Turaka Edit

  • Powers - Fear
  • Color - Red

Turaka are Rakar that control the power of Fear. These red armored beasts are deployed often to intimidate and terrify their victims. Masters of sowing such incredible fear among their victims, Turaka are often deployed to eliminate the bodyguards of targets and get close to victims, but often chose not to kill their targets right off. They will often appear before their targets, tear apart their body guards and security, and get inches from their faces, hissing and snarling at them, before disappearing. They will continue this, until the target is utterly terrified and incapable of even thinking straight.

Turaka seem to have the ability to appear and disappear at will, and prefer stealth and speed over brute force. The Turaka will, as a secondary power, often disappear, but stay near the target, using their presence and the natural fear and terror they create to cause horrific feelings of terror and dread within their targets, often without them knowing what is happening.

Turaka are considered especially disturbing to Koatria, for their bravery and knowing few fears, and the Kulaung, who ascribe to bravery and heroism.

Kuuraka Edit

  • Powers - Anger

Kuuraka could be relied upon to rush at their targets, as they are constantly in a rage. Strong and power, an angry Kuuraka is virtually unbeatable, and due to always being in a rage, they are among the most difficult to take down. In battle, they do not fight with grace or alien poise like other Rakar, but prefer to, if need be, to bash down their targets with crazed, wild attacks. Kuuraka, however, will often turn targets against each other, firing blasts from their staffs to cause them to turn on one another, and then run into the melee as they turn on each other.

Kuuraka do not work well with other Rakar, but especially with each other, always fighting and brawling with one another to achieve dominance. As such, in Darkling armies and Rakar warrens, they are a thankfully rare and barely seen sight. In the few moments they prefer stealth, being around a Rakar can cause growing feelings of malice and disgust among members of a party, slowly building into outright violence.

Kuuraka are particularly disturbing to the Gardeili, who practice and maintain a doctrine of self-control and center within the self.

Guraka Edit

  • Powers - Disintegration

Guraka are Rakar with powers of disintegration, and among the most patient hunters of the Rakar Beasts. Prone to waiting long periods before striking, they will analyze and study their victims and targets for hours on end, often remaining inert and unmoving for even days in order to get the best approach to their target and quickest way to annihilate them. They will wait til the target is tired or at their lowest, before attacking and using surprise, while targeting weak points in structures and vehicles to conserve energy.

Guraka are often deployed as a sort of anti-armor detachment in Rakar Hordes, using their blasts of energy to destroy even the greatest tanks, despite their seemingly primitive and feral minds. This gives them the most knowledge on vehicles and such among Rakar, but it is limited to how best to destroy them.

The Guraka are disturbing to the Togunda, the rotund, short beings creators and artisans at their heart.

Panraka Edit

  • Powers - Shattering

Panraka are Rakar who yield the power of fragmentation or shattering, and are among the most dangerous to face of any Rakar. Panraka cause the ground beneath them to explode and shatter with tremendous force, especially when enraged, their power growing more and more erratic and insane as they fight and face their foes who refuse to surrender. They are often simmering with rage, kept barely controlled, and when pushed by a troublesome foe, will explode into action, much like their powers.

Panraka are not stealthy, even when their powers are under control, and prefer to launch themselves at targets and blow them up, then wait around. Panraka are used to remove touch, large and troublesome objects, making them something of miniature artillery within the Rakar Hordes.

Vooraka Edit

  • Powers - Hunger

The Vooraka are Rakar who yield the power of hunger, and are considered the best trackers and hunters of their kind, nothing able to hide from their perceptions or abilities. It is said that so long as one hungers for something, or desires something, no matter how controlled or deep down the emotion is hidden, the Vooraka will find it. Likewise, they are the best tacticians among their kind, able to strategically direct their kin and guide them into the enemy ranks, and position themselves for the best blow.

Vooraka, often when not fighting, will follow their target, their presence causing inner desires for power, lust and other emotions to begin to become harder to control among their future victims. Vooraka do not often clash with each other, giving them greater chances of growing older and stronger then their peers.

Leraka Edit

  • Powers - Poison

Leraka are Rakar of poison, able to use their staffs and powers to sicken or poison soil, plants, animals and even the air, allowing them to kill even open flames by putrefying the oxygen around them. Leraka are immune to all poisons in the known world, and have strong immunity to even supernatural ones. They are incredibly strong, fast and agile in battle against their victims, but not very intelligent. Though by no means stupid, their strategies are often more focused on base and feral emotions, even when under the control of their lords.

Leraka's presence can cause strong feelings of unease and sickness in targets, ranging from simply wooziness, to vomiting and trouble breathing, as though they are sick or poisoned. Anything that comes into contact with their feet will often die, and even physical contact with one can cause contamination in the target. They prefer to slowly whittle down targets over simply finishing them outright, and savor their final moments before death.

Ziraka Edit

  • Powers - Heat Vision

Ziraka are Rakar who control Heat Vision, using their powers to annihilate targets at long range with blasts of energy that can incinerate even targets under water, and cause things to burst into flames. Due to this, Ziraka have hindered eyesight for a few minutes after, and must wait before they fire again. Due to not having staffs that can channel their power, Ziraka must rely on their own strength, causing them to be the most proficient in close combat with their staffs and weapons of any Rakar.

Due to their use and powers, Ziraka find the most use in Brotherhood armies and cults, and are the most commonly seen not only in Darkling Warbands, but in Rakar Warrens as well. Many building and structures in the underhives bear the signs of great damage and scorch markings from Rakar firing their blasts at anything that annoys them, or that catches their sight.

Temraka Edit

  • Powers - Weather Control

Temraka are particularly deadly, fearsome Rakar able to control and command the weather and clouds above their heads. Whether it is summoning rainstorms to mask their approach, creating lightning clouds to target their victims or lowering and altering temperatures and wind currents, the Temraka are among the most deadly. To Compensate, their powers require more control, and Temraka are rarely seen, due to both the difficulty in creating them compared to other Rakar, and their powers requiring great control and concentration, something not always possible on a hunt.

Temraka are silent and observant, often walking on their claw tips, and rarely announcing their presence, more often then not, making slight clicking noises and sharp whistles to communicate, rather then loud shrieks and cries like other Rakar. In areas where they gather, weather patterns seemingly change based on their mood and attitude at the time, or often just don't match with what the usual weather is in that region or territory.

Coraka Edit

  • Powers - Elasticity

Maaraka Edit

  • Powers - Illusion

Juuraka Edit

  • Powers - Teleportation

Hyraka Edit

  • Powers - Quick-Healing

Bearaka Edit

  • Powers - Laser Vision

Baaraka Edit

  • Powers - Gravity

Volraka Edit

  • Powers - Electricity

Deraka Edit

  • Powers - Sonics

Vaaraka Edit

  • Powers - Vacuum

Suuraka Edit

  • Powers - Plasma

Faraka Edit

  • Powers - Magnetism

Tahraka Edit

  • Powers - Heat Resistance

Kopraka Edit

  • Powers - Cold Resistance

Telraka Edit

  • Powers - Telepathy

Chaaraka Edit

  • Powers - Shapeshifting

Terraka Edit

  • Powers - Darkness

Boraka Edit

  • Powers - Plant-Control

Asaraka Edit

  • Powers - Molecular Disruption

Zeuraka Edit

  • Powers - Chain Lightning