Quixids are intelligent cartilaginous fish that can survive on both land and in water, but they mainly live in water. They can breathe air, but it's more healthy for them to breathe water. They are native to the Mirus Galaxy.


Quixids are biologically similar to the late "cells" found on many planets. They are in fact related somewhat closely to the common fish called Pinky.


Quixids have red scales and an orange stripe pattern. Their gills are located on the face. Most Quixids also have "gill-hair", hair-like growths that are actually gills meant to help breathe. However, does not affect the Quixid's breathing abilities if any or all gill-hair is cut off. Quixids also have fins on their back that they use for swimming. On land, they help the Quixid keep balance.


Quixids are filter feeders. They mainly eat phytoplankton, but occasionally they eat seaweed or kelp-like plants.

Evolutionary HistoryEdit

The first notable ancestor of the Quixid species branched off from other fish-like "cells" 3 million years ago. That species had 6 fins like the modern Quixid, as well as a similar scale color.

Eventually, the species began to develop 4 limb-like growths. They eventually got longer and developed fin-like hands and feet until the species was almost identical to the modern Quixid.

This species was mostly the same as the modern Quixid, but with one important difference: they were bound to water. This species evolved to develop an ability to breathe air and walk on land. This also led to a bigger brain and the modern Quixid emerged.



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