The Rambo Acientia are the only Ramboidae whom do not have wings nor do they live in the Ultimate God's created realms, Quadrant 82 or 89.

The Rambo Ancientia are also known as the Numanoriuniae. They inhabit a Galaxy far from here, which is only reachable by the use of the various Wormholes leading towards that Galaxy. Upon reaching the Space Stage, the Acientia formed an Empire of there own, the Acientia Kingdom.

As noticed, the Ancientia refer to themselves as Acientia, and based their entire culture upon it.


Early Legends[]

It is said that the Ancientia, or Acientia were taken to a different Galaxy by the Rambo God Horus. There he created a special planet for them, where they could live in peace and evolve differently then the other Ramboidae. As such, the Acientia honor Horus the most of all Rambo Gods.

However, unknown to the Ancientia or Acientia themselves, the Acientia were not created by the Ultimate God, but by Horus himself and he created them with one purpose, to have a race of his own and as a final way to protect the other Ramboidae if they ever faced extinction. Horus also descended to the mortal world and began ruling the Acientia; although kindly and honest, he can also be very strict.

Early history[]

Not much is chronicled of the early history of the Acientia, only that upon reaching the Tribal Stage, the Acientia allied themselves and this continued until the very reaching of the space stage. In their entire history, there have never been a civil war between the Acientia.

Upon working together, they achieved space travel very fast and the first Hammerhead Class ship was build, the Hammerhead was launched successfully into space and discovered a crashed ship and an abandoned city. Upon launching the first space ship, the Acientia formed the Acientia Kingdom, a unified Acientia Empire which was now able to explore the Galaxy.

Discovery of the Reliance[]

Upon their discovery of alien life, the Hammerhead explored the edges of the home system while the other Acientia were building more Hammerhead Classes.

Hammerhead discovers the Reliance in a Nebula

After 2.5 years the Hammerhead contacted the Acientia Commander; it had approached a Nebula and discovered an ancient ship within it. After researhing it, Acientia Command ordered the Hammerhead to tag the ship back to the homesystem which took another 2.5 years. After studying the database the ship contained and the ship's schematics the Acientia achieved a technological wonder. They were now able to create more spaceships and classes like the Foray and Assault Cruiser, which were launched into active service.

During this time they also found and cloned the Acientia Troopers and within 10 years, the Acientia reached a level of technology most Space capable Empires would take decades to develop, all thanks to the found alien vessel.

An example of a small Fleet of the Acientia

A Golden Time[]

As the Fleet was increased and better equipped, the economy of the Acientia Kingdom was florishing and the Kingdom managed to settle more and more colonies, but they only settled a colony if there was a fleet possible of protecting her.

As of such the Kingdom became very rich and wealthy, and a young female Acientia, named Anciaddwia was promoted to Captain and was given the ARS Kingdom, a Foray Class to command.

As soon as she had recieved command of the vessel, her ship was joined by the Impavid and escorted the Foray Class to the outskirts of the new Acientia Kingdom, while passing the last colony the Acientia Star Destroyer launched a small escort of fighters as last honor to Anciaddwia and the ARS Kingdom and as the Foray Class passed the borders, the fighters returned to the Impavid.

The Impavid escorts the Kingdom.

Now Aciaddwia's mission begun, the exploration of the Galaxy and meeting new and unknown civilizations, in hope of understanding the universe and to prove the Acientia are not alone in the Galaxy.

The ARS Kingdom exits the sudden wormhole

However, after 2 weeks she approached a space event, and suddenly the ARS Kingdom was damaged by a spacial anomaly and upon recovery a wormhole opened itself and took the ARS Kingdom to a place unknown to the Acientia, a place which was now plagued by a devastating and multiple Wars.

Upon exiting the Wormhole she crashed at a planet nearby; the planet was abandoned and left alone. The entire City was burned and as she was finding her way through the City, she encountered the Imperialea Emperor and witnessed the rebirth and return of Artmyris, the Evil One the Ramboidae feared. As the leader, the God Horus proclaimed that he would. The world became darker that day and when demons arrived she fled back to her crashed ship but found the Impavid had arrived with 3 Star Destroyers to aid her and evacuated her and the crew of the chrased ARS Kingdom.

ARS Kingdom crashed and unable to fly.

The ARS Protector encounter two Hunter Class Star Destroyers of the URC

Upon return she reported to Horus, a privelege as he never goes outside the Capitol city and he was troubled. Then a large beam was launched from his Statue that stood just outside the city and Horus knew, the time had come to come out of hiding. He then looked at Anciaddwia, and smiled, he then took her hand and teleported with her to the docks, where a classified ship was docked and still under contruction. The ship was the first Victory Class Star Destroyer and was named the ARS Protector and was a combination of a battleship and an exploration ship and Anciaddwia was surprised; she was given command of the vessel.

After a long travel the ship arrived at the Cyrannus Galaxy, one of the Galaxies which was found in the ships database. Upon arriving two unknown ships (URC Hunter Class vessels) lay in front of the ARS Protector and Anciaddwia opened a channel, first contact for the Acientia Kingdom was now a fact!!! The Captain of the lead ship proved to be friendly and was from the United Republic of Cyrannus and Captain Aciaddwia soon made an alliance with the URC. After a personall visit from the URC President she was escorted to meet with the Rambo of Rambo Nation. Meanwhile, she also contacted the Acientia Space Command and they decided to send an Ancientia fleet to the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Verpine attacks the New Horizon

Captain Anciaddwia made an alliance with both Fiction:United Republic of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation. Pleased by encountering two species who have a commom history in ancient times, where the Rambo Gods and the Thirteenth Tribe were still roaming the mortal world, Horus sended a large Acientia Fleet under command of Anuatolian, to aid the Rambo and URC in there struggle against an old enemy, the Cognatus Alliance. In honor of Rambo Nation and the URC they joined the Intergalactic Republic, a grattitude toward the URC and in secret they could represent the Rambo as they were not allowed to do so by the Quadrantia Federation.

Intergalactic War[]

One ship, the New Horizon, a Foray Class ship went missing after an attack by the Verpine and all crew went missing. This meant the first attack of by the Imperial Alliance on the Ancientia Kingdom, but they could not fully prove it yet. And as such, the Ancientia did not inform Rambo Nation nor Empress Ramashe of this attack, which could have a suprising outcome.

During the Intergalactic War the Ancientia Kingdom joined Rambo Nation as a state, and joined Rambo Nation under the same conditions like the Kloppig Empire and the Diva Bettie Remnant. However, they soon became the prime ground forces of Rambo Nation.

March of the Apocalypse[]

Defeat by a Xhodocto Star Destroyer

When the Xhodocto broke there truce with the known galaxy, and with it Rambo Nation and the URC, the Xhodocto destroyed the Rambo Colonie of Pauvenris a combined task force with the Rambo was made to search for survivors. However it turned out differant as a single Xhodocto Star Destroyer managed to destroy the task force with only 4 ships surviving the battle.

The Ancientia later did not participate in the battles against the Xhodocto, but upon hearing that Rambo Nation lost a great deal of there ground troops. The Ancientia decided that the Kingdom would provide there clones and ships to aid the Rambo in further conflicts, and that they were delivering the ground troops, as the spaceships of the Ancientia are not that strong, while that of the Rambo are.

There further history will be told and explained at the Rambo Nation page, as they joined them.

See Rambo Nation


The Ancientia Kingdom Capitol planet is engulfed by a large blue light, shorlty before her dissapearance

After the USS Luna had vanished, another anamoly claimed one of the allies of the URC and the Rambo. At the Ancientia Kingdom's Capitol planet the sky grew bright and the sun became more intense.

Feared, the Ancientia sended a distress call but it was in vain, the large energies released, coming from the core of there world disabled transmission and prevented ships from going into Hyper Space and then, a large blue light engulfed the Ancientia Planet and is was gone from her position, the entire Capitol Planet of the Ancientia Kingdom had vanished in a flash of light.

All across the Universe, Ancientia ships were also engulfed in blue light, even there Clone Troopers and within 5 minutes, the entire Ancientia Race had vanished from the universe. Yet there reasons for it and were they went to was surprising, and the allies were shocked by there dissapearance.

Rambo Acientia[]

As said before, the Acientia are wingless birds created by the Rambo God Horus. In secret he created his own Rambo, without informing the other Rambo Gods and as such the Acientia could live in peace and harmony, away from the dangerous the other Rambodae were facing.

The Acientia are classified by the different classes, with the King or Queen as highest authority, straight underneath come the Captains who command the various star ships for the Kingdom. The various classes will be explained below.

The Acientia also have a distaste for hand carried weapons, and as such only the Male captains carry a personal gun, and of course the Acientia Clone Troopers also carry blasters; in the entire Kingdom only those classes carry guns. The acientia rather use swords to defend themselves, and they are so skilled in it that they can reflect blasters and bullets with it; also they can run very fast.

The Acientia also have a decent fleet, and the odd thing about a dislike for hand guns, they favour the powerful weapons of their various space ships and still develop stronger Space Ship weapons.

Acientia Clone Trooper[]

An Acientia Clone Trooper

The Acientia Clone Troopers are not Ramboidae, the Acientia are not really sure what they are but they captured many of these species and began cloning them, and modifying them to serve in the Kingdom's army.

As of speaking the Clone Troopers are the backbone of the Kingdom's army and the lowest class found in the Kingdom. The Troopers are transported by the various starships, they even serve on some of them as tactical officer and they commandeer the fighters of the Kingdom. The obey every order their surperiors give and they do not seem to notice, nor do they mind that they are clones and servants of the Acientia.

When in battle, the Troopers make use of blasters, which can be charged with electricity and their armor can withstand heat, cold and they also have blasterpack so they can levitate in the air.

They refer to the Acientia soldiers as commanders and the Star Crew members are also called Commanders. However, the Captains of the Kingdom they refer to as General.

Rambo Acientia Citizens[]

left Female Citizen, right Male Citizen

The Acientia Citizens are friendly and very eager to learn more of the Galaxy which they are living in. The Citizens have various jobs, from administration to construction works.

The Citizens are found all over the Kingdom and inhabit the various Colonies, Cities and of course the massive Capitol City of the Kingdom.

However, due to their being very friendly, they are easy targets for enemies as the Acientia citizens find it difficult to defend themselves and rather surrender, as the Acientia trust their soldiers and Clone Troopers to defend themselves.

Rambo Acientia Soldiers[]

left female soldier, right male soldier

The Acientia Soldiers are specially trained and are often used as guards for various important places or as squad commanders for the Acientia Clone Troopers.

The Clone Troopers refer to the Soldiers as Commanders and obey every order they give. The Soldiers, both female and male carry swords and shields and are very good with it; they can reflect bullets and lasters with it. As the male soldiers trust more on there massive strength, the female soldiers have more agility and depend more on there swift and sneak attacks.

Rambo Acientia Star Crew[]

left female star crew, right male star crew

The Acientia Star Crew are specially trained Acientia to serve on the various starships.

They often are stationed at tactical posts, engineering, helm, communications and science stations. They are also explorers and are trained to communicate with new alien races, etc.

However, some Star Crews can be very stubborn and even sometimes disobey orders from their captains. The Star Crews are also the only Acientia whom often fly in the Aurek Fighters as wing commanders to the Troopers.

Rambo Acientia Captains[]

left female captain, right male captain

The Captains of the Acientia Kingdom are highly honored and respected a lot. They command the various space ships of the Kingdom and protect the Kingdom against threats or explore the Galaxy which they inhabit.

The main difference between the male and female Captains are that the males carry handguns, and the female Captains don't. They are both equal in rank and when combined in a battle fleet, the one with the most experience leads the task forces or battle fleet.

A notable Captain is Captain Anciaddwia, she commands a Foray Class and will play an important role in the future of the Kingdom.

Acientia Space Ships[]

The space fleet of the Acientia Kingdom is a decent one and contains some pretty powerful ships. The ship names are using the prefix ARS, which means the Acientia Royal Starship.

Acientia Shuttle[]

Acientia Shuttle

The Acientia Shuttles are the transport shuttles of the Acientia Kingdom and are the most common. They are often launched from docking ports and from the Venator Class Star Destroyers.

They are used to transport delegates or important persons from the Acientia Kingdom. They do contain shields, but have no weaponry and are often escorted by Aurek Class Fighters. However, the shuttles are fairly agile and fast.

Acientia Aurek Class Fighters[]

Acientia Aurek Class Fighter

The Aurek Fighters are the main fighters of the Acientia Kingdom and are launched from the planet surface, and from the large Acientia Star Destroyers.

The Fighters are fast, have good blasters and can even fire 2 torpedoes to severely damage enemy vessels. However, the fighters do not have hyperspace and always have to be transported by other vessels to get to the battlefield.

The Fighters are steered by the Troopers and by Acientia Star Crews.

Acientia Hammerhead Class[]

Acientia Hammerhead Class

The Hammerhead Class is the oldest class ship in the Acientia Fleet and was the first space ship class launched by the Acientia to get into space.

Over the course of years, the class has been modified and upgraded many times to keep pace with newer class vessels. However with the introduction of the Star Destroyers and Assault Cruiser most Hammerhead Class vessels have retired from active service and are now often found in museums but are sometimes active in outer Colonial Fleets.

Acientia Foray Class[]

Acientia Foray Class

The Acientia Foray Class is the backbone of the Acientia Fleet and is the most built and found vessel in the Acientia Fleet. They are often used as support ships for the Star Destroyers and Assault Cruiser classes.

However, these ships are also used as exploration ships and are so effective, they also act as blockade runners. The Foray class is equipped with decent weapons and shields and is very fast. It can also drop mines and space bombs.

Captain Anciaddwia commands the Foray Class ARS Kingdom.

Acientia Inexpugnable Class[]

Inexpugnable Class, the ARS Reliance

The Inexpungnable Class is an ancient class of the Kingdom, and not Kingdomly made. The Inexpungnable class, which is named the ARS Reliance, was found upon the first space ship launched by the Kingdom in a Nebula not far away from the Kingdom's main planet.

After salvaging the damaged ship the Acientia began studying its database and structure, and from it the Acientia managed to build ships like the Foray Class, the Assault Cruiser and the Star Destroyers. The ARS Reliance is now fully repaired and lies permanently in orbit of the Acientia Capitol.

As the ship is equipped with heavy weaponry, the vessel itself is very slow and for that reason, it never leaves the Acientia Capitol Planet's orbit. During the Golden Age of the Acientia the ship was reconstructed and near the end of the Golden Age there were 5 vessels in service of this class in the Acientia Fleet.

Acientia Assault Cruiser[]

Acientia Assault Cruiser

The Acientia Assault Cruiser, or simply called Cruisers are the heavy power of the Acientia Kingdom. Although the ship has powerful weapons and shields, it is rather slow and not very maneuverable. But they are very effective to break blockades and destroy enemy ships.

The secondary function the Assault Cruiser has is that of Troop Transport: if the Kingdom wants an invasion or a Task Force at a planet they let the Assault Cruiser land, as the Cruisers can transport over 2500 trooper at once.

Acientia Venator Class Star Destroyer[]

Acientia Star Destroyer

The Acientia Star Destroyers are the most powerful ships of the Kingdom and there are currently many in production. The ship is over 1 km long and contains many hangars from where the Aurek Class Fighters can be launched. The Class also have powerful weapons and shields and is often backed up by the smaller Foray Class.

Many Acientia Captains dream of commanding a Star Destroyer class, but this is only meant for those with more experience.

Acientia Victory Class Star Destroyer[]

Victory Class Star Destroyer

The Victory Class Star Destroyer is the newest vessel in the Acientia Fleet, build in secret by orders of Horus, the Ramboidae God and leader of the Ancientia, or Acientia as they prefer to themselves. The ship resembles a mixture of the Venator Class and the Assault Class, however the ship is also meant for exploration and contains detailed information where and how to find the other Ramboidae, something Horus made sure that the database would contain.

The first ship launched, the ARS Protector came under command of Anciaddwia after Horus learned that Artmyris had returned to the real world. The ship has a different hangar class for different kinds of fighters and small shuttles. The ship travels at Hyper Space and also has a science and Astrometric departments; the astrometric department contain detailed information of the Quadrant Galaxies maps, however they show the state as it was before the Galactic Wars and the Tigris War.

Acientia Capitol[]

The Acientia Capitol, as seen from low orbit.

The Acientia Capitol is the largest and most important City of the Acientia Kingdom. The City contains many houses, skyscrapers and of course the Capitol building and the Acientia Military Command.

The Grand Statue of Horus

Just outside the city, there is a small airfield where the various shuttles, fighters and space ships can dock and can be repaired, or drop visitors.

Although the city is very large, it is in fact not crowded due to the Acientia working constantly overday, however when the nightfalls the city gets crowded (especialley around the shopping malls).

Also outside the city, at a great hall stands the Grand Statue of Horus, the leader of the Acientia Kingdom. Recently, due to the return of Artmyris the statue has launched a large blue beam into the air. Acientia Scientist do not know how this is possible, and the Grand Leader does not want to comment on it.

Notable Captains[]

Although the Acientia Kingdom has a large Space Navy, most ships are commanded by various Clone Troopers, as such there are few Acientia Kingdom Captains, as most do not wish to explore space nor be involved in battles, and the Acientia Soldiers are not allowed to command vessels, they only command the ground forces. However, when stationed at a Space Ship, their opinion still matters a lot as Clone Troopers stand below Acientia Soldiers.

Captain Anciaddwia[]

Captain Anciaddwia, the destined one

Captain Anciaddwia is a young Captain in the Acientia Kingdom and is a pupil of the Grand Leader, Horus himself. Upon her study at the Acadamy she succeeded and was given command of the Foray Class ARS Kingdom. With this ship, she explored nearby space of the Acientia Kingdom and managed to map the Nebula and found a way through. However, she was called back when she discovered this path.

After her vacation she was escorted by the Impavid to the outskirts of the Acientia Kingdom and was ordered to explore the Galaxy. However she went lost after a wormhole took the vessel and later crash landed on an abandoned planet. There she witnessed the return of Artmyris, but was saved by the Impavid and returned to the Acientia Capitol. There she met Horus again and gave her a special mission: she had to take the ARS Protector into deep space and find the other Ramboidae, as a Clash of Gods was about to happen.

After a long and tiresome travel she arrived at the Cyrannus Galaxy. Upon arriving two Hunter Class Star Destroyers of the URC were in front of the ARS Protector. Nervous, she followed standard procedurs and raised shields and targeted weapons. She then opened a channel and explained she came in peace. The URC Captain was friendly and after meeting President Apollo of the URC she made an alliance with the URC. While escorted by Admiral Cretaceous she finally arrived at Rambo Nation where she met Empress Ramashe and made an alliance with them. She then followed Ramashe to the Rambo Capitol to discuss there ways of living and common history, connected by the Rambo Gods.

Captain Anuatolian[]

Captain Anuatolian

Captain Anuatolian is an older and experient Captain within the Acientia Kingdom. He is wise and very friendly and acts as a tutor and mentor to Anciaddwia. He was very proud of her when she recieved command of the ARS Protector. He is honest and strongly believes in his own tactics and capabilities. This is also his weakness as he does not accept failiure of defeat. He also loves music. He is also a strong believer in the might of the Rambo Gods.

The Acientia Fleet arrives to aid the URC and the Rambo in there struggle with the Cognatus.

Anuatolian himself commands the ARS Impaved and often is the leader of various fleets and taskforces. He escorted and aided Anciaddwia when Artmyris returned to the mortal world and was later was send to Quadrant 82 by Horus himself. After meeting the Serindia Empress of Rambo Nation, he went to the Cyrannus Galaxy at advice of her and started to prepare the Acientia Fleet to participate in the Intergalactic War against the Cognatus.

His first battle against the Cognatus was during the Fall of Scorpia, were he aided in the evacuation of Celeste and the other inhabitants of Scorpia. In total, and due to his soldiers and clone troopers they managed to save over 15 million citizens of Scorpia.

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