo, a she called Chuchillyiniae. The Ultimate God was pleased with his creation and was given various lesson and teachings by the Ultimate God, together with the other Lieutenants.

When the Ultimate God fell into his endless slumber after an attack by Artmyris (when the Ultimate God left for other reasons), he kept Chuchillyiniae as quardian of the Passage to the Realm of the Gods. And as such, she had not intervention with the Rambo whatsoever, and matained her duties in honor of the Ultimate God. As Horus later left and wanted to rule the Acientia personally, Chuchillyiniae did not wanted to join him in his quest and remained at her post, loyal to only the Ultimate God himself.

In all her excistence none has ever challenged her nor dared to try to acces the Passage to the Realms of the Gods. Upon the return of Artmyris to the real world, the Ultimate God sended her a message, she was to prepare herself to leave her post and make preparations to return to the Rambo world to aid them in there dire need. However, she did not want to do that, and in the first time of her life she felt unsure and was affraid, she had to go to the real world and leave her protected post.

The meeting at Ramerodaras

Known History[]

Not much is known of her history to the various Rambo Species of Rambo Nation, only that she is the Gaurdian of the Gods, and that she is loved and feared for her judgement. It is known that Grimbatûlkûrûae and Idrioalthaórien know her and respect her a lot.

She later arrived with the Rambo Founder at Ramerodaras to meet with Empress Ramashe, Aur'Lodin, Representive Tagdh and the Aviadactyl Senator. After a discussion the Founder and she agreed to build a ship for Rambo Nation which could detect temperol rifts and other psionic or demon activities. To prepare for the construction of the vessel she took a residential at the Royal Palace of Rambo Nation. She and the Founder later finished the ship and the Founder went on exploration to find the Ancientia in Quadrant 21. Chuchillyiniae remained behind, to protect the Empress and the Capitol Planet. She later joined the Rambo Nation High Council, and became a trusted member of that Council.

When the Quadrantia Disorder en Great Cyrannus War began, she remained mostly off the screen, focusing herself more on the political matters and civilian matters instead with the war efforts.

Abilities and Traits[]


Chuchillyiniae has the appearance of a four winged angel who carries a powerfull sword, known as the Sword of Dinoman82 Himself.

Chuchillyiniae posses tremendous powers and she is very strong and powerfull, she controls the icey storms, has mental abilities and carries a sword, that with one swing of it could destroy a City Block or several space ships, just like the other God Lieutenants. She is also very agile and fast and she has the power of intangibility,

However, as long as he is in Quadrant 82, he is not immortal and is vunrable to attacks by others. As she would never exit the passage to the Realm of the Gods, she immortal and her powers are greatly amplified. however they are not as nearly as strong as the Rambo Gods, they are even more powerfull and with one strike, could kill all the God Lieutenants with one strike.

If she would ever exit the passage, she would become mortal again.


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