I am leader of the Radeon. It is my right, my burden. You will not be able to bear that burden, nor save our people. And as such, you are the traitor to us. DIE.

- Tadjamad, decapitating a Radeon rebel.

Tadjamad Al'Theless, the Clericarch, is the supreme ruler of the Radeon. He rallied his nation after the March of the Apocalypse and found them a new home. But at the same time, he turned Radeon society into the dictatorship.

Biography Edit

Tadjamad was born in the homeworld of the Radeons, Vendespode, in the midst of Telfar's reign, together with his twin Tadjeleon. Twins were of the same gender - which was considered mark of the chosen for the Radeons. His childhood was during the golden age of Church of Spode, and he chose to be a captain, to leave the peaceful life of the civilian.

He then found a Teffeltyke ambassador of Seven Star Alliance, which resulted in Church of Spode joining them. He and ambassador became friends, until a Xhodocto Daemasword pierced the Teffeltyke in the heart.

During the Tigris War, Tadjamad led the Radeons in the battle with Xhodocto. After the Scourge, he first shown his power of prophecy, and he led the Church of Spode into the Universe 66501, saving them from damnation. He became the advisor of Radeon leader, Lumivus Telfar, and then helped him to reform Church of Spode into the Masaari Crusade. There he gained his first reputation about being a Third Prophet

He became the major Onuris commander during the Ascension War, and became known of his strange tactics. He seemed to see the future, preventing the plots of Xhodocto. During the Truce he mysteriously vanished, only to return during the March of the Apocalypse.

Tadjamad have found that most of Radeon have died, but despite this, he led remaining ones into the Hell. Here, they helped Master Kroc to defeat Kamik-Shi. After this, Tadjamad returned to the actual Universe... to found his old home in ruins.

In desperation, he made an oath that he would find a proper home for his people. And he found. In the forgotten Imperix stellar structure Aranexi, he have created a new capital for the Radeon. But then, he found that finding a home wasn't enough.

Without any proper ruler (as the former one died during Xhodocto attacks), Radeon fell into anarchy, and Tadjamad was forced to extremes. He made himself a lone ruler of the newly created Dei'Ar Theocracy, and created a dictatorship.

As Theocracy fell, Tadjamad is nowhere to be seen, presumed dead. Tadjeleon though once said to Master Kroc that he still feels his "spirit", meaning that he may be still alive.

Personality Edit

Tadjamad is usually an untalkative, desperate person. He has a noble soul, and cares not about himself, but mostly about people, as he feels he is responsible for all Radeons. He, though, thinks that result justifies the means, that's why he has formed a dictatorship - it's for the security of his people.

Tadjamad is, much like every other Radeon, is deeply religious, probably more than others. He feels that he has a burden that he can't hold without divine help.

Powers Edit

Tadjamad is a skilled warrior - he have learned arts of fighting with spear, pistol and sword. He has limited use of Life Energy, like all Radeon after the Aranexi blessing. He is far more notable though for his ability to see the future - he can use it in fight with great effect.

Quotes From Other Characters Edit

What has been pre-ordained is your eventual downfall. Let the darkness of the Supreme One let you see what is true...that or be crushed.

- Khazurhal Angazhar

A long time ally and familair person to Rambo Nation. Present during the Tigris War he has been well known throughout Rambo Nation, there were even action figures of him in the so called "Tigris Line". A skilled and powerful leader, he brought back the Radeon from the shadows and returned to the Intergalactic Community. Hail Clericarch Tadjamad, ruler of the Radeon!

- Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation

This Radeon is unlike the others. He cares about others, unlike his selfish people! He would make a fine Immortal, haha!!

- Tyraz Breek of the Zazane Empire
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