Tne Ragashota are a cat/feline like creatures living on their home world, Arcaniox. They claim to be the guardians against the Tormentor and as such they dedicate their lives to peace, tranquility and warriors. Agile, fast and purring when happy they are kind and friendly species though dangerous when agited and unpredictable when driven in a corner.


Valley of Tranquility, a Ragashota settlement at Arcaniox

The Ragashota, like most feline races tend to have lithe and flexible bodies with muscular limbs. Their tail is between a third and a half the length of their body. They walk on either two or on all four, their soft toe pads feature protractible claws. The Ragashota, when on two legs vary between 0.8 meters and 1.4 meters in height. The Ragashota fur takes many different forms, some have thicker fur than others, often with distinctive spots, stripes or rosettes. The tongue of the Ragashota is covered with horny papillae, which rasp meat from prey and aid in grooming. Ragashota have large eyes, situated to provide binocular vision and provide excellent night vision.

Holy Deciduous Tree within the Valley of Tranquility

Their external ears are rather modest, though allow them to be especially sensitive to high-frequency sounds and easily locates the source of their prey or danger. The Ragashota also have a highly developed sense of smell. The Ragashota possess highly sensitive whiskers set deep within the skin, which provide the Ragashota with sensory information about the slightest air movement around it.

When happy, the Ragashota are known to purr, though their primal vocalisation can vary between individuals. Like all feline creatures, the Ragashota are known to spit, hiss, growl, snarl and mew.

Their natural beliefs made the Ragashota in harmony with nature, loving the wild and training themselves to become great melee warriors. These loving and proud traits are seen back in their settlements, like Tranquility Valley where Ragashota live in harmony with the winds, nature and the wildlife, all in the looming shadow of the Great Wall. The Ragashota are highly spiritual as well, believing in the blessings of their fore fathers and the elements.



The history of the Ragashota at Arcaniox is badly chronicled. Ragashota believe that the Great Wall, that seperates the nortern and southern hemisphere was constructed around 25.000 BQF. At that time the Ragashota were already sentient and lived in the shadows of the wall. Over time, the Ragashota became known for their harmony, wisdom and peaceful nature, living in settlements that blend in with nature and are often in harmony, with plenty of food and water.

The Ragashota trained the monks, clad in green as the protectors of the Valley of Tranquility and the guardians at the Great Wall, often considered the greatest melee warrior within the Quadrant Galaxies. Within the Temple of the Winds, an Atlantican watch stone lies ornated, the center of their wisdom together with their Holy Tree are their most valueble artifacts.

The thousand of years, the Ragashota remained on the surface, not advancing forward allowed them to escape the Galaxies at War conflicts. Though like most things, their isolation will one day come to an end.




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